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Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 17 ~ Nicki Minaj ~ Who Is Roman?

Recently entertainer Nicki Minaj claimed that she was possessed by an alter ego (DEMON) name Roman Zolinski. This is her video explaining who Roman is and why he is inside of her:

I can say that I wasn't aware of Roman's existence until the 2012 Grammys. As we can see in our second post on this subject, demonic activity was in full effect. The question is, who is Roman and why does he exist? I believe I may have some valuable insights into both of those questions. 

Who Is Roman?

Roman Zolinski is a demon that according to Nicki, has been conjured up and is filled with rage. Both terms indicate a supernatural origin. There is actually a dualistic meaning as this demon has revealed himself 2 ways.

I - Roman 

In essence Roman represents an empire. The Roman empire to be specific. In addition Roman also represents rebellion from a religious system in this case Catholocism which is representative of Christianity.  In her video appearance at the Grammys of "Roman Holiday", there was not only pagan worship scenes, but there was also fire. I believe that observation is the key to understanding who Roman is and why he is in rage.  

Nero (Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus; (15 December 37 – 9 June 68) was the last of the Roman emperors in the Julio-Claudian dynasty. By all extant historical accounts he was one of the most cruel and evil emperors ever known. Reports are that Nero was responsible for the burning of Rome in 64 AD in the great Fire of Rome. It has been claimed that he "fiddled while Rome burned". He would go on to blame Christians for the burning of Rome and institute one of the most egregious campaigns of persecutions against Christians ever in history. Accounts are that he, for light, used to set captured Christians on fire to light up his garden at night.

Nero was so evil and filled with rage, that his actions, especially toward Christians, Christianity and Judaism, that within Christianity a whole branch of eschatology, Historicism, is focused on the result of his actions towards the early church. In addition, because of his actions of Second Temple era destruction the Jewish sacrificial system does not exist until this day.

II - Zolinski

The first part of "Roman" seemed to be to obvious to many. What was not immediately as obvious is the Zolinski part. Demons usually don't have a first and a last name unless they are identifying other parts of themselves  or are trying to deceive as they do. In addition it seems that Nicki has somewhat of a relationship with the demon and has given it a level of personification. 

All of this wasn't as obvious to me until, the end of the "Roman Holiday" song. This is the part where the end of "O Come All Ye Faithful" , "Christ The Lord" was changed to "I AM - ZO - Lon - Sky". It was then I understood that the spelling Zolinski was deceptive and that Zo-lon Sky was more accurate. At either rate, what does this mean? I believe that for the answer we must look to Star Wars. 

Star Wars

Yes Star Wars, especially the Clone Wars. It should be no secret that Star Wars was simply the ANE religion of Hinduism and Buddhism and Taoism repackaged. 

In the Clone Wars segment there was a planet named Zolan. Zolanders were the original inhabitants of the planet but were burned by radiation from the planet’s sun. In response they created and skin mutation gene to adapt but in the process created a new species who was able to shape shift or change forms and who would not be subject to the Zolans. They were known as the Clawdites. The Clawdites were reptilian like humanoids who could not only change shapes, appearing to be almost any race of individual necessary, with some difficulty and pain, but they could also change gender. The only way the Clawdites could be distinguished from the Zolans was by and through genetic examination. There was very little apparent differnce on the surface. 

Zam In Human Form
According to the story, the Zolans isolated and oppressed the Clawdites claiming that they were sinful and impure. They tried to keep them from spreading by isolating them in ghettos. Although living in the ghettos the Clawdites began to organize and eventually rise, creating a civil war as a result in which they would ultimately take 75% control of the planet.

So get this, the Clawdites lived on the planet Zolan, (the first part of the last name of Nicki's demon), were oppressed by "religion" and religious ideas. Were bi-gender and fighting for their "rights". Does that sound familiar? 

Zam In Natural Form
Zam Wesell

One of the Clawdite heroes featured in the movie was a bounty hunting female named Zam Wesell. She was a trained Mabari fighter who had blond or bronze hair. The Mabari were a religious warrior sect as well, that believed that those who did not show their true face (or come out of the closet) were the worst of all sinners. Zam, had fighting skills that would pave the way for her future and her acceptance among the Clawdite legendary elite. She took on the form of a human woman, learning how to use her looks to gain favor and attention. She eventually became a bounty hunter to supplement her income  and an eventual hero in her death fighting for the liberation of the Clawdite people.  

Putting It All Together

When we consider all the aspects of how Nicki has described her demon, we can see a much better picture of who this demon is and why he exists. These things describe Roman:

Nicki Minaj displaying Zam Wesell The "Versace logo"
First, this demon is rooted in ancient religious mysticism. As Nicki acknowledges, he is filled with rage. That rage is directed at anyone around especially against them that are religious. This demon is fighting against what humans have come to believe to be religious oppression. Nicki is a bisexual female and her demon promotes bi-sexuality as he can change at any time that suits the need. Therefore, there is no such thing as sexual morality to this demon. This demon has a cause and a purpose to subdue them that are religious, and against them that have a sense of moral concepts of sin and impurity. There is an utter hatred against them that are called God's or that belong to God. Sex and sexuality are however the seducing elements used for entry. This is why Nicki must show and put on display breasts, hips, legs and create an ultra sexual nymphomaniac like personality. It is through the means of sex and sexuality that boys, men, women and girls are hooked to and become loyal to her.    

Ultimately, Christianity and Christian morality is the object of hatred for this demon. As we will observe in the next post, and in this video analysis, this is what "Roman Holiday" is all about. According to Nicki, she can't make Roman leave on her own or by her own means. The demon, like all demons, cannot be trusted, noone knows what type of ultimate destruction that he intends to bring. The most disturbing part is that the demon through her has also began to reach out to those who listen to or are involved with the music of Nicki Minaj. Why would she use the biggest stage of her career and in the music world to announce this demon unless this demon was not serious about his intents and actions.

Does Nicki have handlers and could this just be a publicity stunt? Certainly, but that is likely that what she is doing includes much more than that. Nicki has allowed her "handlers" to control, influence and persuade her into these actions one way or another. There is a spiritual reality that awaits to overtake and overpower the soul of men and women. yes this world is sold out for money and the music industry is simply about the prostitution of the gift. What we can do is pray that this demon does not influence our homes and pray that it will be broken off of Nicki. If it is not broken, destruction is certainly the path that she is on.

Bless your family, pray for your children. All I can do is share what God gave me regarding this lady and this situation. Thank God for the power of the Holy Ghost!



Roman Holiday Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church 18


  1. Nicki Minaj gave one of the most offensive performances on the Grammy's Sunday night. The Catholic League is already condemning the performance calling it disrespectful. I really do not know what is going on with our R&B artists right now and some of our gospel artists are trying to be worldly. I know there was a lot of talk when Beyonce did the Sasha Fierce thing and built a whole tour on the alter ego with half-naked men and scantily clad women performing on stage. Lady GaGa does these kinds of things too in her performances. I really wish that these artists would stand up and say no to these publicity stunts. All this is doing is giving the black community a bad name. The producers of the Grammy's stood up for Minaj and claimed that they did not want to hamper artist's creativity. Creativity does not mean you disrepect the Christian faith when you perform. The industry is messed up and what is even worse is Christians wanting to get a piece of the action. I hope this is a wake-up call to our young people to show them that we know what she is all about now.

    P.S. I watched a clip of Minaj performing at the Billboard Awards and she was giving shirtless, buff black men lap dances along with her female dancers. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. She is trying to be a seductress.

    1. You'll see the next post addressing her performance Johnny. I actually finished that one first, but I wanted to introduce "Roman" so we can better understand what influenced that performance. In addition, you'll find that she is channeling eastern mysticism covered up by Star Wars. It's really something and it certainly took God to reveal it to me.

      Check out the link to the video analysis I did on the performance and song. I'm just learning how to edit videos, so I'll be in full effect in a couple months or so. At that time, I'll seriously expand my youtube presence.

  2. I just watched the video and even the choreography, which was very hip-hop driven, was very in your face, too. I love how you analyzed the performance and I did not realize all of the references to pagan practices forbidden in scripture. The levitation part really scared me because she was clearly possesed. I feel sorry for every dancer, singer, actor, and performer that was a part of this.

  3. Onika (I refuse to call her by that evil name) never sat right in my spirit, and I would always change the radio station or tv whenever she appeared, but I never knew why until now. One of my christian friends said she was in the same vicinity as her once and felt so uncomfortable that she immediately left the place. You have made it so clear what is going on with Onika, and I will continue to pray for her, and also pray for my family to be guarded against the demonic influence in her music.

  4. [Yo, Dunamis. Check out this piece - what came my way via my computer.]

    Futurism Was, Is, and Is To Come

    Preterists claim that the "Antichrist" and the "great tribulation" were fulfilled during the 70 AD period.
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    Justin Martyr (100-168) said that "[Antichrist] shall venture to do unlawful deeds on the earth against us the Christians...."
    Irenaeus (140-202) wrote that the ten kings (Rev. 17)"shall give their kingdom to the beast, and put the church to flight."
    It's not true that Francisco Ribera (1537-1591) "revived" futurism because it was never lost during the Middle Ages or prior to that period of time.
    Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) stated: "There remains only one thing - that the demon of noonday [Antichrist] should appear."
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    To see something that preterists, historicists, and futurists can all agree on, Google "Pretrib Rapture Secrets."

  5. the picture on her dress is the Versace logo...not to say I disagree with the rest of the article


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