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McCulloch, STUPIANI & HOW!

Rudy Stupiani on CNN New Day
Partner In The Firm McCulloch, Stupiani & How!
The former Mayor of New York, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani better known as Rudy Guiliani or Rudy "STUPIANI" on this blog until further notice, not only inserted his foot in his mouth and ate crow with his over the top, ignorant and racist rant against Michael Eric Dyson over the weekend, but continued to display his complete arrogance and utter ignorance through cunningly and meticulously devised fables aimed at appealing to the White "power right" base which were eager to hear him lie, and deceive in effort to get Black people "told". 

Ooh it was easy for STUPIANI to do this because he had an audience ready to swallow his racist, ranting and insults. I mean paint the picture, Blacks in America are out of control...Blacks can't obey the law...Blacks kill one another at epidemic rates...all of which demands that White man, along with tax dollars, have to rescue the world from Blacks right? 

The Backdrop

Although I have already examined and determined that this IS "Open season" on Black men, (WHICH HAS BEEN AFFIRMED WITH THE NON-INDICTMENT OF OFFICER DARREN WILSON) I wanted to take the time to say that STUPIANI'S words were especially poignant and displayed further contempt in light of the totally backwards, cartoon like, nightmarish, and bumbled Grand Jury efforts (if it can be called an effort at all) of the lead prosecutor of STL. County, Robert McCulloch who was sworn to protect the public's interest. 

Robert McCulloch
Although McCulloch has been hailed by his peers, especially them from New York, (would ya have guessed?) for his "top notch" handling of the case in such a "professional manner", one can easily see that his efforts were anything but top notch or professional. It can be readily known that anyone with a modicum of reasonableness can understand that the case, which was supposed to be on behalf of Michael Brown and his family, was destined for failure from day one, and would not see the light of day in a courtroom because the Prosecutor also, mysteriously, became the defense attorney playing both sides, focusing on discrediting witnesses that HE himself presented! LOL!!!!! Can you believe this???

I mean get this, the States Attorney's job is simply to present evidence detrimental to the defense and raise the level of interest and suspicion in order to at least secure a trial indictment. Instead, this cracker-jack box "prosecutor"  discredits his own witnesses, focuses on and supports the killer who said initially that he was struck 8 times by Michael Brown, only to reduce it to 2 times under oath, (without a single ORBITAL BLOWOUT FRACTURE!) focuses on ONE witness, Witness #10, who initially claimed that he/she saw "everything clearly" from "100 yards away" only to RECANT and modify that testimony, like Darren Wilson under oath in the Grand Jury room, claiming at that he saw everything clearly from "50 to 75 yards away" as opposed to his initial 100 yards away.  


1- Under oath officer Darren Wilson somehow either forgot about or lost 6 blows from his original statements, reducing the number of hits he supposedly received from Michael "the Hulk Hogan figure with demon eyes" Brown from 8 to 2.

2- Under oath Witness #10, although he can't remember too much, remembers that he somehow was closer than his original 100 yard distance, by some nearly 50 yards "clearly" seeing it all at least half a football field away...

3- Prosecutor McCulloch, for some strange reason only known to him, excludes all testimony that does not align with officer Darren Wilson's testimony and Witness #10's account. McCulloch even excludes and picks apart witness testimony that HE himself presented to the Grand Jury in "effort" to get the case thrown out...I mean an indictment. 

4- Prosecutor McCulloch then offers an impromptu defense of his affirmative defense of the person he was supposed to be prosecuting, all with a complete rationalization of why the case cannot continue, even claiming that some of the witnesses that he presented lied under oath without any repercussion...

If a LIFE had not been MURDERED in this ordeal, you could call McCulloch's handling of the case the COMEDY SHOW of the year, and give McCulloch an actor's guild award for his "attempt" to disguise his need to both handle the Michael Brown case differently than all others partly because it was a "police shooting", and play to his friends because it seems that the wealthy White authority and establishment has been used to doing what it wants to do in legal cases against Blacks in general and certainly so in this case! 

Then There's STUPIANI

The only thing worse than the deliberate attempt to play the public as ignorant by pretending to "protect" us through enslaving us through the misuse of laws and imprisonment, is the further deliberate attempt to, with malice, forethought and bogus information, paint the entire Black community as lawless, out of control and in need of a 'keeper" to keep us from all the evils that we consistently perform. This was and continues to be the essence of STUPIANI's assertion.

For some reason, STUPIANI has decided to take his case of lies, innuendo, half baked truths to the forefront of the debate over the racial injustice contained within the so called criminal justice system and the Michael Brown decision specifically.  Like an overzealous and unstudied evangelist, STUPIANI is inserting his foot in his mouth while at the same time growing a nose that Pinocchio would certainly be ashamed of. Here's an example: 


On 11/25/14 on CNN New Day STUPIANI continued to recite, as he had done with Dyson on Meet The Press, that Black people are the number one threat to the lives of other Black people by stating:

"93% of Blacks killed are killed by other Blacks" 

In other words, STUPIANI is suggesting that since a White police killing a Black person is an "exceptional" event and out of the norm, we should be more worried about why Blacks are killing other Blacks instead of why a White police officer killed a Black teen...In other words, the entire argument over why Michael Brown is dead is over the top. 

What STUPIANI did not say...

What STUPIANI did not say, and did not expect us "out of control Black folk" to know, or research, is that that the same report (The 2013 FBI Uniform Crime Report) to which he refers, also says, 

"84% of Whites killed are killed by White offenders" 

In other words, most White folk are killed at the hands of other White folk. 

The breakdown goes further to state that 14% of White victims are killed by Black offenders and 7.6% of Black victims are killed by White offenders. Why leave out such important information to place the statement in context? I think the answer is clear...STUPIANI, playing to his audience who want to justify the killing of Blacks for whatever reason, wants mis-information to shape actions, attitudes, fear and ultimately the behavior of his base. Who is his base? Mostly White America who has come to love and listen to the former Mayor who "helped us survive through terrorist attacks".  This is America's mayor and "he certainly can't be wrong" right???? Yea sure!

What else did STUPIANI fail to say? 

Well it seems that it only gets worse for STUPIANI from there. He also failed to mention that a ProPublica report entitled "Deadly Force In Black & White" states that current FBI statistics affirm that Black persons are 21 times more likely to be killed by the police than their White counterparts. The article referring to the report also says the following:
"There were 151 instances in which police noted that teens they had shot dead had been fleeing or resisting arrest at the time of the encounter. 67 percent of those killed in such circumstances were black. That disparity was even starker in the last couple of years: of the 15 teens shot fleeing arrest from 2010 to 2012, 14 were black.
Did police always list the circumstances of the killings? No, actually, there were many deadly shooting where the circumstances were listed as "undetermined." 77 percent of those killed in such instances were black." 
Ooh, one more thing...good ole New York HAS NOT FILED the fatal police shooting report from which this information can be obtained since 2007.  


The next and even more offensive assertion that STUPIANI makes is to present the complete fabrication that most murders, in fact 70% to 75%  of all murders, committed in NYC are committed by Blacks. He specifically states:
"The amount of crime within the Black community is excessive. 70 to 75% of the murders in New York City are committed by Blacks."
Now, one has to consider the source of such a comment. Are there numbers that support that Blacks are out of control murders, and that NYC is somehow an anomaly to the rest of the nation, factual? According to most reports, crime, based on sheer numbers, is equally shared both by Blacks and Whites. Blacks kill at no higher rates nationally than Whites. So where does STUPIANI get his insight from? 

Wouldn't you know that it comes from another New York White elitist...The former NYC police Commissioner Ray Kelly. A 2013 NY Daily News Online article sites Kelly defending his "stop and frisk" policy and stating:
“About 70% to 75% of the people described as committing violent crimes — assault, robbery, shootings, grand larceny — are described as being African-American.
...HOLD UP...

????? DID YOU SEE THAT ?????

Let me write it again:

"The amount of crime within the Black community is excessive. 70 to 75% of the murders in New York City are committed by Blacks."
Kelley, more than likely the source for STUPIANI'S statement said:
“About 70% to 75% of the people described as committing violent crimes — assault, robbery, shootings, grand larceny — are described as being African-American.
Now, PLEASE tell me you saw and understood that....STUPIANI refers to no source for his statements. In fact Kelly does not refer to a source either. Both simply throw something out. Only STUPIANI changes the statement from "violent crimes" to "murder", further accrediting Black folk for NYC's most devastating types of crime which is murder. 

Of a SURETY we know there are murderers both Black & White in NYC and everywhere for that matter, however, I find it hard to believe that murder would be down nearly 75% in NYC if it weren't for those murderous Black folk. I mean its like an Anti-Purge ("All Hail The New Founding Fathers" right???) 

What we have is a flat out LIE perpetuated on the public by a man who wants to be President so bad he can taste it and by one who simply loves all the attention that he can get. This is further embraced by racists and those who fear Black folk and have no clue about Black culture. For them, the Black family or individual living next door is despised, yet alone the one working with them in the workplace. 

STUPIANI says that he didn't make his statements out of a "racial motivation" but as a "FACTUAL" statement. This is why he earns and deserves the name STUPIANI! His whole "White Night" rant is beyond ridiculous. 

Conclusion, Case Closed!

Yes, America has a problem with both crime and enforcement. Out of all developed countries in the world, America imprisons more of its people than any other nation on earth. Many of those imprisoned are there because of mental health issues as well, which significantly adds to the overall prison population. We remain one of the only nations that imprisons its mentally ill by the droves. So yes, we have a problem, both with behavior and enforcement.

However, for STUPIANI, to say that the problems in NYC and in the country can be laid at the feet of Black people is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY over the top and cannot be borne out by examination of statistics or facts....

I know that there are some class 1 A racists that will read this and hate it even more, but get off your high horse and realize what we're dealing with is an unregenerate nature. It's called SIN and it is alive and kicking in the heart of men and mankind. As long as SIN exists man will need a savior. One things is for sure, people such as STUPIANI do not help and or add to the equation and those who support those like him and statements such as his are clueless and cannot offer a solution because they are blinded by self and hate. 

This Black man is proud to be Black and proud of my fellow Black & White friends who are actively part of the solution of this nations ills and bring it everyday to make a difference in the lives of all men and women. For the cause of CHRIST we continue to fight. We don't need to "pretend" that anyone's sins are greater than the other, for ALL sin stinks in the nostrils of God! 


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  1. Fact of the matter is that I doubt the assessment of Kelly that 70 to 75% of violent crimes in NYC are committed by Blacks. They are nuts! They offer no whole numbers of proof for their assertions. I DO believe that Blacks are target more often and more regularly than Whites and any numbers suggesting that Blacks are more regular criminals in NYC are based on that increased effort to harass them under the law.

    Current NYC Commissioner Bratton, says that Kelly went way over the top with "stop and frisk" and created a low morale in the entire department with his excessive policies. I don't know that I like Bratton's policies either, because he loves the "broken windows" policing theory, which I believe contributes to the death of Black men in particularly when they engage in law enforcement. But what I am saying is that none of these folk offer proof for their assertions. They simply cater to their base and say things that get them excited and affirm or confirm their fears.


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