Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hip-Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 16

COGIC Mommas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be International Music Ministers. They Just Might Become Inspirational/Secular Singers & Create Videos That Display Their Sexuality!

Pastor Kim Burrell
Does anyone remember this statement?
"I’m dedicated to God, dedicated to ministry. I’m dedicated to the anointing of God that has on my life. I will never, ever compromise that indirectly or directly; and I’m dedicated to the International Music Department"..."But more than anything I fear God, so you have no worries about me doing anything that God is not pleased with. So I love you all so much and hopefully this will suffice for whatever or whoever needs it.” ~ Kim Burrell Feb. 2010
Well at least that's what PASTOR Kim Burrell did, and does. Yes, I said PASTOR. We all know that even pastors wear night clothes and have sexy apparel...but when you joined your church, did you expect to see your pastor in his/her DRAWS and unmentionables, displaying themselves in a sexually provocative manner on video? Well that is exactly what happened in one particular Church Of God In Christ and what is represented among the top leadership of praise and worship presenters in the Church Of God In Christ and we see it. We know what we're looking at and it is a MESS! I appreciate the attention that GCMWatch has brought to the issue.

The Philosophy Of The Music

Pastor Kim Burrell
In an interview at Kim shared the following:
Troy: So you mentioned that the concept of the album was to show people about God’s love and loving one another. Is that why some songs specifically mention God while other songs don’t?

Kim: "I have a range of lyrics because we need to learn to speak about love without having to preface it with a scripture. I feel like our lives ought to have a sense of love. Church people work hard to prove their love and sometimes they choose to use their gift to say ‘this is my way of loving you.’...But I feel if you have this God in your heart, you can have a conversation without mentioning Jesus and God and the Trinity and all that, and people will know that there’s love in you. I just feel like I don’t have to go and be extreme to get a point across."

Troy: Ok.
This is interesting. Here we have a Pentecostal/Holiness musician, born and raised in Pentecostalism that feels that it is "extreme" to invoke the name of God in a conversation talking about love??? What is that? Does she not know that there would be no love without God?

For Fame & For Shame

Now, this is a sad shame. Yes, a District Supt. in the Grand Ole Church Of God in Christ said it and will say it in an unapologetic manner. Why? Because I'm tired of the utter confusion and obfuscation of the truth that our youth are experiencing over this issue and the complete disregard of certain in leadership in writing the vision and making it plain both in this and other areas.

Now, before one gets offended, IF the shoe fits, then you know that I was referring to you. However, if not, then you should be in agreement with me. AGREEMENT??? Yes I said agreement. Why? 

The International Assistant Minister Of Music in the Church Of God In Christ, who has already expressed her desire to record with Prince (y'u-know, bisexual -at best-, freak b nasty, HEAD and GET IT UP Prince) because she said that God was "using" him, has now proceeded to present her "Inspirational/Secular" CD entitled "The Love Album" with some traditional gospel rewrites and some secular based hits glossed over to seduce a gospel audience into further secularism which is the trend in gospel music in general these days.

Dr. Judith C. McCallister

The problem is that even when confronted with the issue over a year ago, the  Church Of God In Christ International Music Department Leader, Dr. Judith C. McCallister, with the approval of Presiding Bishop Blake, glossed over the issue, presenting a letter in Feb. 2010 that was supportive of Kim, but anything but supportive of holiness, although it claimed to be both. Here's an excerpt from our music leader:
"My support of Vice President Burrel's endeavor is based primarily on the character and integrity that she has consistently and unequivocally displayed over the years. As far as I am personally aware, Vice President Burrell has always maintained a testimony and lifestyle consistent with the biblical standard of Holiness. I have observed nothing in her statements and/or activities, which has been in opposition to scriptural principles; and I am fully confident in her ability to maintain a Christian witness in this endeavor."  ~ Dr. Judith C. McCallister Feb. 2010   
Now, this letter was before the release of her current CD and video. Here are Kim's current thoughts on the release of that letter by the national church over a year ago:
Troy: After the uproar, the Church of God in Christ’s International Music Department released a statement exonerating you and your music. Did you feel it was necessary and appropriate at the time?

Kim: "I accommodated what they asked me for and I gave them as much as I could. And it was released based on my agreement to let them release whatever was going to make them feel better."

Troy: So that was something of a concession on both sides?

Kim: Sure.
This is sounding more and more ridiculous. Kim authorized the church to "release whatever was going to make them feel better"??? What is that? ie: Tell them what they want to hear? Doesn't matter if it's true, just tell them something. But you ain't heard nothing yet:

"Secular", As Redefined by Kim  

Building on the last section, Kim redefines "secular" to fit her needs. In a nutshell, she claims that "secular" in the minds of most church folk, means that vulgarity is going to be sang, that the lyrical content is more flesh centered. She claims that her "secular" is something that the church simply imposes because of their lack of understanding. Kim's "secular" is just not repeating "Jesus" and "God" during her songs. She blames the church for not being sophisticated enough to understand and distinguish this difference. Here are her thoughts on the issue:
Troy: Was there ever a time when you considered recording an album that was mainstream or secular music and not necessarily a “gospel” album?

Kim: "Everything you hear on this album is what I was trying to tell the world I was going to do. But they took” secular” and made it a vulgar term. They limited it to what they've known it to be. And I felt like I’m not going to spend my life trying to break that down. It’s unfortunate that the people of the church thought I was turning my back on God… just because the word secular was mentioned in my bio, by my team, on the ‘Backstage with Kim Burrell’ website."

"I have a 92-year-old grandmother, a 67-year-old mother, and a 73-year-old father who raised me in the church. As long as they have breath in their bodies, I’m never going to do anything to disrespect the value and deposit they've made in my life. Think about it; even if I tried to sing “Baby, baby, come on meet me in the sex room,” it’s going to sound like I’m having a revival. It’s in my voice. I can’t even convey words that represent that type of thing."

"I’m a pastor of a church. I don’t promote that."
This is interesting to say the least. How does the music minister of a national organization not distinguish that what she is promoting is purely secular and not Christ centered. How does she not know that a person doesn't need to promote sex, drugs and illicit relationships to be considered secular? This is more than strange that the church is to blame because we simply can't understand her choices. One more thing, when a person states that they want to record with Prince, that pretty much defines what they mean by saying that they want to sing secular. Need I say more? 


Although I certainly don't endorse the Clark's tribute to secular singer Maze some time ago (which was also a hot mess and a seduction of spirit right in front of our eyes) My question is how is it, that as documented by TV One's "Unsung"that the Clark Sisters can appear at the Grammys in 1983 dressed decently, singing "Hallelujah" of all things, and be censured and condemned by the top leadership of the church? While the International Assistant Minister of Music not only combines gospel and secular music, but presents herself in a sexually provocative manner in a hot nightie, aka: VIDEO VIXEN, and YET be hailed as an international church leader of a holiness church?  

Closing Thoughts

As a pastor, dedicated to feeding the flock of God, and doing my best to stand in integrity before the people, I am tired of HOLINESS (Heb. 12:14) being trampled over for the dollar and the promotion of a marketing scheme. Kim, who at one time told all that she was held captive in a contract that would not allow her to sing for over a year, continues to confuse and, I believe, damage our daughters, sons and music ministry leaders by confusing the issue as it pertains to what is acceptable biblical behavior regarding this issue.
Aretha Franklin

What Of Aretha Franklin? This is what is often recited. Aretha did it, why can't she or anyone else?

Aretha wasn't given what she was to begin with. Kim was born into holiness which teaches and taught that there should be a difference in the life of the believer. There was a higher standard delivered and the message was not confused with secularism. Aretha was not introduced to holiness or sanctification in that manner, even though her father was a Baptist Pastor. Aretha also went one way and did not confuse gospel with secular. I don't believe that she held and international music position within the Baptist Convention either. In addition, Kim has promised not to do anything that would call her relationship with God into question. She certainly is no stranger to either the WORD or the church in which she serves. She already knows that one need not simply have illicit sex, cuss or anything else, for one to be led of the flesh and unsaved. There are two opinions which Kim is standing on, and a fence that she is straddling. She is desperately trying to balance those opinions to work in her favor, but this is being done at the expense of individuals who are confused and being more confused by her actions. In order for one reality to live, another has to die. These are two opposing worldviews that are incompatible, no matter how many in the gospel industry believe that there is no conflict.

Without even going into scriptures in an in-depth manner, let me ask, does ANY PARENT reading this want their daughter to EVER present themselves on a album, movie or otherwise in a negligee, singing love and quasi-gospel songs? Does anyone reading this believe for one second that this should be acceptable in the choir or at the top levels of the church? Any church? I mean is this what we practice and is this what we endorse?



  1. Pastor, I have so much I want to say that I don't have enough room! I did comment on a similar story about her on GCM Watch.

    I can't imagine my daughter appearing in this manner anywhere outside of her marriage bedroom! NO WAY! There is NO defending this. NONE!

    I guess we should have expected this when she said she wanted to record with Prince. I was the biggest Prince fan there was, and let me say that his songs were dripping with sexual debauchery and led me and others into a life filled with sexual immorality. I know what I am talking about!

    This is therefore not a leap for her. The question now is what will the COGIC do about this? Will there be another defesive "mind you own business" letter released?

    The term holiness has been hijacked and twisted to mean many things today, but one can not separate holiness from God. That would be like trying to separate the wet from water. It won't work.

    God is holy and He wants us to be holy. This woman is being used by satan as a gateway to hell. I said it. She looks like the "strange Woman" of Proverbs 7.

    I am convinced that people no longer read the Bible, nor believe it. That is how we get this mess being passed off as "holy". I tell you we are about to start seeing these folks drop dead in the pulpit like Nadab and Abihu.

    Thank you Pastor! Stay on the wall!

  2. Thank you Marcia!

    You said:"The term holiness has been hijacked and twisted to mean many things today, but one can not separate holiness from God"

    That's what I'm talking about. It's basically a redefinition of what it means to be holy.

    Now, this is offensive and should be offensive to anyone who is committed to biblical truth. One cannot make serving God what one simply wants it to be or represent because one wishes to do so. That's relativism. That's subjectivism.

    Either we believe that God's word is objective truth, that speaks to all generations at all times or not. It's classic however...this is the same temptation that the devil threw at Jesus in the wilderness. Fame, fortune, worship, self serving. What will a person and people do? Give themselves in exchange for the world.

    The problem here is that they are trying to pretend that those who see it are out of touch with "modern" concepts of holiness...yea right! It's called secularism.

  3. Pastor your title has me rolling! Speaking of Nadab & Abihu, did we find out which designee died before installation last year?
    I too am checking the site regularly for some chopped up attempt to rationalize this leg of Pastor Burell's "ministry." But I don't feel one is forth coming cause nobody knows what to say. Must be why they are recruiting hard for some PR reps and I work in advertising and applied to help the church but I will write the truth and get fired!
    Even though AIM is in Houston, Burrell might be mysteriously absent from her post this year, maybe, she does have an album to promote. Plus Jakes has his Sacred Love Songs coming out, its about to get freaky in the church!

  4. LaPreghiera you are the third person I know to say they applied and were rejected. COGIC is looking for someone who will lather their religious doo-doo with fine creams and expensive perfumes.

    They may not be aware that Sodom's sins stank all the way to heaven. And God still can tell the difference between and sweet smelling savor and stanky, perfumed coverup.

  5. That Bishop designee was from California and I did confirm that he passed before the ordination or consecration, but I can't remember his name.

    So far as the PR is concerned, I guess we can expect more of the same...SILENCE. Now let Kim steal some money or let some records be misplaced...We would probably have all kinds of statements judging from history of how various ones have been handled in the past.

    Seems that things that damage peoples spirits aren't given a high priority or attention these days.

  6. God bless you Min. Burnett. Early on, I used to like to hear Kim Burrell, because she sounded like nobody I'd ever heard before. I would sometimes say to folks, "You may not be into her style, but you can honestly say she doesn't sound like anyone out there--nowhere!" That aside, I don't listen to much of anybody these days! I don't know what has happened to me as far as the Gospel music industry goes. Where I used to know the latest and the greatest, now I don't know who has out what! I'm not really listening to the new stuff too much these days. In fact, I enjoy the older Gospel music of the 70's and 80's (even the '90's) more now than when the music was "new." Outside of some of the contemporary worship-style music, my ear has shifted (or should I say my spirit?) away from the industry aspect of it all. I guess I'm going through a "coming out of Egypt" type of phase; and I don't feel I'm alone. All of this should really be about the Audience of One--our Heavenly Father. Sometimes, I feel we've missed that.

  7. I don't know, but we could be witnessing a sort of mid-life crisis here.

    Now, they say that women are increasing in their upward mobility at the expense of increased stress and lowered moral integrity. The current charge is the reason for greater sexual infidelity and depression among a group of women considered to be "successful" by secular standards.

    For her to be caught up with Kirshnar Lewis, obviously a homosexual, says to me that she has chosen "success" at the expense of all else.

    Maybe she feels like she is "deserving" of certain things because of what she has gone through. I don't know but it looks like a crisis to me.

    Another thing I notice...after Whitney Houston hooks up with these gospel folk, such as her and CC Winans, she always ends up back in rehab. The two may not be connected and Whitney is certainly responsible for her actions, but one never knows how she perceives the interaction with the so-called "gospel elite".

  8. gnp22, you are not alone bro.
    I have completely left all that is "gospel" and instead I listen to older music that has much more congruence with the scriptures. Thats not to say that the singers were any more holier than KB. But even tho the vessel is marred, if the product reflects the truth of the gospel I am with it.
    The problem with KB's music (as it with this whole new genre of pop-gospel ditties, is that its difficult to find its roots in scripture. Its sounds foreign to my spirit. And it doesnt help when its accompanied by a video with "seductive" imagery. Kim Burrell should be lauded for losing weight and getting healthy but using her new body to send out messages counter to God's standard is simply unacceptable.

  9. Heres what Bishop J O Patterson would say:

    Fast forward to the 4 min mark.

  10. FM,

    If there is a more timely message for this mess age, I haven't heard it.

    Thank God for Bishop J O and what he said then, is good towards what's being done now.

    That was a BLESSING!

  11. I think he passed away about a month or two after sharing that message. In fact I think he was dying of cancer while he was preaching that. It was in Memphis.

  12. Proverbs 30:20,”This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth, and says, “I have done no wickedness.” (NKJ) I’m not saying that Miss Burrell is an adulterous woman, it’s the second part of the verse that is ringing in my head. “I have done no wickedness.” I watched as much of the video that I could stand, and I was thoroughly embarrassed that an alleged believer could even sing something like that and try to pass it off as worship to God, The Creator, Master, Maker!

    This video is just as wicked as one can get!!! Oh my, what’s in her heart is coming out on the screen!!! COGIC really needs to take action and deal with this seductress masquerading as a holy woman!!! Where is the shame??? This woman is not even blushing for heaven’s sake!!! Jeremiah 8:12a, “Are they ashamed of these disgusting actions? Not at all—they don’t even know how to blush!” (NLT)

    This woman has lost her way with eyes wide open seeking fame and fortune at the cost of her soul; and it seems that some of the leadership of COGIC is following right behind her. This is sad indeed~

  13. There's a thing against what they call traditionalism now days. With all the mega churches, everyone is on a membership drive.

    It seems every young pastor wants a 1000+ member church and will do anything to get it. So they want to be "contemporary" to reach people as they say.

  14. I didn't know if she was singing to a man or Jesus. Really, singing a song about our Lord and Saviour in a nighty? Really? Gospel music is at an all time low. I'm with the prior posts. I listen to the old stuff. This has just gotten out of hand. Just quit calling it gospel, please!


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