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Pedophilia & The Roots Of The Homo-Advocacy Movement

Not So Wild About Harry
Harry Hay
"So I’m about twelve years old and I swim very well at this point...I don’t go into the kids’ pool, I go in the big pool. And I had this experience probably five or six times. Some man comes up to me, wants me to see how long he can stay underwater. And it’s important for me to understand just how long he stays underwater. He’s going to go way down to the other end of the pool and he’s going to come up between my legs and he’s going to come out the other end. So he goes down to the other side, he swims through my legs, and he [does?] my {edited for content} out of my bathing suit and he caresses it a couple of times and comes out the other end. And then he is going to come back. So he comes back through again, and this time spends a little more time. Now, the point I’m getting at is I’m not only being played with—very pleasurable indeed—but even though it’s pleasurable, here I am twelve and I can’t say I’m getting as much out of it as he can because I’m not at that point yet…. But he keeps this up for about five or seven minutes. Well, I’m getting a little impatient, because, you know, I’m sitting here and I can see he can swim back and forth very well. And I keep saying, “Look, that’s fine, I’d like to have fun, and now I want to go dive. I want to swim.” But he can’t hear—he’s on his way back through.I think it’s important to realize that I know perfectly well that I can stop this game any moment that I want. I can call the attention of the kids around me to what’s happening. And I know perfectly well that he’s going to be hauled off. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen to him, but I know they will come and get him because I’ve seen that happen before, already at twelve years old. But I am not going to reveal this man. I’m not going to reveal him because in me there’s a sense of loyalty. I’m not going to reveal him to the others around him, I’m not going to expose him, and I’m also not going to expose myself either….So the point is that I am being manipulated. I am not going to reveal him so that he can keep playing his game. But I am not being molested, because that was as controlled a situation as I know of. This has happened to me maybe four or five or six times. But I think this is something we have not talked about. This is something that in our own past as gay people we all must have experienced one way or another. We do have this sense of loyalty. We do have this gay way of being manipulated or being exploited; molested we are not. Being brainwashed we are not. We are actually participants in this little game"….Harry Hay in a public forum entitled "Man/Boy Love & Sexual Liberation" San Francisco, CA. 10/7/1984
Harry Hay aka: "The Gay Mount Rushmore" is the father of the gay advocacy movement in the United States. As the communist founder of the Mattchine Society in 1950, Harry was an advocate to his death not only for homosexual rights, but for pedophile rights as well.

This is an issue often misunderstood and one that invokes anger when discussed. However, that doesn't discourage me from doing what I do by any means. Be clear, the purpose of this article is NOT to state that homosexuals are pedophiles. That is not true in and of itself. However, we must be clear that the current homosexual movement is a product of the pedophile movement within the United States. It is that relationship when pointed to that often riles homosexual advocates and repulses them to the point where they don't want to hear anything else that you have to say. However, denial of the facts, doesn't change the truth. 

The Separation

This is how one leading pedophile advocate describes the separation or split of the homo-agenda from the pedo-agenda:
Harry Hay ~ 1996
"The issue of love between men and boys has intersected the gay movement since the late nineteenth century, with the rise of the first gay rights movement in Germany. In the United States, as the gay movement has retreated from its vision of sexual liberation, in favor of integration and assimilation into existing social and political structures, it has increasingly sought to marginalize even demonize cross-generational love. Pederasty - that is, love between a man and a youth of 12 to 18 years of age - say middle-class homosexuals, lesbians, and feminists, has nothing to do with gay liberation. Some go so far as to claim, absurdly, that it is a heterosexual phenomenon, or even "sexual abuse." What a travesty!
Pederasty is the main form that male homosexuality has acquired throughout Western civilization - and not only in the West! Pederasty is inseparable from the high points of Western culture - ancient Greece and the Renaissance.
In Germany, in the late nineteenth century, pederasty was an integral part of the new gay movement. The first gay journal in the world - Der Eigene, published beginning in 1896 (one year before the formation of the first homosexual rights group, the Scientific Humanitarian Committee of Magnus Hirschfeld) - was a pederast and anarchist journal "for male culture" with an individualist anarchist outlook based on the ideas of Max Stirner (author of Der Einzige und sein Eigentum). Its publisher, Adolf Brand, was a leading figure of the gay movement throughout the first decades, until the Nazis came to power. The journal continued to appear until 1933. Brand died in an Allied bombing of Berlin in 1945.
Another leading pederast and writer, Benedict Friedlaender, was also a leader of Hirschfeld's committee, until 1908 when he committed suicide. Not unlike today, the two groups - the pederasts in theGemeinschaft der Eigenen (the Community of Self- Owners) and the Hirschfeld group - constituted two wings of the gay movement. Although they collaborated in some things (for example, both opposed the sodomy statute, Paragraph 175), sharp ideological and scientific differences separated them. In uncanny ways, many of these differences persist in the quite different circumstances of today." ~ David Thorstad to the Semana Cultural Lesbica-Gay, Mexico City, June 26, 1998. (1) 
According to pedophile advocates the problem began when gays denied their historical past, and desired social acceptance and conformity with society opposed to an individualism based on their sexual diversity. For them this was a traitorous act to simply conform to for political and social acceptance. 

An Argument For Inherent Bisexuality & Pedophilia

I Cor. 6:9 ~ “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,”

Although the scripture is CLEARLY against all actions along these lines, similar to homo-advocates, the advocates for pedophilia don't care what scripture teaches and views the condemnation of scripture as old-hat. The modern Pedophilia movement began in Germany as a resurgence of Greek paganism and rebellion from the teachings of Christianity(2). In a History Channel documentary, "The Third Reich" it was stated that all male German youth had to pledge to the group "Hitler's Youth" as early as 10 years of age. The boys were shown skills of fighting after being incited to anger, and totally mentally reconditioned. They were also taught the value of being what was called a "Butch" gay male as opposed to an "effeminate" (Femme) gay male. The youth leader of Hitler's youth was also said to be gay but not effeminate.(3)  So being gay while not appearing to be gay was of value. Most of them were introduced to their gay lifestyles through molestation by being used for the sexual pleasure of commanders, leaders and some say Hitler himself.

Female youth were not exempt. They had to become a part of "Hitler's Brides". These girls, many as young as 10, also were placed in camps away from their parents, mentally reconditioned and were systematically used for the sexual pleasure of commanders, soldiers and various leaders. In 1936, at the Festival of Nuremberg, it was reported that over 900 girls were delivered back to their homes pregnant. They were told that it was for the glory of the German people and the growth of the superior race. Of course parents who opposed were given to the Gestapo, Hitler's secret police, and of course that was a one way trip to imprisonment and ultimately death.

This all filtered down from cultures that had existed thousands of years earlier in history. It is common knowledge  that the actions and morals of the Germans in this regard were based on the system of the Greeks and Romans who allowed man/boy lust, (pedophilia) as an acceptable and normal practice of aristocracy and practice within society in general. There was no movement against pedophilia during those times. From the book "Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality" author John Boswell states:
"Roman society was strikingly different from the nations which eventually grew out of it in that none of its laws, strictures, or taboos regulating love or sexuality was intended to penalize gay people or their sexuality; and intolerance on this issue was rare to the point of insignificance in its great urban centers. Gay people were in a strict sense a minority, but neither they nor their contemporaries regarded their inclinations as harmful, bizarre, immoral, or threatening, and they were fully integrated into Roman life and culture at every level." (p. 47)
As stated, Harry Hay advocated for the NAMBLA, and was a firm believer that pedophilia was not wrong, but was never a "member" of the organization. As he described in his own words, the first advances toward him sexually were done by a man who touched and caressed his genitals when he was about 12 years old. This is a portion of his public statements asserting that the worst damage done to children is by the current establishment claiming that heterosexuality is normal: 
"I’m here today as a survivor, as well as the founder of the first ongoing gay organization in the United States, the Mattachine Society, first formed in 1950 in Los Angeles, and now, naturally, a member of SOS, the Spirit of Stonewall, because things we discovered about ourselves and principles we developed in 1950 to ‘53 are now being trashed by queers who don’t know their own history, all over the place...Members of SOS, notably NAMBLA, (North American Man Boy Love Association) have been accused of child molestation. Insofar as child molestation is concerned, the most common form is the sexual coercion by which gay and lesbian children are bedeviled into hetero identities and behaviors. And this is practiced daily by the whole national and international hetero community—parents, family, teachers, preachers, doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs, not to overlook U.S. senators and pooh-bah media. ~ Harry Hay 6/24/1994 Press Conference Stonewall Inn, New York, NY. (Parenthesis added)
Notice that in Harry's mind, gay rights and pedophilia rights went hand in hand. He would claim that pedophilia was not only normal but also beneficial in the sexual growth and health of young boys as they could learn sexuality from older and at the same time the older men could experience pleasure. He also believed like many pedophiles, that human beings are born with an inherent bisexual nature.  In other words a person is bisexual in nature and it is society that abuses them into conforming into male and female heterosexuality. I'm sure that Lady GaGa would be thrilled to know that she had competition on being "born that way".      

Pedophile & Homosexual Liberation

Of course when the relationship between homosexual advocacy and pedophilia is pointed out, one is met will all kinds of criticism as if teaching that homosexuality as a third sex is more acceptable, while pedophilia is not. However, when one considers that pro pedophile advocacy groups are now starting to apply both social and political pressure to remove the stigma associated with the act of pedophilia, in efforts to also declassify it as a mental illness and "normalize" it on the same basis that homosexuality has been normalized.(4) As you can see, there is trouble on the horizon.

It won't be long until medical professionals declare that pedophilia is not dangerous, just like they declared the same with homosexuality. A recent and weak moral rationalization centers around standards of "harm" and "consensus" as proof that homosexuality should be accepted while other forms of sexual deviance such as pedophilia, rejected. The claim is that homosexuality is based on a consensual relationship whereas pedophilia is not and that pedophilia "harms" the children whereas homosexuality among adults is no harm. The problem is that homosexuality is both physically and mentally harmful and "consenting" to do anything does not make it right. Adults consent to rob banks which have plenty of money, so the "harm" is negligible in the grand scheme of things, but what they consent to do is morally wrong. In the case of homosexuality, the CDC asserts that over 64% of all new AIDS/HIV cases annually arise out of the homosexual/lesbian community with homosexual men leading the pack representing about 61% of the total number. Then as I have written HERE, lesbian women are the leading group among woman who use psychotropic drugs for mental stability. While it is arguable that the lesbianism is the cause for this mental stress, one cannot overlook and simply shrug off the numbers.

The "Popular" Connection With Occultism and Satanism
Inverted Pink Triangle Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair"
The pink triangle is a sign of effeminate gays males (5)

Our friends at GCMWatch have taken the time to post a 3 part series exposing the connection between Satanism, the modern pedophilia movement, the gay advocacy movement and Harry Hay himself. It seems that Harry received many of his ideas and rights of passage from the modern devil himself, Aleister Crawley. While the whole revelation is just simply mind-blowing here are excerpts of what Pastor Joe Schimmel of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley has found about Aleister Crawley, Harry Hay and the gay advocacy movement in his research: 
"Crowley stated that he was out to “sodomize the boys of England,” and wanted his diabolical teachings to be “circulated among the young.” He later stated that he would target the USA to push his satanic agenda. We document that in our video “They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll” that Crowley’s teachings provided the social architecture for the counter culture revolution of the 60’s. We prove that many of the leading social revolutionaries and academics of that era, as well as a host of top rock stars, have done Crowley’s bidding and were, wittingly or unwittingly, major change agents."

Regarding the association of Harry Hay and Aleister Crawley, he further states:
"Harry Hay, was not only a member of Crowley’s cult known as the O.T.O (Order of the Temple of the Orient (O.T.O), but was a practitioner of Crowley’s sex magick and the founder of the “Gay Liberation Movement”..."Harry Hay was called the oldest hippie in the counter culture revolution of the 1960s and he played a decisive role in altering the views of the young regarding human sexuality. He grew his hair long and wore hippy beads, all in a quest to carry out Crowley’s satanically inspired “Book of the Law.” He helped fulfill Crowley’s request that his teachings be circulated among the young. The fact that he became the leader of the modern day homosexual movement says a lot in that regard."..."Hay was a lifetime advocate of North American Man-Boy Love Association and even marched with NAMBLA in gay-pride parades. As a disciple of Aleister Crowley’s, Hay went so far as to march with the man boy sex association with a “NAMBLA” placard emblazoned over his body. In 1994, Hay refused to march in a gay-parade in New York, because they forbad NAMBLA to march with them. Hay joined another gay parade that year because they allowed NAMBLA’s participation. Crowley taught that when the age of Horus would finally emerge, the whole concept of immorality and sin would be engulfed in the flames of the New Aeon. His desire to legally have sex with children would finally be acceptable. Hay, as a disciple of Crowley’s teachings, and as member of his O.T.O, would have loved to see pedophilia decriminalized."
The move to "decriminalize" pedophilia is on. As we have addressed on this site, B4U-ACT is leading the charge in the fields of psychology to make pedophilia a "normal" sexuality. Although we are living at a time when one doesn't know what to expect, the Sons Of Belial are rearing their heads in effort to perpetuate their most ungodly actions and behaviors. 
"Alleged" Pedophiles Gone Wild. University Edition

If this video is true, not only was Barney Fine a pedophile, but his wife, Laurie,  may also be guilty. She states that she had an inappropriate relationship with this young man as well.

Former Penn State university assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky has recently been sued  by a 9th alleged victim of sexual abuse claiming that Sandusky molested him over 100 times. Although no charges have been filed, Syracuse University former Assistant Basketball coach Barney Fine is currently under Federal investigation for his alleged child molestation and because of the video you heard above his family may be also. Not only have scandals of open pedophilia taken hold of Penn State University and Syracuse University, but recently, a University of Utah Professor was arrested after a flight in which another passenger alleges to have recorded him viewing under-aged girls or child pornography on his laptop computer during a flight. Although the recently divorced professor has plead not guilty, as in all of these cases, it seems that everyone is on the lookout for situations and persons who may be seeking to take out their lust on children.

One thing that is true, the floodgate is open to any and every sexual immorality that one can think. Knowing the arguments are half the battle. It's past time for us to turn back to the Lord, for he is our only strength and help!



1 - Pederasty & Homosexuality David Thorstad 6/26/1998 

2- Wandervogel youths were indoctrinated with Greek paganism and taught to reject the Christian values of their parents (mostly Catholics and Lutherans). The CS belief in a homosexual elite took shape within the Wandervogel in the concept of "der Fuehrer" (The Leader). E.Y. Hartshorne, in German Youth and the Nazi Dream of Victory, records the recollections of a former Wandervogel member in this regard: "We little suspected then what power we had in our hands. We played with the fire that had set a world in flames, and it made our hearts hot...It was in our ranks that the word Fuehrer originated, with its meaning of blind obedience and devotion...And I shall never forget how in those early days we pronounced the word Gemeinschaft ["community"] with a trembling throaty note of excitement, as though it hid a deep secret" (Hartshorne:12). Louis Snyder notes in the Encyclopedia of the Third Reich that, "The Fuehrer Principle became identical with the elite principle. The Fuehrer elite were regarded as independent of the will of the masses" (Snyder:104). Snyder was not writing about the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen or of the Wandervogel, but of the upper ranks of the Nazi party some thirty years later. Another Nazi custom from the Wandervogel was the "Seig Heil" salute, which was an early form of greeting popular among the wandering youth. During World War I, the greatest hero of the German youth movement was Gerhard Rossbach. Described by historian Robert G. L. Waite as a "sadist, murderer and homosexual," Rossbach was "the most important single contributor of the pre-Hitler youth movement" (Waite,1969:210). More importantly, Rossbach was the bridge between the Wandervogel and the Nazi Party. Scott Lively is co-author of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuals and the Nazi Party (Keizer, Oregon: Founders Publishing Company, 1995).

3-Reportedly, Hitler Youth leader, Baldur von Schirach was bisexual; Hitler's private attorney, Reich Legal Director, Minister of Justice, butcher Governor- General of Poland, and public gay-hater Hans Frank was said to be a homosexual; Hitler's adjutant Wilhelm Bruckner was said to be bisexual;...Walter Funk, Reich Minister of Economics [and Hitler's personal financial advisor] has frequently been called a "notorious" homosexual ...or as a jealous predecessor in Funk's post, Hjalmar Schacht, contemptuously claimed, Funk was a "harmless homosexual and alcoholic;" ...[Hitler's second in command] Hermann Goering liked to dress up in drag and wear campy make-up; and so on and so forth (Rector:57). (Ibid)

4One of a number of researchers you did not mention and who has also swum against the overwhelming tide of irrational thought is Susan Clancy, author of The Trauma Myth, who at the risk of her career, also reached the conclusion that, absent force, early sexual experiences do not cause trauma or even fleeting emotional upset. Only when the individual, as an adult, learns of society's current views does he reinterpret the experience negatively. But for the hysteria surrounding the topic, more research done with strict scientific protocols would be possible and would lead to quite different conclusions from those informed only by unexamined prejudices and hateful agendas. ~ A response to David Webb, the Rare Reporter, South Florida Gay News, by Peter Herman and Eric Tazelaar 9/2011

5- The pink triangle, symbol of the "gay rights" movement, is familiar to many Americans. As the badge used by the Nazis to designate homosexuals in the concentration camps, the pink triangle perfectly expresses the message of "gay rights." That message is that homosexuals are currently and historically victims of irrational prejudice and that those who oppose homosexuality are hateful bigots. This all-important victim status engenders sympathy for the homosexual "cause" among well-meaning heterosexuals. Thus, millions of otherwise rational Americans support a movement whose sole unifying characteristic is a sexual lifestyle they personally find repugnant.

When homosexuals display the pink triangle, they are equating all opposition to homosexuality with Nazism and themselves with the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. As pro-homosexual Rabbi Bernard Mehlman puts it, "Homophobia and Anti-Semitism are part of the same disease." This quote appeared in an advertisement in a homosexual newspaper. It announced the dedication ceremony of the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston last year. An accompanying article reported that New England homosexuals had pledged $1 million to help build the memorial, including $50,000 for an initial monument consisting of six steel and glass towers. Alongside the monument is an inscription honoring homosexual victims of the Nazis. Another Holocaust memorial being prepared in New York City is expected to similarly honor homosexuals. Washington, D.C. is home to the official U.S. Holocaust Museum which not only maintains a pro-homosexual display, but also employs noted homosexual activist Klaus Mueller as a staff researcher. Other Holocaust related projects, such as the Anne Frank Exhibit now touring the United States, incorporate a similar message in their programs. 

While some homosexuals were interned in Nazi work camps, the role of homosexuals in Nazi history cannot be accurately represented solely by a pink triangle. Our review of more than 200 history texts written since the 1930s suggests that a pink swastika is equally representative, if not more so. For, ironically, while many homosexuals were persecuted by the Nazi party, there is no doubt that the Nazi party itself had many homosexuals within its own ranks, even among its highest leadership. (Ibid)

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  1. I always wondered why the homosexual garb and outfits had German SS styled hats, black leather and appears to promote bondage and S&M.

    If the modern movement started in Germany, and was popular among German hierarchy as all reputable sources suggest, It seems that it has never really left it's German roots.

    It's also interesting to note that the homo-advocacy movement in the US has taken the political road and have many activists involved in the political arena. One would wonder is the exposure of Senators and Governors who displayed they were living a homosexual lifestyle on the DL was truly incidental.


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