Monday, December 26, 2011

~ Banned ~ By Radio One

Music World Music, founded by Matthew "The Baby Is Yours" Knowles, has been listed in a lawsuit brought by Cathy Hughes of TV One. According to EurWeb:
"Mathew Knowles’ Music World Music is listed in the lawsuit because his company brokered the deal for the Essence Music Festival broadcast with TV One. His company is being accused of re-issuing the content BET, MTV and BET’s Centric Network despite TV One’s four-year exclusivity agreement."
As a result of the action,  the sister company of TV One, Radio One, who owns at least 12 of the larger gospel music radio stations across the country, has pulled ALL Music World Music Artists from their rotation which has been the primary resource for the promotion of Music World Music Artists. Here's a report from a certain anonmyous source:
Matthew Knowles & Kathy Hughes
“All Radio One personnel were told to pull all Music World artists out of rotation immediately and indefinitely! We were told that the mandate came straight from Ms. Hughes and that there would be ramifications for anyone playing or mentioning a Music World artist or song on air,” 
You Betta Have My Money! 

The news is that not only does this show a continued lack of integrity by the chief executive of Music World, Radio One's actions also directly effect both Music World Music's and the artists ability to sell units and ultimately earn an income.  

Airtime is still the number one method by which artists are heard and by which sales are ultimately made, and to be banned from such a large analog and digital internet venue will have an effect potentially of epic proportions on the artists which Music World Music represents. 

Although one may think that this effects the secular artists and music to which Matthew Knowles is tied to by name recognition, such as Beyonce or either one of the Destiny Child spin-offs, there is nothign further from the truth. You see Music World Music is the 5th largest Gospel music Label in America, and claims to have been in gospel music for over 10 years now. In addition 90% of the radio promotions for its artists are done through Radio One. So ultimately, it is the gospel artists themselves who are be banned from the radio air waves. 

Music World Music Gospel Artists Include:

Le'Andria Johnson &
Amber Bullock
There are more than a few of some of the more popular personalities who depend upon Music World Music for the promotion of their CD's and projects. Some of them include, Juanita Bynum, Trin-I-Tee 5:7, Brian Courtney Wilson, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Micah Stampley and new  “Sunday Best” winners Le’Andria Johnson and Amber Bullock. 

So this is a very important issue for both old and new artists looking to at least keep a small portion of an ever decreasing market share of gospel music. It's important to the bottom line. How much exposure can the artist receive with Music World Music and ultimately how much money can be made?

Bad Businsess Move, Greed Or Plain Ole Laziness

Juanita Bynum II
Remember in our story, "We Are Crying For You Juanita II...What A Mess" Juanita II said that Mr. Knowles was one of the most wise business persons that she knew. She stated this:
"...when you join wisdom, with gift and talent and the anointing you have power. And I was honored that he immediately recognized the anointing on my life and the God on my life and his press is, "the world has got to hear this" and he didn't come trying to make me anything but who I already was..."
She then went on to say that Mr. Knowles was going to help her evangelize the world:
"his wisdom recognizes the anointing and the gift that I have, so now the two of us joined together will be messengers around the world."
Although Mr. Knowles views it as an opportunity to expand and gain some new relationships with stations that neither he nor his company previously sought, it seems that Mr. Knowles realizes that his move was anything but wise, and now he has to go back to work to salvage his brand and his artists:
“We didn’t, as a company, we didn’t focus as much. (on other venues)  And that was a mistake on our part as a label,  It’s allowed us to give our focus to the entire radio community fully rather than just putting a lot of eggs in one basket. Not that we overlooked the other ones. We never would overlook them. It’s just that we didn’t focus as much as we should and we didn’t build those relationships as strongly as we should."...“It’s an opportunity for us. In the 20 years, we’ve always thought outside the box and it’s been real successful for us,”...“I’m so happy to be able to understand AM radio better and continue to build relationships with all gospel stations. So it’s been an opportunity for us.”
Now, please keep this in mind, Juanita II said that her "prophetic gift" gives her the ability to discern the "times" for the people of God, allowing her to express what God is doing "in the earth realm" while simultaneously stating that she only knows "in part". (which is merely a biblical cover for when the unexpected happens) But the part that she did know did not allow her to discern the integrity of Matthew Knowles some years ago, when he destroyed his family, or the "actions" of Matthew Knowles violating his contractual agreement with TV One. Neither could she discern his ethic of placing all of his business efforts in one venue both of which would have its effect on her CD sales and her world evangelism at the hands and direction of Matthew Knowles (we'll discuss more on the modern FALSE prophets in an upcoming post) But I would really like to look at the following issue: 
Angel Taylor & Chanelle Haynes
Trin-I-Tee 5:7

Can The World & The Gospel Artist Walk Together?

Amos 3:3 ~ "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"

Can a person who is not saved or a company which is directed under Christian leadership, properly represent gospel artists? Now I know that many of the artists represented here are suspect. We've already mentioned Juanita II whom I believed may have snapped when Thomas Weeks  beat her up. Further Trin-I-Tee 5:7  who said in a Feb. 2011 Radio One Baltimore Interview that "In order to be attractive to this generation they have to see what they are used to seeing" ???? doesn't appear to have a clue or conviction on presenting anything whereby one would consider them to be saved...but ASIDE from all that...can gospel artists place their talents and gifts in the hands of the unsaved and expect to be successful? If they can, is that relationship pleasing to God? 

On both notes, I will take what the bible says over what men say. Yes, I believe it can be more lucrative, at least in the near short term, but that's the problem, when gospel folk present what they tell everyone is "MINISTRY" for the profit or the monetary value that can be gained, there always will be a problem. Since when is the devil ever interested in promoting and properly handling ministry? Please tell me that. 



  1. "Ministry" is not to be brokered by and through record companies. That's these folk seducing us into believing that they are doing ministry. It's entertainment and living!

  2. This is the time for true gospel artist to go independent and not rely on these labels. Better yet they should find a suitable job and minister gospel music as a hobby. We see the seed Knowles has instailled in Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce (Kelly's recent stuff is plain raunchy period.). Then BET gets into an agreement with him to sign Sunday's Best contestants to his label with no say from the contestants themselves. We should be careful who we are yoked to as believers, especially in buisness matters. We need to get to the point where God-given talent shouls stay in the church and not given to the world which will corrupt these singers, musicians, dancers, etc.

  3. Here is another question: How did these gospel radio stations get under Radio One in the first place? In my neck of the woods, we have a station in Gaffney, S.C. that is still hopefully independent.

  4. Johnny,

    So Knowles has an exclusive agreement to be the Sunday's Best winners company?

    Isn't that special? So he basically cornered the market and the singers don;t have the choice of having anyone else. That whole thing is messed up.

  5. Knowles announced the partnership with BET during last season's Sunday's Best competition. The winner from last season (Leandria Johnson) and this season's winner Amber Bullock both signed with Music World Gospel. Even if Knowles is banned on Radio One, he can still go to the other larger conglomerates such as SGN The Light and Clear Channel to promote his brand. Hopefully this would wake up gospel artists to Knowles agenda.

  6. I don't know, but I thought SGN was larger anyway. So I wonder why he hadn't tried to get an exclusive with them?

    This is interesting I know. The problem is that ministry is LOST in the business details and arrangements.

    The artists that are still yet saved probably view these type of things as the "trial" of being able to reach the masses...but why would a person sell out themselves and their gifting to the devil for his promotion ability? It seems to me that there is bound to be something lost in the transition.

  7. Pastor Burnett! how are you my brother?

    Good stuff as usual.

    I have a question for you and anyone who cares to answer. I want to put a different slant on gospel artists being under the control of the world.

    I know the young lady that won x factor and she is being bigged up by the church as a Christian. How do you feel about Christians who go on these shows to gain fame and riches? Do you believe that this is all good in the sight of God, or not?


  8. Paul,

    The only thing is that she had to sing secular music to win the X Factor USA title and she has a $5 million contract with Sony. My personal view is that we should not go on those shows because the environment on those shows is not conducive to a Christian artist. Furthermore, I do not think the church should be supporting anybody in the recording industry just because you "hype" them up to be a Christian.

  9. Paul,

    I would echo Johnny's statements and present as a scriptural basis the temptation in the wilderness. Now Matthew put this in what is called an inclusio. It begins here:

    Matt. 4:9 ~ "And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me."

    It ends here:

    Matt. 28:18 ~ "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."

    This signifies that what the devil said that he could give WAS NOT his to give. It was God's and his alone. Jesus glorified the FATHER and this honor was bestowed upon him.

    Now, to us, he delivers this instruction between the two verses:

    Matt.6:33~ "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.",

    The first priority of the believer was to seek and honor God. What these folk are doing is seeking money and honoring the world. by bowing themselves down to their system, ultimately God is not getting the glory. The shows or the world's system is responsible for the opportunity and this sounds just like what the devil wanted from the beginning doesn't it? Some strained, obscure hand of God violating everything that is holy and mixing it with the profane, then claiming some sort of truth is in the midst...That;s a false god. I believe it is what they call IDOL.

    That's how I've viewed it and there is a difference here because most of the singing is considered to be a "ministry" or a way to worship God. This method is totally dishonoring to God in my opinion.

  10. Paul,

    BTW: good to hear from you again and hope all is well, I've missed you and your commentary around here.


  11. Dear Bro Johnny and Pastor Burnett, my apologies for my late response. It has been a bit busy.

    Thank you both for your responses. I agree with both.

    I am very concerned, given that it seems as if many in the Church seem to believe that her winning is God's doing. I went to my old Church only to hear a woman say from the pulpit) that we (believers) need people to go on these shows (x factor)!!!

    Not only is she singing secular music but her mode of dress was set that way also.

    Early this week I was flipping through channels and she was on 106 and park. That show to me, specifically, is one of the biggest enemies of our youth. It totally normalizes slackness to young people all in the name of being positive.

    One comment she made was for young people to strive to reach their goals by saying something like. Look at me, I am on 106 and park and I HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF BEING ON IT. Now how on earth is being on such a disgusting show the dream of a believer? But yet many see it as God opening a door and the youth a lead with the glamour of it all.

    I ran across a youtube vid with an athiest saying she was fake because what she has done has nothing to do with Christianity, yet her Church believes it is great and has approved of it.

    Please pray for her, she has no idea what she has gotten herself into.

    Pastor, you will see me more regularly. Thanks my brother.

    Be blessed.

  12. Thanks Paul, you know you're always welcome and great insights!

  13. Paul and Supt. Burnett,

    The church is quick to legitimize anybody that goes on shows like X-Factor USA, So You Think You Can Dance, etc. Those individuals may be very carnal and only interested in fame without counting the cost. To be on 106 and Park says volumes about the kind of values she has. If she wants her contract, she has to compromise by making all of these appearances, and display a secular image.
    As far as the minister saying we should be on these shows scares me to death. She has legitimized the idea of taking your talents to an industry that is by its very nature anti-Christ, which is bad. According to her view, we can "take it back." The problem is that once you sign the dotted line, you have given up your values. For anybody to say that her winning X-Factor is God's work needs to take a serious look at scripture. In this viewpoint, the church.


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