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Radiance Says, NAACP = National Association For The ABORTION Of Colored People

I have wondered for years why the Black community seems to be readily accepting of abortion. Statistics say that Black women abort their fetuses to the tune of nearly 1,450 per day since abortion was legalized in 1973.

Although Blacks (men and women) account for approximately 13.2% of the total United States population, they yet account for over 20% of all abortions (11 million out of the estimated 50 million abortions) performed since 1973. 

These are ASTOUNDING numbers!

I contend that historically there may be 2 startling reasons that abortion is such an accepting act among Blacks. I propose that the first may be that Dr. Martin Luther King, the champion of modern civil rights himself, received the Margaret Sanger Award In Human Rights, issued by Planned Parenthood in 1966. At that time, Planned Parenthood lauded Dr. King for lending his voice to "worldwide voluntary family planning" and for:
Coretta King Receives
Sangar Hunmanitarian Award
for Dr. Martin L. King Jr.
"unique qualities of understanding, compassion and bravery, and for his wise and unwavering leadership in securing for all people their basic human right to knowledge, dignity and opportunity that are a fount and principle of Margaret Sanger's life, this award is presented" ~ HERE
The very association of Dr. King to Margaret "EUGENICS NEGRO PROJECT" Sanger is sickening. Here we have a woman that did all she could to limit the growth and development of the Black community in particularly through targeted abortions and other methods, associated with a champion of justice, liberty and equality for the same group of persons that Sanger, through Planned Parenthood, targeted...YUCK!!!! 

Nevertheless, it may be that this "association" is the backdrop of the historical acceptance of abortion among Blacks.


Another reason for the acceptance of abortion among Blacks may be the historic endorsement of a woman's "right to choose" by the NAACP. Recently, the Radiance Foundation referenced and severely criticized the NAACP for its position of "right to choose" by displaying an NAACP 1967 Resolution endorsing "family planning, and a subsequent 2004 Resolution of the NAACP endorsing the 2004 March For Life, in which abortion supporters from around the world marched on Washington DC to demonstrate their support of abortion. 
"Board Chair Julian Bond said, "This is an issue of equal rights, and we are pleased to join those insisting on a woman's right to control her own body." ~ Feb. 2004 NAACP Press Release

In their 2004 endorsement of the pro-abortion movement, the NAACP traced their endorsement of a woman's right to choose (aka: abortion) to the 1920's, and its founder W.E.B. Dubois, in essence equating the abortion issue to an issue of "equal access" as opposed to a moral issue or an issue damaging to the Black community and Black women in particularly. even when exposed the NAACP stood by its rhetoric claiming:
“On the issue of abortion, NAACP has not supported abortion but rather supports a woman’s right to choose. NAACP’s decision not to support abortion has been influenced at least in part by the strong religious values and beliefs held by many of those in its leadership, including leading members of the clergy from across the United States.”
This statement was no more than an equivocation on the issue using semantics to cover up the real truth that the NAACP endorses abortion in the guise of a 'woman's right to choose".

Needless to say, the linking of the NAACP to this issue, by web posts and acronym associations from the Radiance Foundation such as:

National Association For The ABORTION of Colored People

National Association For The Advancement of CERTAIN People
National Association For The AGITATION of Colored People
National Association For The ANIMOSITY of CONSERVATIVE People

were also not welcomed by the NAACP and they wanted vengeance! 

1st Amendments Rights & FREEDOM OF SPEECH UPHELD!

In response to the Radiance Foundation's linking of the NAACP to the message of abortion and shedding light on the issue, the NAACP sued the Radiance Foundation, claiming that Radiance had acted improperly by linking their organization to abortion advocacy. This was in effort to clearly deny the Radiance Foundation's 1st Amendment rights to expose the issue and educate the public that the NAACP was indeed a proponent of abortion under the guise of a "woman's right to choose". It seems that the NAACP simply wanted Radiance, and anyone else,  to basically shut-up...

In an UNANIMOUS May 2015 decision against the NAACP, the Radiance Foundation's rights of freedom of speech were upheld by the court. One can hear the Court Arguments on the issue HERE

KUDOS to the Radiance Foundation for taking a stand for the right of Freedom of speech and against the dearth of abortion which is killing Black America. The Radiance Foundation's victory and timeline can be found HERE

Final Word: INTOLERANCE!!!

Fascism is a governmental polity or system that is authoritarian, and intolerant of alternate views or practices. A fascist can be said to be a person who endorses fascism or one who gives fascism legs. Since they fought opposing views so vehemently, and since they continue to suggest that those who don't agree with their positions are "not really Black" or do not represent the views of Blacks across America, can we ask the question, "Is the NAACP a fascist organization?"

For a group to so vehemently fight against the views and opinions of individuals who "dare" go against what that group wants the public to believe about them, is amazing to me.

Election 2016

Fast Forward to 2016...We have a 2 term Black President that has not only endorsed abortion under the same motif as the NAACP, but one who has promoted and proliferated homosexual rights further than any standing President in American history. We have a pending election and the Democrats are by far endorsing and encouraging either an avowed Socialist (Bernie Sanders) or a Democratic liberal (aka: progressive) Hillary Clinton, who HAS RECEIVED THE ENDORSEMENT OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and who some actually believe endorses values that "represent" Black America...(even though they "pretend' to be mad at her husband for signing a crime bill while in office that they were all aware of before he signed it)

In other words their definition of "America" is not one where there is freedom to voice opinion and freedom to expose truth and discuss things and call people into question and accountability, but their vision is one of subjugation to their agenda whatever their agenda may be. Notice, their agenda is always without or apart from God or objective morality, yet it always includes the acceptance of the church and church leaders

It is based on how they (whomever they are) "feel" about matters and issues, and when there is conflict, all they do is redefine terms to fit the need and then, if all else fails, they threaten their way to the abject silence of all detractors.

Thomas, known as "doubting Thomas" within the Gospels, told his fellow disciples that he would not believe that Jesus had been resurrected unless he saw him and examined his scars for himself. he was not going to believe if he had not personally examined the person of a risen Jesus. According to the gospel of John, nearly 7 to 8 days later, Jesus appeared in the room where the disciples had gathered themselves and challenged John, to examine his scars, to touch his hands, feet and his side, so that he could be convinced that Jesus had actually risen from the dead. (Lk. 24:36-43, Jn. 20: 24-29) 

TRUTH invites examination! The only ones saying "shut-up" and "leave me alone" and don't examine this issue, are individuals who are either demon possessed, like the demoniac(s) at Gadara, or someone who simply doesn't want to be exposed or examined in light of what is really true.

The complete liberal agenda is full of proponents that would trash all rights to preserve their evil deeds...Well, as a drunk once told me...


To that, I say a hearty AMEN!


Dr. MLKJr's Response To The Sanger Humanitarian Award: (Click to enlarge)                  



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