Saturday, March 10, 2012

President Obama's "Private Citizen" On 'The Dunamis Word View' YouTube

Well, I did it. I was finally able to create and post some of my material on our youtube channel, The Dunamis Word View. This appears to be time consuming so I hope it's not expected on a regular basis. (at least for now -LOL)

The following two videos (and you should be able to see a progression) discuss the recent comments to Sandra Fluke by President Barack Obama and his silence in defending Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, asking why our President didn't decry the openly spoken continued, misogynistic comments of comedian and atheist Bill Maher. In addition video Pt. 2 uncovers the real reason why our leader was, is and will probably continue to be silent.


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  1. On the O'Rielly Factor, which I seldom watch, lesbian blogger Jasmyne Cannick was on to defend the recent vitriolic rhetoric and statements made by Minister Louis Farakahn at UC Berkley.

    She said basically that as a "private citizen" he had the right to say what he wanted to say without criticism and those that criticized his freedom to speak were wrong.

    Only problem is that her sentiments are problematic in at least 2 ways. 1 they are ad hoc, something made up to promote garbage, and 2 the critics also have a right to free speech! If I or anyone wants to criticize Minister Farakahn's statements and condemn them, we have that right as well and should not have some phone standard imposed such as a "private citizen" standard.

    See how this type of stuff just catches on.


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