Thursday, March 7, 2013

Open "Confessions", Ebony Style

Well this is a scandalous day to say the least. it seems that every week something new is being revealed or coming to the surface regarding certain persons and those who you thought were your "greatest" ministry personality. There are numerous reasons for this. first, God ALONE is the only one due worship and allegiance. God is certainly reminding us that all "flesh is as grass" (Isa. 40:6, 1 Pet. 1:24), no one is to be worshiped or exalted but HIM. 

With that said, and speaking of "scandal", in a story carried by none other more rigorously than Mr. Obnoxious himself, William G. McCray, it seems that the often worshiped founder of Empowerment Temple, Jamal Bryant, has made an open confession in response to a March 2013 editorial of Ebony Magazine. In the article Ebony set forth an examination of modern day scandals referring to the event which allegedly dissolved Jamal's marriage. Reportedly, Jamal not only committed adultery with a younger member of  his church, he also fathered a child with her. She was later reportedly escorted out of the sanctuary when confronting Jamal about the issue in front of the church.

In a statement (below) the "Alpha Pimp" confesses to "participating" in an affair (what does that mean???) and doing most of the damage, but also claims that Ebony and others are doing even more damage. Well, yes, he did it, and nearly everything else. EXCEPT that, according to him, there were ever any other "minors" involved other than his own children. So that whole incident can be put to rest. (OK...yea, right...)

The Confession

Here's his statement and confession:  
For 67 years, Ebony Magazine has been the drum beat for culture in the African American community. John Johnson its beloved founder dedicated his life to safe guarding our image with great integrity.
The March 2013 edition has left a hole in my heart. On page 124 they published that it’s alleged I impregnated a 17-year-old member of my church. This accusation is categorically and completely untrue. To publish this with absolutely no source lends itself to reckless endangerment to my children, my congregation and my community.
Ebony is not the National Enquirer. A higher standard is required and the statement jeopardizes my ministry to the youth in my church and community. So it is on moral grounds that a retraction is necessary.
In 2007 I participated in an extramarital affair that resulted ultimately in the termination of my marriage to my incredible wife Gizelle. NO minors were involved but my minor children have been affected. I don’t want them to have to live through any further unnecessary pain.
Matthew 18:15 say’s if your brother has sinned against you go and tell him his fault. I solicit your continued prayers for my family, forgiveness for myself and accountability from Ebony magazine.
Flawed but faithful. I remain,
Jamal- Harrison Bryant
(A Father and Pastor)

So what Jamal is saying (or not saying) is that all the reports were accurate except for the report of him impregnating a 17 year old member. he also suggests that anyone making inaccurate statements are lending to the hurt and stability of his family and all involved. 

Now Isn't That A True Pimp Move?
To try to convince YOU that YOU are the cause of the problem for having and formulating your own opinions based on what he did? 

Now, don't get me wrong, there is a whole host of internet conversation on what happened and all of that. I am not in that and never been to Empowerment Temple, am not nor have ever been "blessed" by Bryant's ministry and have not and do not care to meet him personally except that he is willing confess, pray and repent. No one who was there, has ever called or emailed me to share their personal story, and I am not looking for such verification, but I (and we) can look at what he said for himself. 

The Real Issue

The problem is NOT forgiveness or the ability to forgive. Neither is the church to blame nor is anyone else looking on as "Mr. Alpha" seems to suggest. The problem is the attitude that anyone else can do more damage to him and his family than he has already done, and the utter lack of accountability, correction and redirection. 

Yes, this is tough. It's not easy when sins are dragged out before the world. It's even more tough to realize that you have failed and disgraced God, family, the church and community...but it is down right arrogance that blames those who see and know it for making you feel "uncomfortable" or for telling what they know.

This leads to what the modern minister feels is "good enough" so far as repentance is concerned. For them, anyone "talking" (at least those not saying what they want to hear) is "negative" and is not being godly. The onlookers and the ones who have paid their tithe, and faithfully and diligently served, are at fault when they demand a full accounting and a better standard. These are tricks of the "alpha pimp" trade. under the theme that the "mission" is greater than any sin that one can commit, those seems to expect to simply go on, bypass an accounting for self and sin and blame those that are disturbed by the sins claiming that they are somehow at fault. This type of response is almost as big of, if not even more, of a lie than the original sinful and dastardly acts that led to the incidence.

Now, Jamal claims that those talking are making it difficult for his family, when the truth is that he didn't care about any of that at the time he looked over his congregation and chose an illicit lover. There is absolutely no one that will have a greater concern and care for his children than he does. evidently he didn't care, why and how does he expect Ebony, McCray or anyone else to care?

The problem is not failure. Certainly we have all sinned in one form or another. The problem is the arrogance in dealing with it and blaming others for our sins. It seems that if others don;t tell the story, we will tell it ourselves, because the TRUTH simply must be told. One thing is for sure, the word of God is right:

Luke 12:2-32-For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. 3-Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

May the LORD have mercy on us all as we kneel down, bowing our soul and seeking HIS face!!!!!


photo: Courtesy The Jasmine Brand


  1. Just saw this.

    They say it was an apology but from what I read Ebony was just clarifying why they put the affair in the magazine.

  2. Yes, I saw that. It really wasn't an apology as much as an explanation of what they did. They said they weren't interested in the validity of the accusation as much as the accusation itself. He comes along and gives credence to their article with the exception of the one part. the whole thing is sad.


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