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Doing For Truth What Others Do For A Lie

Recently, Dr. Ben Carson came under criticism for for making an contrasting analogy of the zeal of the terrorist group ISIS to that of the zeal of Patriots who fought for their freedom. Dr. Carson said this:
Dr Ben Carson
"They [ISIS] got the wrong philosophy, but they're willing to die for what they believe, while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness...We have to change that."
Immediately, with headlines such as "Carson likens Islamic State to American Patriots" (HERE) the media began to spin the commentary claiming that Carson was in some way denigrating patriotism and American values, and somehow paralleling the fight for freedom to the blight and deadly misdeeds of terrorists and terrorism.

Our View

The media, primarily the Associated Press, which appears to have created the headline, should be ashamed of themselves. Anyone informed about Dr. Carson's political position and the terror threat of ISIS can readily understand that Dr. Carson was correct in his assertion...that we, that live in freedom seeking peace, truth and righteousness, are only challenged by our laziness and reluctance to engage the culture. Many of us who know the truth, have caved and cowered to a culture of super sensitivity, political correctness, and social conformity.

Different Day

Christian comforts and acceptance are the values most embraced by many modern Christians and Christian groups. We need to be at the "center" of the arguments. In other words, we can't stand out as those who are willing to be different and those willing to make a difference. Our desire all too often is to be accepted by the culture. However, the culture runs contrary to the word of God. It cannot be reconciled with God, nor can the culture be harmonized with God and his ways. 

Is. 55:9 ~ For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

There is a certain set of humanly righteous thoughts and patterns of behavior that stroke our human egos. Upon close examination we find that many of those humanly acceptable moral values, fly directly in the face of God and his word and are contrary to his nature. The acceptance of homosexual values is one of those things that fly in the face of God. Like any other sin, homosexuality is a sin. But to take homosexual acceptance to another level by claiming that the bible is either silent or endorsing of homosexual sin, is even another height of evil and perversion that those who are accepting of the sin are willing to believe and promote in almost every venue within the church. 

Asking The Question Is Good, As Long As We Trust The Answer...

Pope Francis
Unlike anything the Church Of God In Christ has ever done, (in fact they try their best to distance themselves from the whole issue of homosexual acceptance within the church, as I have documented HERE) the Roman Catholic church leadership recently raised questions regarding homosexuals and their "place" within the church. More than likely this was in response to Pope Francis' comments in which he stated that he was no "judge" if someone was gay and seeking the Lord with "good will". 

In their Relatio post disceptationem released during a synod of Bishops, they, (the Catholic leadership) raised several questions and points of discussion by stating:
“Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community,” 
Since homosexuals are people and in many cases nice and good people, the fact that they also have "gifts and qualities" is not nor ever has been in question. In fact within the Black gospel arena and industry of entertainment, we have known that for years. Gay singers, directors and even preachers align our pulpits, living their sinful lifestyle under cover if not openly and in plain sight and unquestioned by their peers. Only recently have many of these individuals decided to come out of the closet demanding the church to accept them and their sins along with their gifts and talents.

However, and I am glad that the Catholic leaders did not stop there, they go on to ask:
“Are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a Church that offers them a welcoming home. Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?”
Certainly these questions are worthy of asking. The comments were immediately viewed as a softening on the issue of homosexual sin, but they are only questions that every community of faith should ask in light of the word of God and the truth of scripture. To me, this is the part that is lacking in their investigation...the lining up of practice with SCRIPTURE as opposed to "Catholic Doctrine on the family and matrimony". 

The problem exists when we deny or subvert truth in order to make men feel comfortable and accepted. The homosexual lobby has worked hard and diligently creating a conundrum of feelings and emotions among Christians, to try to make their sin acceptable within the church and culture. They are more than willing to take all kinds of heat to perpetuate their sins and the ultimate lie that God has deceived men by placing some women in male bodies and vice-versa, and further that those men and women, can by some means, align themselves in truth and be used by God to lead his children. Such sentiments in no way resemble the truth!

Doing For The TRUTH What Other Do For A Lie

Hank Hanegraaf
CRI's Bible Answer Man Broadcast Host
CRI head and Bible Answer Man host, Hank Hanegraaf, often asks on his Bible Answer Man broadcast, "Are You Willing To Do For The Truth What Others Are Willing To Do For A Lie?" His question drives the point home that cults and cultists are often willing to give and do everything possible to continue their apostate and deceptive enterprises, while those who hold and know the truth often back down, sit down and say nothing, many times for fear or reprisal and fear of not being popular.

We see them often and certainly know who they are. Above and beyond those who promote and seek to normalize the sin of homosexuality, they are abhorrent groups such as the Mormons and Jehovah's Witness, who preach a Jesus "similar" to the Jesus of the bible,  but don't preach the Jesus of the Bible who is not only a man, but also God in preexistence, an uncreated being who was never an angel. These groups show up at the door to convert anyone and everyone they can to their belief systems and as often as you open the door and read their transliterations and prophetically false books, they continue to try all they can to convert you to their beliefs. 

Then there are the patently false prophets, who, by the droves, get on TV and satellite radio in effort to deceive many, with doctrinal sensationalism, while they collect money to pad and line their pockets. The complaint from those of us looking on, often times, is not the wealth that is amassed or the enterprise created to reach individuals, the problem is the deceit, false claims, gerrymandering of truth and simple false presentation of biblical truth that these deceptive leaders use upon their followers. It is these "false prophets" that are more than certainly condemned and that will be found "wanting" in the balance of God's judgement. 

However, with all of that said, the compliment, if it can be called that, that can be given to the devil, is that he is trying every day to do his dirty, nasty, and filthy enterprise of deceit. In other words, he is faithful to his work. He is diligent.  

But what of the church? Are we as diligent for TRUTH as the devil is diligent for deceit? What of the Church? Do we believe what we read, say, and teach?

Are we willing to take a stand against the homosexual lobby even within the church? Are we willing to stand against abortion, under-education, violence and political conformity and inaction? Are we willing to STAND for the truth no matter the costs in a society and unjust word that loves the sins that they embrace? 

For sure, sin and those who promote sin and evil don't take a day off for their causes and for their ungodliness. Why should we take off, in light of the fact that this TRUTH is the only thing that will change the world that we live in for the better and prepare people to meet their God in truth and peace?

Wake up church...We DARE not stop now!!!

Gal. 6:9 ~ And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Are YOU willing to do for the TRUTH what others do for a lie?


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