Thursday, January 26, 2023

Pt. 2 Phizer...Who Is Jordon Trishton Walker? Exposed By Project Veritas

Continued from Pt.1 evidently when this demon, Jordon Trishton Walker, an alleged Phizer executive found out that he had been duped into spilling the beans on recorded video, he simply exploded.

In a totally unbelievable scenario, Jordon, after revealing that Phizer was engaged in "Directed Evolution" of the COVID virus (formerly known as gain of function research) and a plot to make profits for years to come manipulating COVID in an attempt to both make the public sick and provide a solution or corner the market, didn't pull out any stops in effort to discredit himself.

Claiming that he was being surrounded by White people, that he was lying trying to impress his date, that he was just kidding or joking about what he was saying, Jordon went  in a rage attempting to destroy electronic devices and have investigators arrested for getting him on video and asking him further questions...This probably would have worked in a foreign country, but there is still something called a 1st Amendment in America which even applies to Jordon, who is probably still trying to make up something to explain his absolute stupidity in this case...

Click HERE to see and hear the demon for yourself and watch how the love of money is STILL the root of not only ALL evil, but Phizer's evil and the evil of the scientifically enlightened even in 2023...what a complete mess!


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