Friday, October 14, 2011

Tonex ~ B Slade...He Did Go Away...Lord Please Help Him!

They ask:  What happened? How did he get like this? 

If what he is saying in this video is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, someone has [H E (Double Hockey Sticks)] to pay!
"As God has made me in his image, he didn't say, now that I've made you in this image, stop here. He says continue to evolve, learn more about yourself.  About life. Every 10 years we go through a paradigm shift, where what we thought 10 years ago was absolute. And so 10 years after Tonex, I'm at that paradigm shift, I have a better understanding of who I am, what I'm supposed to do, and why it can only happen now. "cause the climate of the universe is ready for change. It couldn't have happened 10 years ago. I wasn't ready, and now the people are ready." ~ B.Slade   
This is a sad testimony when the business of church turns our families to demonic oppression and possession. Why did he "pretend" so long? Because they taught him to and it was all he knew. Listen to this song, and if it is not sad I don't know what it is. 

He professes that he is on a special mission and assignment from God to reach certain of those that are lost. However he himself is not healed. I know nothing else that will help except for prayer and casting the devil out.



  1. I don't doubt what he says in this video is true. This is so sad! I am going to be praying for him.

  2. This is really sad and I think the part that hurt the most was when he said that he was introduced to this by you (the church.) It was church folks that exposed him to that demon and now he's going away. My heart breaks for Tonex if he really seeked God and was delivered he could do some awesome things for the kingdom.

  3. It really hit me to listen to this also...

    I mean I have heard what he said and know what he's doing in the gay clubs etc, but who's really trying to heal this brother?

    he thinks he's on a mission or special assignment. He can't fully understand why he is where he is and what he's doing. I think he would rather not do so, but these things (we know as demons) are in the way of his progress. I believe he's trying to rationalize it and deal with it.

    He was asked about being born homosexual and he intimated that he thought his struggle was closer than a learned behavior, but then he went on to state that no matter, one must be "born again"...

    Now what they means to him, I don't know. Does that mean that when one is born again that homosexuality will be corrected, or that one will just reconcile that homosexuality is a part of them and they should glorify God with it???

    I don't know, but I feel deeply sorrowful for his current condition.

  4. wow!

    This is quite sad and I also dont doubt that he was sexually abused, it happens so much! I wonder why he didnt say that he was molested in his interview with Lexi? it is possible that he was ashamed.

    Is he calling the people out, is he making them take responsibility for how they abused him? are these same people still abusing others? This is a lot and possibly there could be many other victims.

    He though must take responsibility for trying to normalize homosexuality. It wasnt the truth that got him "x'd" as he said but trying to make sin right in the sight of God. The lies had to be opposed.

  5. I am concerned for Tonex like the rest of the commenters on this post. After I viewed the video, I listened for a few minutes to a trailer for a documentary he is doing and some of the people on there he has worked with in the past. If he was a true gospel artist, why did he have these secular connections in the first place. We know he is gifted, there are many individuals in the Kingdom that could have done his styling, choreography, etc. He should not have had those connections in the first place, but your spiritual gifts and talents can be exploited by the world in the worst way. This is what happens when you turn yourself over to a reprobate mind. I sincerely hope that if he is truly "going away" that he surrendered his ministerial credetials.

  6. Not here to condemn, question or surmise.... Here to pray for everyone in homosexuality , lesbianism, transgendered states of being. Satan the LORD rebukes you in JESUS name Amen!

  7. B.Slade is STILL the same beautiful and deeply spiritual person he has always been; the only difference is that he is deeper in his conviction THANKS to the hostility of religion and its inability to LOVE unconditionally. Homosexuality is as valid a sexual identity as Heterosexuality. Only a man deep in darkness would think being gay in and of itself is sin! Read the Bible, talk to God and discover what Sin really is!


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