Friday, April 10, 2009

Life Changers Conference 2009

~Special Thank You To All Who Prayed For This Event~
New Bethel Ministries
Life Changers Conference 2009
Peoria, IL
May 7th -9th 2009
Liberate Our Youth

2009 Life Changers Include:

Elder D. L. Foster
Atlanta, Ga.

Thursday May 7th 2009 7:00 PM
Soteriologist: Elder D. L. Foster
Resurrection Power COGIC
2500 N. E. Madison
Peoria, IL. 61603
Admission: FREE
(Liberal Offering & Seating Is Limited)

Elder G. Craige Lewis
EX Ministries
Arlington, TX.

Friday May 8th 2009 7:00 PM
Soteriologist: Elder G. Craige Lewis
Neumiller Hall,
The Campus Of Bradley University
1501 W. Bradley Avenue
Peoria Illinois
Admission: FREE
(Liberal Offering & Seating Is Limited)

Saturday Morning May 9th 2009
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Youth & Family Prayer & Deliverance Breakfast
Special Anointing & Youth Breakthrough Service
Supt. H. Burnett,
Elder D.L. Foster & Elder G. Craige Lewis
Holiday Inn City Center
500 Hamilton Blvd.
Peoria, IL. 61602
($15.00 In Advance ~ Prayerbreakfast ONLY ~ Seating Is Limited)
For more details, hotel information or travel instructions, please call Supt. Burnett toll free at (877)677-6599 or email
Souvineer booklet space is available deadline May 1st 2009 call or email for price list and further details.

What Will Be Discussed During This Conference?
1- Homosexuality, lesbianism and the church's response to the rising GLBT (Gay Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender) church and cultural influence.
2- Teen promiscuity & violence, what you don't know will hurt you.
3- Hip-hop inculturation and it's devastation, dangers, influence and roots within post-modern churches and families.
4- Clergy & Ministerial sexual abuse how to avoid it, report it, and actions that must be taken when it arises.
5- "Black Genocide" The effects contraceptive and on demand abortion on the landscape of our community.
6- The biblical view of the use of music and entertainment within the church.
7- The biblical reconstruction of the family. Providing sustainable solutions to the problems we now face.

Conclusion, Outcome & Recap
Life Changers conference 2009 was met with exceeding and abundant joy both by members of New Bethel and individuals from surrounding areas such as far away as Indiana and St. Louis. Here's a brief summary of some of the messages that were preached:

Thursday ~ Elder D. L. Foster,
Thursday night was electrified by the anointed praise and worship leadership of Supt. Harvey Burnett. This provided an extremely smooth platform upon which Dr. Foster would operate. Using the book of Jude as his text Dr. Foster surgically diagnosed the difference between charlatanism and true ministry, revealing how the "thief" has crept into the church and stolen the goods of God's people through weak leadership and by promising false hopes in exchange for money, illicit sexual favors, homosexual liaisons, and other ungodly lusts. Dr. Foster referenced how Jesus said that his house had become a "den of thieves" as opposed to a house of prayer and used the opportunity to call for a church revolution reminding us that the word Saint was equivalent to one who lived holy, and one striving to be what God called them to be according to his word. He encouraged the church to not partner with the world as the current trend has been from visible leaders all over the country.
Dr. Foster's message was received with great joy as many of the members of New Bethel and conference attendees received special prayer and rededication to service at his hands.
Friday ~ Elder G. Craige Lewis EX Ministries
Friday night was greeted by individuals from areas such as Springfield, Il, Indiana, St. Louis, Danville and Chicago. Delivering his powerful new message "Don't X Me Out" Elder Lewis provided all the ammunition necessary to gun down the devil in our communities. Drawing from previous messages such as "Exodus Into Egypt", Elder Lewis broke down the false alarm of swine flu comparing it to a drop in the bucket compared to the devastation that our community suffers because of the epidemic of abortion (which currently exceeds 1400 per day in the black community) STD's (which are on the rise among black youth in epidemic proportions) Incarceration rates(which are higher than any group in America among black men) and biblical illiteracy, which is promoted by pulpit pimps and charlatans who's only objective is to live better than the people that they serve.
In the message Elder Lewis broke down the sharp contrast of how easily children can secure contraceptives while being restricted from alcohol until age 21 because the law doesn't think they can handle it. He asked "can children handle sex any better?" in this he painted the picture of societal confusion over moral values and how society and the church has further sacrificed their children at the altar and fire of the false god molech.
This was truly and awesome night of power and truth and was received with great joy. Many youth and families came and rededicated their lives to the Lord receiving special prayer and anointing.
Saturday ~ Prayer Breakfast ~ Pastor H. Burnett & Elder D. L. Foster
The final event of Life Changers 2009 was also met with high anticipation and with great joy as the Saints of New Bethel gathered just before 8:00 AM in breakfast fellowship. Afterward, the Saints heard the exposition and encouragements of both Dr. Foster and Pastor Burnett as they spoke on issues of family, sexuality, including homosexuality and how to avoid it, sexual promiscuity and worldly inculturations.
Dr. Foster explained that the church is seemingly in a Laodocian age as it is only interested in self preservation, prosperity and what it can receive. He also explained that the doctrine of inclusion, and lack of truth in dealing with issues has had the most harmful affects on the church and those within the church.
These teachings were followed by encouragements from Pastor Burnett explaining what weapons that the individual and church possesses to eliminate immorality, strengthen the weak and to secure the family. This session was followed by a special anointing and prayer for all of the children in attendance.
Life Changers 2009 was a tremendous event and one that will reap positive benefits in the lives of the attendees for months and even years to come.
Special thanks to Elders Foster and Lewis and all those who contributed to the success of this conference either through attendance, financially or through prayer. May the Lord bless you greatly.


  1. Aiight now, lets have a gathering where we deal with the real issues and the truth is REQUIRED, without execption and without compromise...

    That's what this is about!

  2. Wow! I sure wish I was in the Atlanta area so that I could attend this one. However, I will pray that God will grace you all with a powerful outpour of truth and his Spirit.

  3. ConcernedSaint,

    I'm sorry it wasn't as clear. We'll be in PEORIA, Il. (my home town)that weekend.

    Hopefully you can come. If so please let me know. Thanks and God bless.

  4. Sure wish I could attend this conference. Will the sessions be taped?

  5. Saint James,

    I'm going to do my best to at least get a master for each session. I'm lookig for a good sound crew o travel with us. I'll certainly let everyone know what we're able to produce.

    Thanks and God bless.

  6. Christee G., PeoriaApril 18, 2009 at 11:38 AM

    Praise God that this message is finally coming to Peoria! I introduced my teenagers to The Truth Behind Hip Hop and other messages years ago and it definitely made a difference. However, the message needs to be continually reinforced. I'm excited for the Peoria area to receive this word!

  7. Christee G,

    Thank you for stopping by and we are all in anticipation of an awesome move of God.

    Peoria hasn't been left without a witness however. I've been preaching this message in this city faithfully for a number of years on the radio, in the church and all. Thank God we're getting some assitance and people more than able to address the attacks of the enemy as we continue to grow.

    If your church isn't preaching this message, and you're from the Peoria area, either challenge your pastor to learn it and teach it, and be consistent with it or come ready to be a part and join up with New Bethel where "the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on"...Now that's the TRUTH!

    Thanks, God bless and I look to see you there!


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