Saturday, August 16, 2014

Constitutional Protection Of Ferguson Protesters SHOT DOWN!

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon allowed whom he described as "a very few" and "hand full of looters" to trump the Constitutional rights of the thousands gathered together in peaceful protests and assembly in Ferguson, MO. in response to the Michael Brown murder. 

In what was one of the most contentious press conferences that I've ever witnessed, the Governor gave away the Constitutionally protected rights of peaceful citizens to some opportunist crooks under the guise of community "safety". Some, including the Governor, have been duped into believing that this should have been done to settle the crowd down and to place parameters on protest. Only that is a violation of the law for peaceable protest...I and many others say...ARREST those responsible for the crimes, BUT begin with the crime committed by the officer who killed a young man with his hands raised! 

At this time however, there is still no statement from the police as to any potential charges that could be leveled against the officer. "It is still under investigation" is the phrase to wart off any possible demand for acquisition of the individual suspected to have killed Michael Brown. On the other hand, what there has been are pictures and statements that implicate Michael Brown and call his character into question saying that he was a "man on the run" looking to start trouble with the police over cigarillos that he reportedly stole from the store prior to his death. This is said to have placed him in an "offensive" mindset, whereby he would have attacked the a modern day, Al Capone, John Dillinger or Pretty Boy Floyd....We are to believe that Michael Brown was willing to establish a lifelong criminal record over some cigarillos....OK...SURE!!!!

As the family continues their quest for justice, we find that we are following the same path as the highly publicized case of Trayvon Martin's family in their quest for justice. Once again, we wait for anyone to even admit that something was wrong when a person gets shot multiple times from a distance with their hands up in a surrender position. Further, what we have also found out is that Michael was blocked from getting any type of medical care. Yes, there was a RN on site that begged police to allow her to tend to the victim...she was prohibited from doing anything and yet Michael's body lay in the street over 45 minutes.

Then YOU think that citizens, fed up with it all should just, "go home" and "calm down"? R U Serious?   

Citizens of Ferguson WE STAND with you! 



  1. The arguments mostly upheld by the White media has been that we believe that "the officer was racist and was bent on killing a Black man!" While some may believe that, I DO NOT. I have no evidence of that other than the fact of the killing and even that is circumstantial.

    I believe the officer made a drastic and very bad mistake and may have even acted out of anger. The problem is that he is given a significant weight of trust and accountability. certainly more than the check he receives, BUT the fact is that he has a gun and certain authority and the public is unarmed. That is a great weight and folk in that position SHOULD BE those filled with the most gravity of mind and conscience in and under all circumstance. You can't say, when a bullet leaves the chamber "we're all human!"...That is the case, but a bullet leaving the chamber does so for a specific purpose and could take the life of anyone it hits whether intentionally or not.

    The problem that folk like me and millions of other have here is the processing of the whole event. This breeds and incubates the thought of racism. Here we go:

    1- Michael Brown is shot (6 TIMES) and killed by police
    2- His body is laid in the street for 4 hours. Immediate medical assistance denied (noone knew that he was dead, BUT the shooting officer)
    3- The police make no statement for days
    4- Police make a statement claiming that the officer was a "fine" officer and one with an impeccable" service record.
    5- Protests are met with violence by police in riot gear with weapons trained on the crowd
    6- When police do make a statement, they deliver information designed to denigrate and impugn the character of the slain individual. When asked why, he simply stated that the public "asked for it". No mention of the findings from the "investigation" are.
    7- The Governor, instead of delivering information regarding the killing and the "investigation", limits protests on the issue based on a "hand-full of looters"and a "very few" that don't abide by the Constitutionally protected right of assembly and protest in our free society.
    8- They deliver vital information under the cover of night, saying that 6 shots killed Michael Brown. Then proceed to call in the National Guard to "restore order".

    Now, in NONE of that has ANY charge been brought against anyone. The White officer remains on administrative PAID leave and the department has not addressed the family a single time.

    Does ANYONE, in any sort of good and or rational conscience, believe that ANY of this would have been handled this way if this boy was a White kid?

    I'd like to know THAT for certain....

  2. The Prosecutor, supposedly working on behalf of "the people" allowed Darren Wilson to testify 4 hours before the Grand Jury. Now, he promises that if the officer is not charged that he will make grand jury testimony public if he can. What about if he is prosecuted and the "state" looses? There is so much MESS in this it is totally unbelievable and cannot be trusted.


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