Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 2008 Bloomer ~Barrino Prophecy

Here we go again:

Now, modern ministers are so eager to be on tape, video and everything else, it becomes easy to analyze their words and the outcome of what they say. Listen closely to a Feb. 2008 prophecy and word of healing that Bishop George Bloomer gave to Fantasia Barrino. At the time Fantasia had a tumor growing in her throat effecting her vocals. In April or early May 2008 she underwent surgery to have the tumor removed.  

Now we are compelled to ask a few things; did satan attack Fantasia, or did Fantasia attack herself? She certainly didn't deliver her giftings to the church even though that's where they seem to have come from. When did she get promoted? What work has she done for Christ or righteousness?

Maybe her promotion was in Aug. 2009, she met Antwaun Cook (a married man with 2 kids) at the T-mobile store, and began having an affair with him. Maybe it was when she moved him into her mansion (less than a month later and while he was still married)...Y'u-know it was the same mansion that Simon Cowel helped save from foreclosure. Or maybe it was before she got pregnant by the same married man, had an abortion and attempted to commit suicide...

People need to quit playing with God...he's NOT a play toy!

Paula Cook, Fantasia's illicit lover's spouse, who's children were ages 6 and 2 at the time, tried to save her marriage. CNN reported that a month after she separated from her husband expecting him to change his ways, during a husband/wife phone conversation, Fantasia got on the phone and stated the following:
"He don't want you. Maybe the next time you get a husband you'll know how to keep him. That's why he is here with me,"
Can't have the
Bruvas backslidin' on my site
Like the singing slut that she obviously has become, Fantasia is currently pregnant again and the baby is  due in either late December or Early January. The "assumption" is that Antwaun is the baby daddy...Fantasia says this about her unborn child and the situation all together:
"For a while I walked around figuring out what will they say and what will they think about me. But now I tell you I don't live my life for folk. THIS CHILD THAT I AM CARRYING...God has given me this child. And I don't have to hide it from NONE of y'all."
What about God Fantasia? Even Adam realized that he was naked, ashamed and hid himself before God. Is there no shame to expose your sins openly before God? How did God give you anything that you took from someone else while they were legally married? What does this tell all of the fans, especially the young ladies and children, that are so inspired by you, your gift and your testimony? (watch at 6:23 into the linked video as a young lady says "you're my idol") Fantasia said that she hated the devil, but if I could ask one more question I would ask is the lifestyle and the compromise that you have made, what you want for those babies too? We all need love, but God didn't tell us to settle for a sad and fake rendition of it.

Knowledge of self is essential and comes right along with knowledge of God. If you know God, you also know he didn't create yourself to be or do any of this!



  1. I saw it posted somewhere on the internet, 'Beyonce announces her pregnancy at AMA in front of the world, Fantasia announces her pregnancy in a ghetto parking lot' (paraphrasing). I thought, ain't that just it?!?!

  2. OMG!!! Did I just hear this man 'prophesy a blessing' on an adulterous affair resulting in pregnacy?? If thats the case, God owes David an apology! this is a classic case of calling evil good and good evil! see what happens when you're famous and wealthy your sins are BLESSED! obviously no one (especially the pastor) at this church knows right from wrong,
    oh, I forgot, your tithes takes care of that! God only knows what else is going on there! I guess we know where to go to sin openly and get a 'get out of jail free card!'

  3. Now, this "prophetic" word was before Fantasia would engage in her illicit relationships , just before her surgery to remove the tumor.

    It would be less than 6 months later that she would meet this guy at Verizon, get hooked up (literally) and you know the rest...

    Do you think God was sending a word for her to be saved??? I think so.

  4. Will this foolishness ever end??? The Word of God calls this woman an adultress!!! She has slept with another woman's husband with her eyes wide open! And she will reap what she has so bodly sown.
    Shame on Bloomer for not telling her the truth thereby giving her a ticket on the express train to hell. May God have mercy on her.

  5. Lady D,

    LOL!!! This is the one that is setting the example for the young women as far as some of the leaders are concerned, but you wouldn't know it by the pic...LOL!!!


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