Thursday, January 19, 2012

Detroit Funeral Directors ~ "Enough Is Enough, I Do Not Want To See Young People Destroy Themselves Like This"

Cantrell Funeral Home at 10400 Mack Ave. handled the arrangements of the last funeral that I did in Detroit wonderfully. Prior to that I conducted a funeral At Swanson's Funeral Home, who also did a wonderful job and who's leader is featured in the video. 

All of the Directors I've met are some great people. All of them are saying that they don't want the type of business they have been receiving lately. Coming off a year in which there were 344 homicides there has been 19 murders in the last 17 days. Sons are dying senselessly when there is yet so much to live for. These directors are taking a stand in their community. The question is will the church also take a stand? Without Christ we can do nothing. 

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  1. What most people don't realize is that most of these victims had no life insurance.

    Because there is no money for the services or for the opening and closing of the graves, these funeral homes have to revert to the most cut rate type of ceremony (cremation) which doesn't effect them as much as it effects the families and their memory of their loved ones.

    So these funeral directors aren't getting "rich" off of business like this by any means. Many of them are even donating their services as a matter of humanity.

    I wonder how many critics of these Directors will actually work for free in their vocation?

  2. Thank you for bringing this fact to light, after seeing this story on the news the other day along with the fact that Oneal Swanson was being interviewed, seen him at too many funerals.

    It is refreshing to know that the true motive for this is angst against so many dying young. I appreciate you Bruh!!

  3. One of my members family was killed in Detroit recently, just this week...He was 2 years old. The shooter was shooting back at some fools who were shooting at him in a drive by. His bullet glanced off and hit the baby in her front yard. the young man, 15 years old, turned himself in an apologized to the family with all that he had. I am so SAD. I'll give you an update as I receive the info.


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