Saturday, September 10, 2016

"No culture of accountability"

What does sexual abuse and miscounduct by athletes of Baylor University have to do with sexual abuse and clergy sexual miscounduct in a church? Read on, I'll tell ya:

In an interview with ESPN Sports News, former Baylor University football coach Art Briles explains the legacy that will forever mark his tenure as Baylor head coach because of failure to deal with sexual assault and abuse in a manner that was intense and unyielding. 

To be clear Coach Briles could not possibly stop every choice and action of his players. However, the coach and others in the Baylor system could have done a much better job of responding to sexual abuse allegations and handling the issues that forever shape and change lives of real individuals.

COGIC Election

2016 is the election year in COGIC. For years, I have asked this church to get real and deal with some serious cultural issues as it pertains to how it responds to allegations of sexual abuse and clergy sins. To date, we have done little to make sure that a solid system of accountability is in place and That current offenders are not only reported to legal professionals but are removed from office and positions of responsibility within the church.

While we have candidates that feel that they can lead a church, NONE have said a word about this vitally important issue and the church's standing within the community and the world.

Can COGIC create a "culture of accountability"? Or will it allow the culture to come calling on it and demand better of it? 

Once thing is for sure, similar to Coach Briles, who is an upstanding gentleman by all accounts...if we don't deal with it, it will deal with us...COGIC will not be able to escape based in its name...and you better believe that!!!!


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