Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bishop (Evangelist) S.E. Mitchell...Ooh YES...We Remember!

Thank God for this man and his ministry. This is why I can't get with this modern church and their dried out, wanna be version of holiness and the gospel...far to tied up with the world...

Once you have enjoyed the TRUTH of holiness, with the power of the Holy Ghost, there is no turning back. This man was DEAD, Mr critic, and came back to life at the call of his wife in Jesus name! He preached with affliction and was anointed with POWER!

Call me a traditionalist if you wish, say that the age of holiness has passed, but I got news for you...heaven and earth will pass away but HIS WORD, shall last forever!

What the Bishop , Evangelist, said and asked is certainly true:
"We have to be an example...what kind of example are we setting?"

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed!!!

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