Friday, January 20, 2012

Pulpit Whores

1 Samuel 2:22-25 ~ 22-Now Eli was very old, and heard all that his sons did unto all Israel; and how they lay with the women that assembled at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. 23-And he said unto them, Why do ye such things? for I hear of your evil dealings by all this people. 24-Nay, my sons; for it is no good report that I hear: ye make the LORD'S people to transgress. 25-If one man sin against another, the judge shall judge him: but if a man sin against the LORD, who shall intreat for him? Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto the voice of their father, because the LORD would slay them.

Pulpit Rapist Whore
We Know Who U R
As Christian bloggers we routinely receive information from various individuals. Recently, I met an individual in another internet forum that delivered information stating that she had been raped by one of the nations more visible ministers ie: a widely known "leader". For now, he and his name are unimportant and I won't focus on that. Initially, I didn't believe it nor did I believe her and wasn't too nice. She had to prove her case to get my respect and she did prove it, by certain means that I will also go without noting in this story. Even though I advocate for victims and victims rights, I know that the internet if filled with libelous statements, character bashing and just plain old false representations of people claiming many things about other persons when they get upset for whatever reason. So my "third degree" was not wasted, neither was it misdirected. Trust me on that one. 

Unfortunately, in modern times, one can never really know a persons motivations for anything. I mean look at it, I have endeavored to tell  the truth with evidence, and featured various of those that I have called pimps, charlatans and false teachers on this site and in response some of them have lied, trumped up issues and continued to make a mockery of themselves in effort to win the minds of people. Some, from what I've come to understand, don't care one bit about living a holy lifestyle. they never were really saved. They simply use the church and salvation as a means to their materialistic ends. For them all things are about image, image management and making "mo-money". Resistance to exposing charlatans, and confusion over the nature of God's love and justice abounds. Many of the same charlatans are the ones confusing the people how to balance love and justice and it always comes out in their favor. Criticism is leveled many times toward those who would engage the internet, a post modern culture, and a back-slidden Christian church. One can expect to hear almost anything almost anytime.

With all of that said, there are people who have been hurt and simply don't know what to do or who to turn to, so they express their hurts, pains and frustrations the best way they can and to whomever they can. It's for those real victims that I render this article to let them know that they are not alone and that there is help and healing at the end of the day. To all those that have suffered sexual abuse, and who have been the victims of these seducing charlatans whom I have chosen to call  "pulpit whores", (and I use the word "whore", and not "pimp", because what I will describe is nothing less than whoreish) you need to know that you don't have to be a lifetime victim. You can take steps to liberate yourself, with the help of the Lord, and there are plenty of people who will accept and receive you and do their best to help you heal. For the whores, there is redemption also, as we will discover at the end of the article. You too can be free from this bondage that doesn't let you rest at night and that drives you to drugs, drinking and erratic behavior.

Reach Out! 

If one happens to reach out to me, I have four rules that must be followed, 1- Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if it is to your own hurt. You may have done some things to contribute to the problem, but don't run away from your part or responsibility in the matter.  2-Whatever statements or accusations that are made should be supported by the appropriate evidence. If you are not willing to produce such evidence then you are not willing to be free. 3- Once a plan of action has been established, follow through on it exactly as I have laid it out without deviation. I won't allow anyone to undermine my assistance or reputation. And 4- Don't over-spiritualize criminal activity and have no remorse in bringing a criminal to justice. In many cases of abuse and misuse, there is a sort of "abuser loyalty" that victims experience. This is called "The Stockholm Syndrome" and can be a very powerful psychological issue. Religion seems to make this worse in the hands of the wrong councilors. I'll throw in 5, Don't speak to everyone, only speak to those who challenge you to the next level and support you with scriptural direction and sound and reliable actions. Remember this:  

Silence & Inaction Is The Only Reason That Pulpit Whores & Rapists Continue Perpetuate Their Sins 

Whores Want What They See

Pulpit Whores Have Their Eyes On What Belongs To God. The whores to which I am referencing in this post are those who look over the church or gatherings where believers congregate, to see what and whom they can find to entertain themselves sexually, emotionally, financially and in whatever manner they deem necessary. Whores will spot you out no matter what you are wearing. Clothing is of no significance. Dresses could be down to the floor or above the knee. Blouse necklines could be low or high. Jeans could fit tightly or loose. It doesn't really matter, because foolishness and lust is bound in their hearts and although they make you feel as if you are responsible for their attention and lust, the truth is that they are drawn away by what's in them. There is no real reason why they do what they do except for reasons of self satisfaction and a deep down need for self worship.

Don't for a minute think that whoreish actions are relegated to men seeing women. They are not. there are many undercover pulpit whore homosexuals that are spotting out young men and other men to fulfill their lust and their fantasies. Some of these men look and act like men and deny that they are homosexuals, but they get sexual satisfaction from other men and male counterparts. They live life, as we say, on the DL (Down Low)

The marching of the Saints can be especially problematic. One particular whore watches women place their offerings into the bucket. This one observed a woman evidently fantasizing in his mind. As a side note: some women like the attention, and if that pleases you, you need to take responsibility for your part, but that's no excuse for the actions of a pulpit whore. In this case, after service, the whore made a bee-line to deliver a "word" to his prey. He even left the building so that he could have a conversation and make a covert special invitation for her to come to his hotel room. At the end of the day, the Lord didn't say anything more than he had said on the inside of the building, because what the whore doesn't realize is that he doesn't speak or regard the word of the Lord. In fact it was the devil himself speaking at that point.  This particular whore was married but as we also know, commitments don't matter to whores.
Pulpit Self Exalted Whore
We Know Who U R

James 1:14 ~ But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

Some Whores Have Special Status

To these whores, degrees and titles are a part of the stigma, attraction and the overall seduction. Emphasis on these things seduces the minds of their victims producing stigmas and demands placement into a special class or category, almost like a snake charmer charms a King Cobra. This is a "god class" individual who appears to be larger than life, without moral wrong even when moral wrong is obviously seen. It is thought that he (the whore) knows more, is more and becomes more than all those around him. In reality the titles make up for the poor performance, and accolades from unknowing and duped crowds make up for spiritual and sexual impotence and incontinence. 

As stated, some whores are single and some whores are married. Some whores like men and some like women. Some of them  have babies and revealed lovers outside of their marriage, and dare the church or anyone else to do or say anything to them. One infamous whore demanded his church to accept both the the young girlfriend, (made slut by her own allowance) and the bastard child he fathered. He simply told the church to shut up talking about it, and of course, the old mind manipulation message "we all have sinned"...What is AMAZING is that even in modern times, mind bending works. He yet maintains his offerings, his church and salary and the membership that still attends the church, claim that they are praying for the "direction of the Lord"...As if God somehow and for some reason approves of sin. What is this? It is apostasy, seduction and total deception.

Whores Speak In An Unredeemed Fashion

Matt. 12:34 ~ O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

Whores need attention and they will do everything and almost anything to get it. Like ravenous animals that travel and hunt in packs, when a pulpit whore confronts you in public with his friends in a licentious and lascivious manner, you can best believe that his friends are just as savage as he is if not worse. Their talk is an unredeemed talk...It's "man"...this and "man"...that and "Nigga"...this and "Nigga"...that...If you're not careful and you catch them at a bad time, the whores will cuss you out making you wonder what bible they ever read. There is very little or no Christ language except when the whore is in the pulpit supposedly delivering "heavenly council" or when they are around persons that they are reasonably sure really are saved. Another characteristic is that there are always big boisterous words. Adjective and descriptive on top of adjective and descriptive. There are  misdirected philosophical conundrums and this is done in effort to seduce adherents into believing that they just stepped out of the throne-room of heaven. This adds to their "God like" and exalted persona. 

1 Peter 1:14-16 14-As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: 15-But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; 16-Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

Whorish Demands & Hotel Whores

There seems to be a rather consistent flow of information regarding road ho's. It seems that when traveling on the "mission", some of these whores request and demand sex and fill their hotels with immorality. Not only are there drugs in some cases but if they are alone, they seem to need a consort. Believe one thing that they need to inculcate their environments with others deemed to be weak and just as carnal as themselves. Although I'm not trying to make a blanket statement or create a litmus test, various whores seem to do similar things. I received information that one undercover homosexual pulpit whore would arrange for his boyfriend to have a room in his hotel during certain conventions. Of course no one would notice, because he was a man respected and people didn't thank that he would have another man. Certainly it would be a woman. Whores have no boundary or conscience. 

Pulpit Alcoholic Whore
We Know Who U R
Is There A Little Black Book?

When they travel from region to region its usually with a list of phone numbers of ready, willing and eager individuals to serve their needs. Sometimes it's by the gift of a phone number or even a key to the hotel room directed to a willing participant, who thinks that they have somehow struck gold. Whores need people that are willing to meet their  need for worship and self gratification. In essence, they expect to find other whores in the church willing to bow down at the altar of self accepting their proclivity to sin. Some people are seduced by what they initially thought was a safe, and pure love and affection. Still others are willing participants, having their minds manipulated into thinking that their mission is to service the sexual and intimate needs of these pulpit whores. Other have further been seduced by the bright lights and hopes and expectation of what could be and how they could be seen as a result of being with these whores. In other words, it is a deception sparred by fantasy.

I'll Do This...But I Won't Do That

Some pulpit whores don't have normal physical sexual intercourse. For them it's about control. Some of them will do and gravitate towards the absurdly weird. Some just like to watch, some are just overtaken by their fetishes, which may stem from more looming psychological problems. Many of these type of pulpit whores have hours of unaccounted for time (because that's how every addiction manifests itself at some point) some have late night dinners with strangers, some even drink wine and hard liquor, because they are either alcoholics or borderline alcoholics. Some get sloppy drunk and think it goes without notice. Pulpit whores take certain liberties with their consorts which are normally reserved for the benefit and commitment of marriage. They don't seem to care what the word says because they have established their own set of beliefs.

Their beliefs equivalently make them the "alpha male", the leader of the pack. As the self proclaimed purveyors of God's kingdom, they claim to see "what's going on in the body" (The body of Christ aka: the church on earth) as if God has made them among the chief leaders of all servants of Christ, and interacts with them before interacting with anyone else. They certainly feel as if they are the most privileged to have what they want and have it when they want it. Houses (mini-mansions), jets, expensive cars and nice clothes are a standard part of their vocation. Many rationalize that their sufferings, when they were trying to live right, (if they ever did) gives them the right to access excess and even sin whenever they want to. In their world God owes them the opportunity to serve themselves in exchange for faithfulness to his mission. Their message always centers around "sow into what I have done" and "the world will open to you if you obey me".

Whores Out Of Control

A particular person recounted the pulpit whore that addressed her, got drunk one day before the service, preached while drunk, and at a certain point after the service even passed out. The people of God clamored around thinking that he was "in the Spirit" but  he was actually in a drunken stupor. The people viewing this  put off his incoherence as some high and mighty rambling, as he had done all that he could to drown the smell of alcohol on his breath so that the average believer would have no clue. This is the condition of the modern church. However, there is a biblical report that this has happened before. There are two priests that didn't live to tell the story:

Leviticus 10:1-3 ~ "1-And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which he commanded them not. 2-And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.
3-Then Moses said unto Aaron, This is it that the LORD spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all the people I will be glorified. And Aaron held his peace. 

History accounts that Nadab and Abihu were also the drunken sons of Aaron. They tried to mix the profane or that which was not ordained of God, with the holy. What makes these modern pulpit whores think that they will fare any better? it is simply and purely by the grace of the Lord that we are not consumed.   

Psychology & Clergy Sexual Sins

Pulpit Undercover Homosexual Whore
We Know Who U R
Clergy sexual sins are bad enough, but there is an additional level of problems with clergy rape or conspiracy to abuse. The problem with rape and pastoral sexual abuse is that it is devastatingly mind-twisting. As stated victims often suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and feel that there is a level of loyalty to their abusers. The damage done by these whores is paralyzing and incapacitating both mentally, emotionally and physically. This sort of sexual aggression can cause people to snap or simply loose their minds or revert to altered states of mind creating personalities best suited to deal with the issue. It is a drive into schizophrenia and multiple personalities that on one hand speak the right things and repeat chiche's, but on the other hand  has no understanding of the true nature and power of God. 

The danger is that no two people handle things quite the same. Where one may simply revert to being withdrawn, another may become an extrovert. Where some may become sexually repressed, others may become sexually promiscuous and perverse.

The damage of the pulpit whore has never been more evident than it is within the modern day church. Under these whores and at their direction, the modern church has created a set of individuals who struggle with gender identity, and other sexually perverse and morally impure individuals.What these whores need to know is that sin has a cost and they will pay for what they have caused and created.   

The Remedy For All Pulpit Whores

No matter the size of the church or the scope of "ministry" turned whoredom, there is an answer for the ailment of all Pulpit Whores. It is called repentance!

2 Chron. 7:14 ~ If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Repentance and turning from one's evil ways will cause the Lord to change in how he intends to deal with the actions and sins of the pulpit whore. The damage has been done and there is no escaping the consequence and what has been taken must be restored. However, there is nothing greater and nothing more restorative than the power of God.

As simple as it may seem, the unrepentant pulpit whore would rather fake and pretend their way to hell, rather than humble themselves under the mighty hand of God through repentance. The seduced followers cannot possibly reconcile how they have been duped and the whore can't take a chance that the illusion, once revealed, will not cause the benefits to cease. This is the same selfishness that led the pulpit whore into his current condition.  Ladies have been raped. Sons and daughters have been turned out and we are left with the fallout from the whorish ways of those who have no regard for God or for his ways.  

For some that would repent, and we hope that there are many, there are issues of acceptance. Shame comes with repentance. Sometimes that shame is overwhelming. What must it be like for a minister to realize that he has played the whore and lived contrary to what he has taught almost every week of the year? He has taught against homosexuality, while he has met his homosexual lover in hotels and dark alleys away from the congregation? He has taught against adultery, while he has engaged in the very act and taken his love and attention away from his family and his God. For them that realize this, there can be nothing but shame. But yet there is hope:

Psalms 51:17 ~ "The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise."

God will not despise them that turn to him in sincerity and true repentance. The commitment that must be made is the commitment to not do the same things that led to the situation or that gave it life. Evil must die and self must die so that Christ can live in you!

I have taken the time to speak in an unusual format in this post. I have named no names. but one thing is for sure, if I or we don't know who you are, God certainly does and you do to. You know what you need to do. Now get the courage and do it, because you don't want to be left with your work undone.



  1. "Pastor Burnett you should display more mercy and Christlike love for people like this."

    Aside from the fact that charlatans like this showed no compassion to their victims, which includes the church at large, I have shown the ultimate in mercy by not calling their names and telling it like it is...

    It's a sad day when the victimizer is given more compassion than the victim, especially when the victimizer is unrepentant.

  2. You should have not written this if you where not willing to name names. Unless these "stories are unsubstantiated" the names should have been put out there. Don't hide behind grace and mercy rule.

  3. Thanks Ed,

    Unfortunately my friend, the situations are greater than the individuals I could name. Naming them also makes the assumption that problems are limited to them. Unfortunately it isn't.

    So far as the criminal activity, I prefer to not name folk unless those who caught the individuals are willing to follow through with the appropriate reports. As I state, some folk are psychologically connected to their abusers.

    At either rate, whether one is named or not, all accusations are unsubstantiated until they have been properly presented, investigated and found to be factual by certain evidence.

    The offenders know exactly who they are. You can count on that.

  4. Amen to this post. Thank you for not claiming this revelation came is a dream/vision so when the next preaching drunk, pedophile, super freak falls out of the closet people won't be trying to give you credit for prophesying their "secret"

  5. The fact is this:

    Luke 8:17~ "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."

    God's word is right and it is right in every generation to all people.

  6. Silence & Inaction Is The Only Reason That Pulpit Whores & Rapists Continue to Perpetuate Their Sins......right.

  7. Ed,

    Yes, That is right. So, out of the nearly 300 posts accessible on this blog, what about this one catches your cynicism? Is this one too close to home for you? I'd really like to know.

  8. Doublemindness....that is all. Be hot or cold not lukewarm ....don't talk about it if you are afraid to deal with it. Call a spade a spade like you said silence and inaction breeds more sin....right.

  9. ED,

    Your opinion is rather absurd. For a minute answer this, what have you said about ANY of it?

    I have over 338 articles concerning this and other truths. Names aren't by any means avoided. Not to mention over 28 years of preaching in various local communities and countless radio programs in which I've done the same. Where is your record of tackling ANY of the issues concerning the apostasy of the modern church or any of these apostate "leaders", molesters, and crooks?

    Sounds like you are more into sensationalism rather than truth. It also seems that this article struck a particular chord enough to make you open a blogger ID just to make comment.

    So if my "double-mindedness" is your issue, what evidence can you possibly deliver to support your accusation? You see anything is easy to say, and fools do say anything, but rational discourse is another issue.

    I would appreciate a thought provoking response if a rational one can be found.

  10. What it is is this...some of these preachers, undercover and covertly, see themselves in the mix and in this article.

    Rightfully so. God sees the sins of man and those sins aren't hidden from others. Sin always exposes itself and you can't miss it.

    What if there is a police report or someone is currently under grand jury review? In fact, I believe that a grand jury can convene without the knowledge of the individual being investigated. Isn't that interesting? One thing is for sure, I've said nothing for sensation and everything I have said in over 338 articles can be supported by EVIDENCE.

    It was either given to me, or I obtained it myself. The crooks need to know, that souls of real people are laying in their wake and that can only be managed for so long.

  11. Pastor Burnett, I just wanted to share my admiration for your wisdom, tact and patience in your responses, naming names in every single case is not a nesscessity, though the Bible does identify 'perpetrators' their actions and damage done to the Church are more important, through out history the names change, but actions don't, like you said, "They know who they are..!"
    The scandals in todays church are 'front page news' we know the names, faces & places no need to be overly redundandt, please continue to use the wisdom and discernment God has blessed you with Brother!

  12. When good men do nothing, evil triumphs. Evil, sin and sinful men must be opposed. God commands those who are good, not just to avoid evil but actively oppose it.

    Christians are to not only to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but (also) reprove (expose) them" (Eph. 5:11). Those who do nothing about sin and evil, help the sin and evil to prevail. One who is silent when there are those around him in sin becomes a partaker with them (Eph. 5:7). While the conduct of these so-called people is shameful, what about those supposedly "good" men who do nothing? Those stand on the other side and do nothing but watch and talk about what is going on as their brothers are being slandered, slaughtered and devoured, they cease being innocent bystanders and idle spectators. Their failure to act not only allows evil to triumph, but makes them just as guilty as the spiritual cannibals they refuse to reprove and rebuke. In God's words, "even thou wast as one of them" (Obad. 11).

    Sorry......338 Articles and 28 years of preaching does not impress me.(Prov. 8:13,16:18)

  13. Supt. Barnett, I have nothing to add; you covered all the bases. God will expose every work of darkness! Keep taking the battle to the gate!

  14. Pastor Harvey,

    I would also like to know who these pulpit whores are. As a young women I think its important to know so that I and other women can stay clear of these shady characters. I understand that they know who they are but we, the congregation and women especially women, need to know, suppose another young woman goes to their church & is put in a situation to be taken advantage of. I respect your posts tremendously but I was surprised because this is the first post when you don't state their names.

  15. Ed,

    You said"Sorry......338 Articles and 28 years of preaching does not impress me.(Prov. 8:13,16:18)"

    My commentary wasn't meant to impress, but it was meant to bring you to a more biblical understanding and open your eyes to evidence of the open facts before you which cannot be discounted.

    Neither years of service nor the over 338 articles can be discounted. God doesn't discount it and you're not God. In fact this is what scripture says about my OPEN efforts in battling and exposing modern apostasy:

    1 Tim. 5:17~ "Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine."

    This is not only talking about preaching, but also representing Christ in the culture. I have done this well and as I've stated it can't be discounted by you. Why didn't you reference that scripture since you like scriptural references? Is this section to be discounted somehow? Or does your bible not contain this verse and similar verses?

    Now, I don't mind the debate of whether names should be called or not, however it's another argument to make the irrational and unfounded and arrogant assumption that you make to say that because I didn't call names in this article that I endorse evil in some way. That's a different argument and you have no support for your assertions. Those aren't biblical references, those are personal and character attacks.

    However I know this:

    Ps. 37:32 ~ "The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.

    Are you one of the wicked watching the righteous seeking to destroy? Are you one seeking to divert from the issue of charlatans raping the church?

    So as I've asked previously support your statements with EVIDENCE, not some biblical quotes that you've applied and which are not applicable to the situation.

    Secondly, as I have repeatedly asked, you can overcome the claim of hypocrisy, which I make regarding your commentary, by producing one shred of anything that you've done in battling and standing against the apostasy of the modern church.

    Otherwise, your statements are correctly assessed as being absurd, full of hypocrisy and will be overlooked further by me as simple rants of ignorance.

    Please address my inquiry.

  16. Youngmiss,

    Thanks for your commentary. Your's is a reasonable assessment. Let me add something that may assist here:

    First, what I've learned to do is not deny what God is showing me about those whom I deal with. In every case, my suspicions or what I have been inspired to believe is correct. In other words don't be afraid of spiritual discernment but further deliver what you are thinking to God through and by prayer as to not make certain presumptions.

    Secondly, define actions within the context of God's word. When you see leaders in carnal situations promoting carnality, you best believe that deserves another look.

    Example, Kim Burrell, in her "Sweeter" video, shows up in her nightgown. Kim may talk holiness claiming that she will never "compromise, intentionally or unintentionally" and may even live right, but what we see about what she presents demands closer observation. She is not exempt from lining her presentation and actions up or in accord with scripture simply because she's a singer.

    However, to address that what can we gather? The evidence of her personal account and actions and evidence of scripture.

    As I state, God knows all of these charlatans and why they are there. one thing they are evidence of to me is a lack of discernment among God's people. It seems that the people of God have given themselves to idols and idolatry and this is destroying the church.

    Believe me, just like Eddie, there is a core group of people who know what many of these folk are involved in. They are just as responsible for their actions.

    As I commented to Jerry, on the other side of this are countless individuals who have been hurt as a result. That's the point and focus of this article. Unfortunately they aren't alone.

  17. Jerry,

    I agree. Most of this is not easy or difficult to find.

    In fact, I'll say this, much of this was observed simply by looking at some of these characters, before information was delivered by persons more close to the situations. I struggle to believe these things. I still believe that people are saved and that saved people don;t do these things...Unfortunately, some folk we think are saved really aren't.

    I would ask the critic this:

    Have any of them ever counseled women raped by any of these charlatans?

    Have any of them counseled children and other individuals molested by these folk?

    Have any of the critics ever labored with the family fallout and upheaval that occurs as a result of the actions of these sort of charlatans?

    Have any of them ever stayed involved for hours, weeks and even months into these situations dealing with individuals who have thoughts of suicide, murder and revenge as a result of situations like these?

    I can say that I HAVE! I've been there on the front line speaking against these charlatans and have plenty of evidence to support it. Much of it is in the plain sight of the readers.

    Until they can say and show me EVIDENCE where they've battled the ENEMY at any level, I discount any of their cries for sensationalism.

    Those individuals that lay in the wake of or in the path of charlatans like these are my only concern in this article. Some folk have been damaged and mistakenly thought it was just them or their experience, they were were the "odd person" out. unfortunately, it's not a singular experience or individual who has experienced such mishandling and abuse.

    As I've stated, when names are called, unlike our dear friend ED, you best believe I'll be able to support my statements with evidence.

  18. The opposite of humility is arrogance, and arrogance is commonly thought to be a vice. In Jesus’ teaching, however, the opposite of humility is not exactly arrogance but specious exaltation, the chief example of which is thinking oneself righteous in comparison with others and expecting others to recognize it. Harvey I am not in competition with you or anyone else, and I refuse to reduce the work of the Lord to some type of competition. Harvey the basis of me asking you to name them is so that no one else gets hurt.....come on Harvey.

  19. Ed,

    Thanks for clarifying, but that's not what you suggested previously.

    So if the question is over whether names should have been included, I think that's a valid debate, but that doesn't take away from the aim of the article or my position or vigilance in discussing the specific actions and sins of charlatans that have invaded the church.

    Let me render a parallel: the police Chief in my city some years ago made a statement suggesting that from his estimation 200 criminals were the primary causes of crime in our city and that if they would leave the city would be better.

    Now, the problem is that although one might think that the 200 are the problem, if the 200 were gone what would you have? I'll tell would have 400 more take their place...

    See this is the issue...I could name charlatans specific to these situations (and just give it some time, I will, because their sins will expose their actions), but that wouldn't come close to solving the real problem and it certainly wouldn't address the victims.

    When people worship men, as they invariably do, criminals and sinners like this can take the pulpit and deceive the church. Call a name, that doesn't solve the problem...

    I can call Leyva...I could call Paulk...and I could call Long...A succession of apostasy going back over 30 to 40 years. What's amazing is that although those names were called at the time, Leyva was still able to molest over 700 boys and run a ministry to boot, Paulk who knew Leyva, was still able to amas an over 14,000 member church and Long, who was influenced by Paulk, was still able to do even worse...

    But what of those left in their wake? Has anyone considered the thousands of lives that these shipwrecking sinners left in their wake?

    This article isn't so much as about focusing on these whores as it is about showing the deceit and what is put into deceiving the masses as these men and others have done. As I stated, read some of the other 338 articles, if you want names and supportable information, you'll find it. If you want sensationalism and aspersions and "blossip", you find it here or in anything I do.


  20. Pastor Harvey,

    Thank you for clarifying your point. I understand that even if you named names that there would be those who would still follow these people. At least now that we know that these things are going on, we can be on the looking out for these individuals.

  21. Interesting viewpoint. I appreciate posts such as this that hit the real issues going on today. We as people of God need to start holding our leaders accountable and stop giving "free passes" to those who claim to be God's anointed. Keep pressing on for the Lord brother!

  22. I hope I don't come off as 'nit-picking or beating a dead horse' here concerning this issue of naming names, just wanted to share an experience surrounding the Long scandal; at the time when it was front page news, one of the female members of New Birth publically stated "I wouldn't care if he (Long) confessed to the charges from the pulpit, I've been a member here for 15yrs, he's my Bishop and I still believe in him!" I was absolutely stunned! Such a statement shows that even when the indentity is known, it would make little difference to some in their particular church, they are always the first rush to defend their fallen leaders with the same misinterpeted cliches "Judge not-touch not Gods anointed- he that is without sin- take your mouth off the man of God or just pray about it" which is just a euphemism for shut up!
    These are sins that were continually practiced over the years and known by insiders who remained silent until it became public!
    The church at large seems to have forgotten:
    Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them - Eph 5:11

  23. I remember that Jerry...they didn't care what Long had done...all they knew is that he was their leader.

    That is idolatry plain and simple.

    What we will find out is that many of the charlatans that are guilty will understand that 1- God sees them and 2- others do too. Their garbage is not hidden to public view.

    The problem is that when things come out, even with evidence in many cases, the first thing is denial...look at every case, there had to be a court action to make those folk confess to their sins.

    I told the lady that was raped, before i go public a police report MUST be filed. She has all the evidence necessary, but Stockholm Syndrome is real. These criminals get their victims hooked into some sort of crazy allegiance even if they are whole congregations. This is the power of spiritual and psych seduction and it is real.

    WISDOM just doesn't blurt out because more people can be damaged in that process. There has to be an orderly take down and the first thing we can tell every charlatan is that we are not the one's deceived...we see them like a roach on the counter when the light comes on...That's the opportunity to repent...i wonder will they take advantage of the opportunity???

  24. Thanks ReverendHCA glad you commented and feel free!!!

  25. Here's one From the past that is coming back.

    "In 2004, Gilyard admitted to fathering the child of a woman who had accused him of raping her during a 2004 counseling session, according to court records. Gilyard said his probation officer OK’d his arrangement with Christ Tabernacle. The Florida Department of Corrections confirmed Gilyard remains in compliance with his probation as long as minors aren’t present when he preaches."

    I told you, they will name themselves. This is sad and he is responsible for doing this to himself. A person comes in for help and gets raped??? Now, for life, there will always be a suspicion and for at least three years he can't have children in his presence...Yes, he can be saved, but if you don;t value what God has given you, he will take it and give it to another. Just ask Esau.

  26. On the show "Rejoice In The Word" on 2/10/2012, Bishop Noel Jones told the failed preacher (those who got caught up in their sins) to get up, use his failure as a tool to assist those who are lost...interestingly enough he didn't tell them to repent of their sins. He assumed that going on with ministry in spite of what had been damaged was tantamount to repentance. Further, he stated that people that are critical of those that fail, and I would assume demand for those that fail to be accountable to God and the people, are the "enemies of God" because they are critical.

    In a side note, to explain his marital situation, he also said that "Jesus was too big to have one woman" and that he is not one to "choose" a woman, he simply responds to those who approach or choose him...He blamed this on the "wideness of his parameters" that makes it very difficult for him to choose a singular person to fulfill his needs (he was talking other than sexually at this point)....HOWEVER, he went on to state, that coming down after having preached to multiple thousands is difficult for him and is a personal struggle. Regarding what he will do AFTER he preaches, he stated this verbatim..."If I don't call one of my buddies, I'm gonna call a woman"

    Does anyone care to comment on that one? I didn't make this up and I certainly wouldn't lie!

    1. I watched Rejoice in the Word this past Friday night and I could not believe that Noel Jones would say that. I used to love his preaching, but his interview with Bloomer gives me the impression that he is a closet womanizer. It is wonderful that he grew his church the way he did, but he is forgetting the tenants of the faith that made him who he is in the Black religious community. Anybody that has had a moral failing should take a sabbatical to get themselves together and pray that God removes the issue that caused their moral failure. You can use it as a tool, but how do you heal others when you are not healed yourself?

    2. Johnny Hopkins,

      Wasn't that amazing? I couldn't believe the mess I heard. He said, preaching is a gift for him. He said bring him a bible wake him out of his sleep and he could preach any scripture anyplace and anytime. But obviously he suffers from loneliness. Now, what I can't get over is that these folks confessions are on video tape so they can't lie even if they edit. And they can't spin because we know the context...At the same time he suffering loneliness, he says his "parameters are so large" that he can't pursue a woman??? What kinda garbage is that??? Double speak...

      Jones GET MARRIED and STOP playing with God!

  27. I recently received some information from a person who had dealt with one of these pulpit whores.

    In this particular case, this person provided proof of his sins by sending a text with a picture of his genitalia. He told his victim to delete and erase the picture but she didn't and that was a good thing as that was the only way she proved her case of the immorality. There was no text from her in response whether picture or otherwise.

    This goes into the point that these whores seek to manipulate, control and manage the situation at all costs and lust causes them to loose their common sense.

    Who is it? Every one of these type of unrepentant charlatans. Names change, but the sins remain the same unfortunately.


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