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Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 19 ~ The Ritual Sacrifice

In the first report from Nancy Grace on HLN after the death of Whitney Houston, she raised certain questions regarding the nature of death and the body of Whitney. When it was said that Whitney had been found in the tub, Nancy raised the speculation that someone had possibly "pushed her" beneath the water in the bathtub. In addition, she also raised the question of how did anyone know that someone else wasn't with her at the moment of death? To me, this made sense, because Nancy, as a trained investigator and lawyer, wasn't quick to make the assumption that everything was as it had been initially reported. After all, for years, according to her bodyguards, Whitney was never left alone for more than 10 minutes in the bathroom, consistently told to take showers instead of baths and checked on regularly just to insure her safety and health. Why did it all breakdown a that exact moment in that specific fashion?

Where Are The Witnesses?

We now find out that Whitney's body was never witnessed by any authority to be in the bathtub at all. According to reports, her body was found by emergency personnel in less than 10 minutes after the call, laying on the floor in the living room area of her hotel room, not even on the bathroom floor. Supposedly she had been pulled out of the tub by those who had found her. However, doesn't it seem strange to pull her out and keep pulling her out until she gets into the living room? Why not place her on the bed or a couch if the aim was to get her to a more comfortable place? Why the living room floor, and what advantage did the living room have as opposed to the bathroom floor if we're dealing with an emergency?

Who And What Was Really Celebrated At The Party?  

As stated, interestingly enough, Whitney was to be featured and honored at a pre-Grammy party. However, while she lay there on the floor, at 3:55 PM, after what is reportedly less than 10 minutes of resuscitation efforts by EMT's, until nearly 3:00AM the next day, a party took place under the feet of them that stood over her dead body, under the direction of Clive Davis, the man that she most trusted in the world, named the Godfather of her daughter, and that had earned billions of dollars off of her success.

Chaka Kahn reported that the party was the most strange sight and scene that she had ever witnessed. This is something from a person who by her own account, has witnessed some unimaginable things in her lifetime. There was half a room of celebrants and half a room of mourners, but none leaving until the early hours of the morning almost in sync with the departure of the body.

Was All Of This A Part Of A Ritualistic Divination?
To answer that, let's look back for a minute. Admittedly, as young as 2012 is, it has been a year of a strange chain of events in the music industry. We've had what I identified as a divination of spirits, led by Madonna (aka: Esther or Ishtar) during the Super Bowl halftime show, a demon possession and birth ritual with explicit religious overtones acted out in the Grammys by Nicki Minaj and now, what could have been a sick and twisted ritualistic party that took place while Whitney Houston's dead body lay on the floor above the heads of those who gathered to "honor" her. 

Was all of this a mere coincidence? What does the death of Whitney Houston, the divination ritual of Madonna during the Super Bowl, and the Satanic ritual and apparent possession of Nicki Minaj have in common?

Spend about 15 minutes with this video because you're about to find out.  

Revelation 13:4-10 ~ "4-And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? 5-And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. 6-And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. 7-And it was given unto him make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. 8-And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. 9-If any man have an ear, let him hear. 10-He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. 

If I were the devil, the first thing I would do is convince everyone that I didn't exist and that everything is just an endless series of unconnected coincidences. Then like the demon in Nicki Minaj stated, I'd convince the public against those who "see me" that they were on "OC" or Oxycontin and were hallucinating. That way, I'd be like the invisible man...all around, but yet unseen.

May the Lord help and strengthen us as we expose and cast out these demons!



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Madonna's Super Bowl Video Performance


When I did this article, I had no idea that this material existed. This is much more than mere coincidence.  

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Egyptian Sarcophagus? Yes That's Right.
Do a Google maps on this funeral home and you will find that at every entrance they have Egyptian Sarcophagus's. The owner is a graduate of Malcom X's Shabazz High school and has probably never left the roots of black nationalism which are steeped in Egyptology. Some are more than likely making more out of this than is necessary. Many speculate that the Nation Of Islam (NOI) were and are faithful to the Masonic Rite also. Interesting observation however.

The Brandi Note Passage. What Does She Really Know?


  1. Wow! I thought something was just not right about them still having that party. To hear Chaka Chan express this just shows you how demonic this is! I just thought her death was strange after listening to her first body guard talk about how she was not to be left alone in the bathroom etc. Nancy Grace did raise good points, and they attacked her to discredit what she was trying to say. Did you see the interview on MSNBC where they really made is seem like she (nancy) had gone too far? I didn't think she did. There are still many questions to be answered here.

    I am going to show this vid to some others I know that also felt something was not right.

    1. Marcia,

      It appears more and more likely that Whitney was some type of ritualistic sacrifice. I can't get past the fact that the party continued right beneath and they tried to rationalize it.

      When I saw the portion of the Super Bowl performance that I did, GOd spoke to me and tole me that they were performing divination on stage. CeeLo Green was dressed as a Warlock and she (Madonna)was certainly nothing less than a priestess. Nicki's was the same realization.

      Now, the key is who are the creative persons behind these presentations? Is this the singer's vision or is it the director's vision? Then who has the creative control and direction? There are more pieces to the puzzle that we are missing but that doesn't change what we obviously see and hear.

  2. Here is how Madonna's Halftime Show came together. It seems that Cirque du Soleil (translated "Circus Of The Sun")sought out assistance from Moment Factory, both of them were from Canada. It seems that Moment Factory's job was to make sure it all worked and that the technical aspects were done with colloboration with Madonna's team and Cirque. They said this:

    "When we came to the project, Madonna’s team had already selected songs," says Fournier. "Then, from the selection of songs, there was the choreography, and the mise en scene, and figuring out how the visuals would come up to support each of these elements. It all came from the decision at the beginning to make a show out of it, not just a performance. Madonna’s a perfectionist, and she wanted to do something extraordinary, so that was the objective of everybody."

    The point I'm getting at here is that it seems that noone (aside from Cirqu-potentially) told Madonna to do anything. This was her vision along with the vision of others. Very interesting.

  3. Now you may be able to look at one aspect and say this is a stretch but together they are very powerful.

    I think it is a very poweful question as far as who are the minds behind the "performances" I doubt it is the artists themselves. You have to be deep into the occult to know such things and even if they do know them, why the need to act them out on stage? So having a bunch of people dance and flip is not good enough anymore?

    No one could watch the Minaj thing and think it was just art. I could not believe it and to add insult to injury, it sounded so stupid.

    Many (Christians)will not to watch such vids and read articles like this, you will be labled crazy but does the bible not say that these things will happen?

    We have to wake up!

  4. I just posted the following on my Facebook under the Nicki Minaj, Grammy performance:

    "I've been doing some research as to who has been putting together some of these shows. It seems that Ms. "Boom-cack" herself, BET's Laurieann Gibson is the brainchild. She was also the brainchild of the presentation of Lady GaGa's "Judas" video. She claims to be a Catholic, but says that as a child she never saw "The Exorcist".

    She also says that Nicki came to her saying this:

    >>>>""To be honest, no, we didn't do anything for controversy," Gibson claims. "We never had that conversation at all. Nicki just truly wanted Roman to be exorcised, and I just went to work."<<<<<

    What is this saying? Are we to take Nicki's request to her literally or as some show biz and stage objective? Is Minaj trying to rid herself of this demon or did she simply want to use it as a chow theme?"

    Here's the rest of the article:

    @Paul, I do agree with the music industry golden rule...He who has the gold rules and tells these artists what to do. Their job is to figure out how, but the ritualism and ceremonialisms presented comes from the top. These entertainers are paid by someone...not directly by the audience. Some of them have bought in to a deeper degree than others.

  5. Found out this evening that cameras were everywhere in The Beverly Hills Hotel, EXCEPT in the section where Witney's room was. Why is that? Was that by coincidence. That was Entertainment Tonight 2/23/12. Isn't that special???

    1. THAT is no coincidence! Why wouldn't you have even greater security in the section Whitney was staying in? I know I would make sure there was excellent coverage and keep someone watching it too. There is a LOT more here than meets the eye. I want to know who orchestrated that Pepsi commercial too, because it seems that there was a blatant "calling card" displayed in it. I know someone who used to be a mason, and he says that they always leave a "calling card" which is a prideful and arrogant display meant to intimidate others.

      You said:
      "Some of them have bought in to a deeper degree than others."

      I agree, and it seems that Whitney may not have not been as deep as the others, but on her very first album she is singing a song about adultery. That was an initiation into this "business" that Chaka Kahn spoke about. Why did she submit to that? If you look into Whitney's career, you see where at one point she broke away from Clive Davis. (she described him as a svengali~one who mesmerizes)Why did she describe him this way? Was he behind the songs she sang? Why did she go back to him? Was he the orchestrator of this ritual?

      So many questions! I think we are not going to find out exactly what happened to Whitney because it is now obvious that they are working very hard to cover up the fact that she was sacrificed in some satanic ritual.

  6. Madonna dabbles in esoterism and kaballah as well. It is no wonder.
    That is what bothers me about ministers who emphasize wealth, wealth, wealth
    because to me it seems that tends to lend church people over to a conclusion
    that secular people who are wealthy must be in the right with God

  7. @Chris M
    I agree 100% if wealth is the litmus test' then whats the difference between a 'BILL Gates and BILLY Graham'


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