Monday, July 16, 2012

CFR Exposed On Word His Way

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Pastor Harvey Burnett will be one in a panel of featured guests on the Word His Way Blogtalk Radio broadcast, hosted by Pastor Saiko Woods on Thursday July 19th 7:30 PM CST.  Click the Blogtalk Radio link above to hear the program right now...

The show will be open to guests and callers, and Dunamis readers are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The call in number is 858.365.5507.

Sounding The Alarm!

The topic is "Churchfolkradio Exposed Pt. 2 ~ The Saga Continues". The discussion will be a followup to a previous  conversation regarding an internet group called Church Folk Revolution, which among other things, in recent days, promoted sex outside of marriage as a viable behavior for believing Christians. 

In fact, speaking in the context of sexual purity, in a broadcast entitled, "Saved, Single, And Having Sex" 6/4/2012, one of their primary and most vocal teachers claimed that God spoke to him saying, 

"You can't pray away what you're supposed to hump away"

This is simply the tip of the iceberg. Pt. 1 of this conversation was conducted by Pastor Tetaun Moffett of Exministries on The Moment Of Truth Internet broadcast. I will post a link to a portion of that conversation when one is available.



  1. These Charlatans should be exposed for their blatant misrepresentation of Christ and Him crucified!!

    They're cancerous to those that are NOT established, grounded & settled in the truth of God's word. Seemingly for the sake of being Politically Correct and inoffensive!

    But guess what?.............The Gospel seperates, while those that are friends of this world are at enmity to The LORD!!

  2. sister monet

    I unfortunately am not surprised that such a group exists. I think they are the extreme of a belief that exists in varying shades in many denominations.

    I just recently started dating a pastor who is cogic and an older guy...I am a cogic girl to the bone and have many family members who are pastoring. I received strict warning the day I met him, from God, to not marry him, which I should have interpreted that dating him is not a good idea either, but as disobedient as I am, I hesitantly went on.... From the only three dates I've been out with him, you wouldn't believe the kind of sexual innuendos and language to he used. He would always say 'I'm a very sexual person'--like something off of Oprah--Of course, I would be like, 'Aren't you a pastor?" ...He was always touching and kissing me--which is weird for somebody you barely know. I am younger than he is and had trouble telling him no...

    On our last date, when he finally mentioned that we should make our way to a hotel or my apartment and God will forgive us, I just figured I wouldn't stay around for the closing credits. It was unbelievable! And as I asked him many times, if you believe that sex before marriage is okay and pardonable, what are you telling your young people? And better yet, what other 'camels' are you swallowing? It was just a huge eye-opener and a major blow to me spirtually, to find out personally, that some men of the cloth are no different from the man in the street.... What I remember is that he would always say, "We have got to remember God is a god of grace--he says. And he would always say that everybody has struggles. Everybody messes up sometimes...A doctrine of demons, I tell ya, but it is very prevalent in varying degrees in the pews as well as pulpits...I'm still heartbroken from the experience...I was assaulted by sex spirits for weeks afterwards--yep, the Lord allowed me to see their faces and filthy bodies...The Lord showed me this week, that if I continued with him, it would have been the certain death of my gifts...I just want to thank God that I missed that bullet!!

  3. For those who want to see how some of the most vocal proponents of this group responded to being exposed, you can simply go HERE

    Brings this to mind:

    Prov. 9:8-10 ~ "8-Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee. 9-Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. 10-The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding."

    True to the form of the unrepentant. They will go down with the ship...

  4. AMEN to the previous comments!!!!! If more people would speak out against this heretical group of wolves then their ministry would fall. Thank God for all of you who are faithful to the text and exposing them for who they truly are. The sad thing is now people like Kevin Oliver go around spreading lies about Pastor Woods because he didn't like being exposed for the lying heretic that he is. Bro Burnett hit it on the head with Prov 9:8-10. When you reporve a scoffer they hate you and that verse is proven in how scoffers are trying to discredit Pastor Woods name.

    The blessing is that God is faithful and will repay every man for their deeds good and bad. In the end these people will fall under the righteous judgement of a Holy God and they brought it on themselves and they cannot say they have not been warned.

  5. I listened to this archived broadcast twice and I though it was enlightening on how they dealt with the issue of the "Revolution." I listened to several broadcasts and I get the feeling that some of these individuals may have been hurt by the church or caught up in a dysfunctional ministry. One good thing they do is that they do call out the "prosperity pimps, " however, they use a bad approach in dealing with these issues. They have a website,, where they give their commentary on church issues, some of it hostile to the local church. Pagan Christianity was referenced in the show and I have read that book before. Viola did a guest interview on the show a few weeks ago. Church Folk Revolution is the umbrella entity for several podcasts facilitated by several members of the group. My hope is that they truly understand where Pastor Woods was coming from and stop the hostility.

    1. Haven't heard a word from these people since the broadcast and exposure of dealing with the issue and that is a good thing. Their confusion is deafening.

      Y'u-know, it's one thing to disagree with what we see happening in the modern church. I mean I see and disagree with a lot. i spell that out on the blog. However, it's another thing to deconstruct the church, as Viola does, and to diminish the church's mission to the world. In spite of charlatans, the church is the most effective method of spreading the gospel and disciple(ing) individuals. We can all debate about the size, the mission, the activities etc of the church, but the church is NOT just one individual. It is the body of believers. That body is organized and in order, and that needs instruction. Jesus is the head of it. But he has called individuals to work in tandem with the body to perform his mission.

      When you have people that simply focus on the failure, then change what the bible says to accommodate their belief or what they have experienced, it is a sad thing. CFR's disagreement with anyone pronouncing that truth whether pastor or not is a sad reality of the "leftovers" that have been chewed up and spit out by this thing that we call church, but that is more or less a secular entity or business.

      So I hope that they can understand that one doesn't "throw out the baby with the bathwater". The baby is worth saving and it must be cleaned up. In this case, god will clean his church. All he needs us to do is stand in the truth...THIS (the CHURCH) belongs to HIM...he bought it with his blood and he knows how to handle it...


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