Saturday, March 24, 2012

Murder On Demand ~ The Trayvon Martin Tragedy & No Justice!

Go to the end of this post for the latest report concerning the concealing of Trayvon's 911 call to the police regarding being stalked...Utterly BAFFLING!!!

We have all heard about the tragedy of the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin at the hands of neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman, who evidently took it upon himself to become the police, judge, jury and executioner based on what he "perceived" to be "threatening" or imposing danger to the neighborhood.

As Michael Baisden has said, NFL football star, Michael Vick can get locked up and sent to jail for killing a dog, but there is no justice when it comes to the murder of a black man.  How does a person murder without impunity in America? Change gun laws and add language that is geared toward eliminating a "duty to retreat" and  some version of a "stand your ground law" which was obviously misinterpreted in this case. 

As Witnesses come forward we are seeing a better picture of the bogus claims of Zimmerman. He may have been right about things in the past, but he was WRONG about EVERYTHING that had to do with the night that he stalked and killed Trayvon

Here's Rev. Al Sharpton placing the right perspective on the ordeal even during a time when his mother just died. our sincere condolences to Al Sharpton and his family as well. 

"The Heat Just Arrived"  

The following is Trayvon's Mother and Father. Let us pray for their continued strength.

"I will Not Let My Son Die In Vain"

Although the Lawyer for George Zimmerman has spoken on Anderson Cooper 360, he doesn't seem to know much about anything other than his client isn't a racist, and seemed to be defending himself. One thing we know...HIS CLIENT, GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED AND MADE TO ANSWER FOR TRAYVON MARTIN'S MURDER. 

For my take on the dangers of arming citizens with guns and allowing concealed carry, please go to the Peoria Pastor's Blog "Is This What Concealed Carry Leads To?" and feel free to place commentary there regarding the gun issue.


Update 3/26/2012:

According to the a blog "The People's Champion"
Unconfirmed reports out of Chicago via ABC-7 News is reporting that U.S. Justice Department Officials have discovered that the Martin teen also called the Sanford police 911 emergency line moments before he was killed. This new information if determined to in fact be true will change the course of this entire investigation. Sanford police have continued to rationalize the reason Zimmerman wasn’t charged is due to the lack of evidence to refute his self-defense claims. Officials have said evidence and statements from witness support Zimmerman’s allegations and the department has stood firmly behind its investigation into the killing of the Martin teen. The new leaked information creates another perspective on this controversial homicide case. The fact that Martin may have called 911 (suspected to report a strange person following him) shows that he had concerns, was afraid, and supports his girlfriend’s account, who he was talking to on a cell phone moments before the shooting occurred, that someone was following the youth. This means that the self-defense claim by Zimmerman most certainly must fall flat, because the “stand your ground” statue in Florida doesn’t provide protection under the law in incidents where self-defense claims are made by the pursuer. More importantly, when the Martin parents filed suit to obtain the 911 tapes from the killing, apparently the call from their son to 911 officials was omitted by authorities. We have not even heard about Trayvon’s call up until now. This raises serious questions about the Sanford police’ intent when they provided information to Trayvon’s parents surrounding his killing. Also, the new details regarding this alleged 911 call from Trayvon adds credibility to the Martin’s claim that Sanford police misled them and provided false information when they claimed that Zimmerman had a squeaky clean background. Moreover, other disturbing details have begun to emerge. The public has been aware that the Trayvon Martin teen was actually killed about 70 feet from his Father’s fiancĂ©e apartment but his family was completely unaware. In fact the Martins had reported the teen as a missing person, they made repeated calls to Sanford P.D. while he was listed as a missing person, and it wasn’t until 3 days later that Sanford police led them to the city morgue when they discovered their son had been killed. Analyst following the case now say the youth more than likely didn’t have any identification on him, and with no criminal history the cops couldn’t establish who he was through local or national finger print databases. However, Activist Dick Gregory points out that a small town like Sanford probably wouldn’t have a volume of 17-year-old slain youths in their city morgue, and Gregory’s insight here is alarming.  Why did it take so long for the police to make the connection that the slain black youth at the city morgue was the Martin teen. In the three days it took the police to notify the Martins of Trayvon’s death the police could have scripted the perfect cover up"


  1. I don't know what to think of this. Zimmerman claims self defense. I considered the size disparity, the 17 y/o young man was 140 pounds, Zimmerman is 250 pounds. In a fight, size isn't everything, in some cases, but unless Trayvon was a pretty mean fighter or was a boxer, I cant see how with that size disparity Trayvon would be beating a man almost 2x his size.

    Furthermore, even if he is telling the truth about self defense, he was told by the police not to confront the young man. By confronting the young man, he put himself in the situation for self defense to be used. While im not against self defense and believe that one has the right to use force (even deadly force) to defend one's self against bodily harm, that doesn't apply if you voluntarily put yourself in a dangerous position. For instance, if man A challenges man B to a fight and man B accepts, man B cannot then pull out a gun or knife and kill man A because the fight isn't going his way.

  2. Man, I'm watching this everyday and there is more junk on top of junk. Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon attacked him and broke his nose and banged his head etc...They showed the police intake video tonight. No broken nose and no head injury. Someone said that was after he went to the hospital (so they assumed) Only thing is they know EXACTLY when it was and where he went both before and afterward. This is a total travesty.

    1. I agree. Like I said earlier,unless Trayvon was a trained fighter or unusually strong and tough for his size, a 140 lb 17 year old young man dropping a 250 lb 28 y/o man in one or 2 punches and then beating him to the point where he fears he'll be seriously hurt, seems far fetched. Zimmerman took the law unto his own hands.

  3. So Mr Zimmermans father is a former judge? hmmm

    This is a cover up from start to finish and unless you are racist, it is easy to see. It burns me that so many white people have decided to oppose and try to demonize this kid. I am sure he was no angel but that is not the point. The issue at hand is an obvious paranoid, racist and a police cover up. A man that calls the police 40-50 times in the space of a year needs help and should have been noted as a nuisance by the police. It is obvious that he is a friend.

    Pastor, I tried to leave comments on the other blog but I don't see them? I hope I didn't say anything out of order.

    I wanted to ask you, what do you think abojout the black people who are saying things like, "black's kills black's every day, where is the uproar for that?"

    1. I saw that on TV last night and today. He is a judge??? The whole campaign for him has simply been a PR campaign. He should have been booked, bonded out, and ready for a hearing or set for trial. They would have done that if Trayvon had killed him. He would probably still be in jail. I'm praying for his mom and dad. This boy was just a few years older than my son and man, I don;t know how good I would be to the world if this were would certainly take an act of God!

      I'll check my spam folder as well for other comments you may have left....

      The black on black crime argument doesn't take away from what has happened here. I know I've been dealing with that issue every chance I get and people don't want to hear the uproar over it until they are effected. We've been marching for peace and against the violence for years.

      Some of the one's complaining and contrasting the issue have never showed up for any of those events. Simply put, some of us don't want to change or challenge anything to make a change.

  4. I have a 17 year old son my self Pastor and Like you, I could not imagine this being him.
    I am stunned by this situation, really!

    I agree with you about those with this "black on black crime" argument. I want to ex times and I must say that I am very dissapointed by the response of many on there (I don't hold ex times responsible for it). Somehow I think it is pride when people say that. As you say, if it was their child, they would have no problem with the noise that is being made.

    I have heard people saying the vid is bad quality. Now if your head is busted up as bad as he was saying, YOU WOULD SEE IT. You can see his nose, eyes, mouth, that he has hair on his head but no bruises whatsoever, nothing that looks like swelling.

    The guy lied big time. He knew what he was doing. Painted a picture of the situation to first justify tracking the kid and then cover his own behind after he killed him. He studied the law so he knew exactly what so say.

    I also find it strange that a guy who was knocked out and had his head pounded on the ground repeatedly, was able to scream at the top of his lungs for help.

  5. Pastor Burnett you are right. Many have been marching and protesting against violence in our neighborhoods for years and the ones that are shouting the loudest about this case didn't show up to any of those marches. Is this case a mess? Yes. Do I believe Zimmerman should be in jail? Yes. But people are upset with me because I don't believe Zimmerman in jail will bring justice to Trayvon. This will roll over and people will forget about it. Justice comes through a change or amendment to the "Stand Your Ground Law." I don't believe in fighting against people but fighting against the racist institution that "covers up" these tragedies. Zimmerman's lawyer issued an apology and I do believe he is sincerely sorry. Look at the kind of uproar this has caused. Whether he goes to jail or not life is going to be pretty bad for him. Of course, sorry doesn't bring Martin back to his parents. I certainly grieve for them as I have a son as well. But an apology should lead us in the forgiving process of the man, but the fighting process of the criminal justice system.

  6. Ashley McClain, I think you may have missed the point. There is nothing wrong with people shouting about this case, even if they have not attended marches before. That They are are crying is still good, but they need to be more active otherwise.

    The problem I am seeing is that many black people are acting like no one should say anything about this case because blacks kill blacks everyday and there is no uproar. Firstly, that is a lie and even if there was no cry at all, that doesnt mean that this is uproar wrong.

    That being said, I need to get way more involved in helping to deal with the ills of black communites.

    I agree with you about dealing with the institutional injustices and changing laws. As I see it this is what God is using this case to do.

  7. I just read this comment:


    "I am a retired police officer. This man has just shot and killed another human being. The lack of control of the subject is alarming. They don't know this guy...or do they? No escort stance is taken at any time. He even walks away from the officers, around the motorcycle, before entering the building. The garage door is not closed before he is taken from the vehicle.The subject is allowed to walk freely throughout the video...absolutely no control. If it were a man of color who just killed a young white man, I question if they would be acting the same way. I hate to put it out there...but this display of assumptions is unnerving. Either they are very inept or they have already assumed his innocense. I hope it is the first. No security or control at all!!! And the issue of whether he had been in a struggle as he claims...we do not take subjects by the restroom to clean up before they are questioned. He certainly does not look as though he had been in a confrontation such as he described. So many questions on so many levels!!"

    1. I noticed that too...Officers usually keep you close to themselves. You don't have an opportunity to walk where you want to walk. I was taken in on an driving violation some years ago-(yep I was-LOL) and they kept a hand on me at all times...In addition, I have known victims of violent crimes who have got into altercations...they DO NOT take people to cleanup first before questioning. If they can communicate, they take them as they are. I know of a person they kept for 8 hours and her son was killed by someone else. She was visibly beaten in the process and in pain and all they kept saying was that they needed this information to help catch her son's killer. I know, I was there. This isn't the only time either. I am familiar with police procedures on certain issues and when there's a death, this, what we see, is not normal procedure.


  8. I'm sorry, Sean Hannity and these other people talking about "rush to judgement" are SICK!!! That's the problem there is no appropriate judgement or consistent treatment and now a bunch of person lies that have NOTHING to do with someone being killed.

    The man said that his head was beaten into the is that, that you can be beaten so bad, not have a gun out that you have concealed, and suddenly in the process of getting beat so bad, take out the weapon, and kill someone???

    In addition, as Nancy Grace was is it that a person is in handcuffs in the Police dept. and they say they aren't under arrest???

  9. Up until now, we've been led to believe that the witnesses are coming out in favor of the testimony that Zimmerman is giving to the media through various personalities including his father. Now read this report from CNN:

    The witness recounted seeing two men on the grass, one on top of the other. "And at that point, not looking out the window, I heard the yell for help, one yell for help, and then I heard another ... excruciating type of yell. It didn't almost sound like 'help.' It just sounded so painful. But I wasn't watching out the window during that. And then the next time I looked out the window, there's the same thing: two men on the grass, one on top of each other. I couldn't see a lot of movement. It was very dark, but I felt like they were scuffling. And then I heard the gunshots, which, to me, were more like pops than they were like a bang."

    The witness recalled hearing more than one shot. "It definitely was more than one pop noise, so I don't know if it was an echo or anything else. But it definitely made more than one pop."

    The witness said the shots were fired as one man was on top of the other. But the witness recalled not having been able to see clearly which man was on top because it was dark.

    Within a couple of seconds after the shots, one of the men "was walking toward where I was watching, and I could see him a little bit clearer. Could see that it was a Hispanic man. He didn't appear hurt or anything else."

    But the man, who by now had left the grass and was walking on the sidewalk, did seem worried, "with his hand up to his forehead," the witness said. "Now, a couple of seconds later, in the dark, you see that person that's alive walk away; you know, obviously, OK, he must've got up and he walked away, where the other person is still laying there, face down."
    The person who was walking away did not appear hurt, said the witness, who has told police of the incident. "You're thinking, wow, I'm looking at the person that just shot someone," the witness said.

    Look at that??? Tell me that's not enough for much more than what we've seen so far!

    That can be found here:

  10. Pastor, please give me your opinion on this.

    1. i think he's correct regarding his overall assessment. People should approach things in a more rational manner. However, whether or not that has anything to do with this case, he doesn't know! What can be questioned is that if Zimmerman was trailing this fella in order to question him, he was violating Trayvon's constitutional rights and according to the statute, Trayvon had a right to protect himself and defend his ground as well. So what duty did Zimmerman have as a citizen to approach Trayvon in a more calm manner? He was not a police official? Why did Trayvon have a duty to respond calmly to a person trailing him? His views are skewed.

      So he can talk about, what would have calmed the situation, but he doesn't know if that would have worked or the circumstance under which Trayvon was placed. His speculation on issues is no more valid than anyone else's speculation on those same issues, but he seems to suggest that civil, personal and constitutional rights mean nothing. I know live to fight another day, but should we allow ourselves to be stripped of all personal freedoms in the process? I don't think so!

  11. I agree Pastor! yes, we should pick our fights but he says that no one knows what happened (he seems to believe that it was self defense) but yet tells us what the young man did or didn't do. To me he is put the blame on the young man.

    If someone was following me, I would be ready to pounce like a cornered cat. That kid was obviously scared, thats why he started to run. People don't run if they want to fight, that makes no sense.

  12. He also states about it being dealt with. Would it have been "dealt with" had people not started to scream about it? He is too stuck on his own opinion on this one.
    The comment section is even worse but that's what happens when you need something to think for you, you become blind sheep believing and agreeing with every word they say. I hate that!


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