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Pornography & Freedom ~ "Love Comes With Correction"

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Pastor Justin Cox of Passion4ChristMovement conducted an interview with former porn video performer Danielle Williams in which Ms. Williams explained how the Lord delivered her through the personal devastation of being an unwanted child, sexual abuse at age 8, rape at age 12, a miscarriage at age 13, prostitution and stripping by age 16, stardom in over 50 porn movies by the age of 18 and a struggle for her very life by the age of 19.

Watch as Ms. Williams exposes the pornography industry for not only it's rank deception, but for it's physical abuse of both men and women and its abundant medical dangers that lurk just beneath the surface. In response to popular speculations, with no punches pulled, Ms. Williams boldly describes why Christians should not ever support the pornography industry in any manner either through the purchase or rental of videos or by accessing content over the internet.  

Ms. Williams further describes how her faithful attendance to one of the largest churches on the west coast even during the time that she was engaging in prostitution, stripping and pornography, was ineffective in delivering conviction of heart, due to the ministry's "motivational" message and failure to define sin and preach that hell was a reality in exchange for ungodly behavior. Ms. Williams summed up the Love of God and how she was able to be free by stating that "Love comes with correction".  Ms. Williams can be found on Facebook, as she demonstrates the power of God in her deliverance by preaching the gospel and telling her testimony to all them that will hear.  

My Life in the Porn Industry from p4cm on Vimeo.

Update: 11/18/2011 ~ Former porn actress known as Jazmine Cashmere has also committed her life to Christ and left the industry behind. Here is part of a recent correspondence to my office after our inquiry:
"...I can ensure you that my departure from the adult industry is a permanent one. God has blessed me so much in these past few years that I enjoy nothing more than praising Him. I thank Him for keeping a covering over me even while I was absent from Him and would never shame Him or my family by moving backwards. My family and I are doing well and I have been doing my best to show my children that their mother is more than my past. Over the past year I have chose to delete my Facebook page. I enjoy the encouragement but needed to filter from all of the noise to hear God's voice rather than what others had suggested for my future endeavors. God is still working on me but I am humbly submitted to whatever He shall have me take on. I guess we will all need to stay posted for that. As for the adult industry I do pray for it and the people caught in it often. I lost a lot of "friends" when I left it behind. However, those same people have never left my heart. I do understand the game, I was once lost in it."
What we can say is THANK GOD for new additions to the Christian family and Kingdom of Christ! 

If You Struggle With Sexual Addiction:

Many Christians struggle with addiction to pornography for one reason or another. Sister Williams also introduced the fact that some get into this industry because of addictions to material wealth and the trick of the enemy. There are no boundaries and it is not a "fair game" when it comes to sexual struggle and addictions. Things like this used to be perceived as a struggle for men only, but in fact, current reports indicate that women are among the fastest growing group dealing with this and other sexual strongholds.

Whether male or female, whether one is considering becoming a performer for financial reasons, peer pressure already in the industry  or an avid or occasional viewer of pornography, or a participant in other devastating sexual sins, the root of the problem stems from lonliness, isolation and low self value issues which are only reinforced by this monster known as pornography and sexual addiction.

What you should know is that Christians are not insulated from any of these struggles and in fact suffer greater because of the contradiction, secrecy, and ultimate shame experienced by simultaneously engaging in pornography and serving the Lord. However, You Can Be Free!

First: Repent of the sin of pornography and break all ties with it. (2 Chron. 7:14) Remember the gratification that many of the actors and actresses display is only an illusion which deceives the mind into believing that everything is OK. (2 Cor. 10:5) Many of the actors and actresses have a great amount of fear and trepidation about their physical health and well being even on the set. Get away from those who promote porn, push porn and even tempt you with it. (1 Cor. 15:33)  

2 Cor. 6:14-1814-Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 15-And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? 16-And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 17-Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, 18-And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. " 

A marital relationship is not an excuse to experiment with the limits of porn, or the new thing in may Christian circles, sexually oriented toys and sexual aids. The bed is undefiled in so much as it is used in accordance with God's word and in respect and honor for one another. Pornography can and will hang around for a lifetime if you allow it to exist. It must die so that you and Christ in you can live. (Col. 3:5)

Second: Commit your way and even your desires to the Lord. (Ps. 119:9) Some desires you didn't obtain on your own. (Ps. 51:5) They were given to you by the invasion and intrusion of others that may have taken advantage of you. In cases where sex was introduced by abuse, desires were given that can haunt and individual for a lifetime. The Lord knows this and is willing and able to lift the burden, guilt and shame associated with the heavy laden placed upon you.(Mt. 11:28)

Third: Engage in an open dialogue regarding the issue with someone (preferably two to three individuals) of spiritual maturity and spiritual accountability. Open rebuke is better than the secret love of pornography (Prov. 27:5) and in the multitude of councilors there is safety.(Prov. 24:6) The stronghold of sexual addiction is often weakened if not destroyed when the light of openess and truth shines into the darkness. (John 1:5) Become accountable for both your time commitments and whereabouts. Time which cannot be accounted for is usually a sign of trouble.

Fourth: Contrary to the encouragements of many internet advisers to run from an organized body of believers, become part of a healthy body of believers and receive the word of God on a regular basis.(Heb. 10:25)  This body of believers will encourage fasting and prayer and a faithful commitment to the word of the Lord as well as the opportunity to develop and grow and fellowship in the Lord.


However and whatever led an individual into pornography or other sexual deviance, does not have to define or be be the end of the individual. God can create a renewed and bright beginning. If you need help and don't know where to begin, contact this ministry, I'll do my best to help or make referrals to them who can. Feel free to email me at The Kingdom is getting ready and we won't be held down by anything; for nothing (not even sexual addiction and pornography) and no one can stand against Christ!


See the Facebook thread of Dr. Robbie Warren as he recently was contacted by 2 women who were in illicit relationships with their spiritual leaders, but seeking to be free. The Body Of Christ, must contend for its freedom and we WILL be free! 


  1. I know that the video has a disclaimer, but I wanted to warn anyone who is struggling in this area DO NOT watch the video.

    WOW! is all I can say. The thing that struck me the most about this video is that she thought she was SAVED AND GOING TO HEAVEN while stripping, and acting in porn! That is an indictment against that church and its pastor! She went to church EVERY Sunday and was not convicted of sin once!

    We ran into so many like this on this past Saturday as we witnessed to people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have to say that this is not uncommon. These preachers are sending people to hell on a "feel good" train.

    I will be praying for this young lady. I know she is a bit rough around the edges, but this is eye opening none the less!

  2. Thanks Marcia,

    When it comes to talking about sex and a few others issues within modern society and church, there will always be conflicts over what to say, show and display. So "to watch/not to watch" type of debate is par for the course on the subject matter.

    Being cavalier regarding some subjects wasn't the best move, but here are the reasons I think anyone struggling should watch the video:

    1- They will hear inside information from a person that has first hand experience within the industry.

    This in my opinion is liberating because many people that are into pornography don't hear the behind the scenes problems associated with the films. Some of them have no idea that many of these peoples lives are in danger even while the video is being made. Some folk have even been killed on the set during production.

    2- They will hear that the actors themselves approach this industry with a "Russian Roulette" type of mentality. This is a terrible psychology that risks it all for this purpose.

    3- They will understand that the appearance of satisfaction and gratification, which drive pornography sales, is only an illusion. It's not real. Psychologically, this has a great effect. The viewer can know that this is a manipulated industry controlled by the devil himself creating a great deception that things aren't what they really are.

    4- They will hear straight forward biblical talk regarding sexual issues without any punches being pulled or spin down to make individuals feel comfortable.

    5- The video does not glorify the industry. There is no portrayal that the industry does anything of a benefit to them involved within it. Further there is an exposure of how this industry has crept into other parts of life such as magazines and mainline entertainment as something that appears to be normal.

    It is sad that she had the misunderstanding of scripture. That's another reason I think it should be watched. The pastor may not have preached the message, but each individual has a responsibility to know GOd for themselves. Some folk can sit in the church all day and not know GOd nor his word. This young lady's life circumstances led her to this path and she rationalized and created a GOd to suit her needs. That is what many people do and have done in not just this industry, but in many forms of sexual immorality. Some folk go through the same type of process to justify their adultery, fornication and a host of other things that they do. They may never strip, but they justify their sins through the same process that she used...

    "I've been hurt, therefore I deserve better, and this is how I will medicate"

    So for me, this is much more deep than simply a video or just pornography so far as the industry is concerned.

    How many others believe that they are saved anyhow, because they can look at someone else in the church who's even more messed up, that says they too are saved??? It's a vicious cycle and a thought process that needs to be exposed.

  3. While I agree that the information presented is quite bold and needed, I am not sure that her manner of delivery is as grave as it should be. (this is just my own perception) I agree that those who are struggling in terms of still getting back up an believing God for deliverance can watch, but I am not so sure that some of the imagery given is the best way to portray the ugliness of the industry.

    Each of your 5 points are good and I agree with the assesment of the video in terms of what it is saying. The HOW is what I am concerned with.

    I will just share this with you. I have counseled a woman who struggled with pornography who would be porn free for months only to find herself months later seeking that which repulsed her, I asked her what she was doing that triggered her fall. She let me know that it was something she read on a Christian site that spoke about certain acts that pulled her back. (I am not saying this will happen to everyone; I just wanted everyone to know that sometimes you can be triggered as you struggle for deliverance)She even said how the thought of knowing how her actions even supported kiddie porn were pushed out of the way to allow her flesh to drive her right back to the same stuff.

    So I just want everyone to really ask the Lord for guidance when approaching even a video as plain and to the point as this one.

  4. BTW that woman is now Compeletly delivered and free because of Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

  5. True Marcia, it was kind of jovial at certain points. In part because I don't think Danielle has any "shock value" over any of it anymore.

    She approaches this like one may approach overeating or something of the sort. It is so common in her world. Another fact is that everyone has NOT engaged in viewing pornography. Some people make an active and conscious choice not to do so and we can't speak of this in terms that "everyone has done it" because, like drugs, everyone hasn't done it.

    Yes and I agree that people can be triggered by what they see even on "christian" sites. That's why I kind of limited the portrayal to the video and one picture. The picture is important because we can see 2 forces that now oppose each other. Pinky is actively promoting the industry, while Danielle is actively tearing it down.

    Also, that's why I did not leave the topic without providing a plan of attack and spiritual support to defeat the enemy. The 5 things that name will provide a solid foundation for those seeking to leave the desires for pornography and illicit sexual activity behind.

    Now, take this further to the real implications...some spiritual leaders (male and female) engage in watching pornography to satisfy certain desires in effort (so they think) to manage those desires. Now, this is devastating to the body and the church.

    In almost every venue that I know, when there is a church convention or conference Porno and adult rentals at hotels exponentially increase! What is this saying to us? It is saying that we have a problem. It's not all the leaders, but neither is it all the followers.

    Now, there are a greater number of atheist conventions happening all around the country. I want to see if the number of porno rentals increase when they com together. I'm waiting on a study to see just how much as compared to Chriustians that the porno industry is supported. Everyone agrees that the industry is devastating to those within it, and what comes from it is harmful to families and individuals (remember Ted Bundy?) but who will arise to say this is beyond freedom of expression and simply is not descent nor in the public's best interest???

    Will the church say that? No, they are afrais that they will be perceived as "freaks" for speaking up on the issue. Will the atheists say that? For allthe talk of the love for human endeavors you would think so, but they are powerless against this real devil and enemy which they cannot perceive.

    So who will speak out and up on the subject?

    YOU and I, for WE must!

  6. Also danielle's statement..."Love comes with correction" speaks directly to this culture that thinks that the church should do everything EXCEPT point out the sin and error of their ways...

    How many pastors have I head that say, "I don't preach against sin, because the people already know what they are doing wrong, they need a positive voice."

    What is that??? It's a flaky excuse for a pastor and minister. To say something like that basically opens the door for people to regulate themselves by their own consciouses and like danielle, they may have turned their conscience off long ago. That is sad to me.

    If our leaders consistently preached the devestation ofthis stuff, people would turn away from it. How many pastors have taught about the young lady that was doing a bondage and discipline scene in the supposed "studio" that was KILLED by the photographer because he was driven into a frenzy??? This stuff causes pain, anguish and leads to death. They don't see that on the screen, but knowing that could make all the difference in promoting the industry period.

  7. It occurred to me that there is another category of person affected by this also. That is the category of individual who is forced to participate in home made videos at the will of their spouse under the guise pleasing their spouse.

    Now, anyone that thinks that hame made pornography does not foster the beliefs and usher in the same atmosphere as industrial styled pornography is sadly mistaken. The home-made brand simply builds upon industrial styled pornography and reverts the bed of marriage to a place where lust and sexual addiction is given freedom to reighn.

    In many cases there are wives who do not wish to be either photographed provocatively or placed on phones and digital cameras during sex but spouses make it as if , "Well if you don't do this, I'll just go look at the other"...This is a trick of the devil siants and no saint has to come under that type of bondage.

    What a spouse needs to know is that the spouse who requires this will not be made better off because of it. They will normally continue to give themselves to industrial styled pornography in addition to the home-made style and one will usually influence the other.

    Now, in some cases, both spouses like this sort of behavior. Sometimes a woman feels especially attractive when her spouse focuses this type of attention on her. However, these type of situations and those desires in particular should be biblically examined.

    The primary question that should be asked is does this type of behavior facilitate and incite lust, or does it nurture love, respect and foster the marital union?

    So the practice of sex within the marriage is a high calling, but pornography and what it has brought within the marital union has challenged even the purity and bounds of marriage and there are some bounds to a healthy marriage and sexual relationship within marriage.

    This is a growing consideration for saved couples in modern times but one that is not often talked about within bible study circles, so we may as well discuss it here even if people have to talk about it anonmyously...that's OK, the purpose is not to call people out, it's to provide pertinent information which may help or even save a life if not both naturally and spiritually.

  8. I wrote a very long reply the other day, and I don't know what happened to it. LOL!

    Oh well, Pastor you are right on point I guess my own shock factor kicked in.

    One point you raised that probably needs further exploration is the spouse that is forced to watch or participate in home movies under the "marriage bed is sacred" lie. So many women are manipulated into doing things that God is not pleased with thinking they are pleasing God by pleasing their spouse's every ungodly desire and whim.

    Thanks again for the insight and clarity!

  9. Marcia,

    Believe me, I've done that before and it seems that the second time you try to say what you wrote the first time is never as good. And yes this is a shocking topic, one that is greatly challenging to some.

    Yes, there is a problem with the misinterpretation of Hebrews 13:4~"Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge"

    What many have taken that text to mean is that anything "we" decide to do in the marital bed is acceptable with GOd. However, that begs the question...If "we" decide to add additional partners in our marital bed, is that ok? or how about if "we" decide to do some bondage (aka:B&D)or rape is that acceptable to God? Then if "we" decide to watch porno to get in the mood is that OK?

    I mean at what point do we realize that the scripture was not indicating that sex within the marital relationship was open season on any type of sexual act that could arise.

    The scripture was simply indicating that believers in Christ were not under a burden to repent for sexual activity within the context of marriage, neither would they be under condemnation for marital intimacy, however the whoremonger and the adulterer, without repenting and forsaking their ways would be judged for what they were doing.

    So what in essence has happened is that some individuals have used this scripture to constrain their spouses to do certain activities which they themselves do not wish to be a part of all in the name of keeping a happy marital intimate relationship.

    So what's the answer?

    I believe teaching individuals how to honor one another is the key. If a husband honors his wife he will not contend that she degrade herself and same for the wife toward the husband. That was the first step, that husband and wives would honor and submit to one another. (Ephes. 5:21)That honor begins before the bedroom door is opened and long before the lights go out.

    All too many times the marital union has been used as an extension of sexual addiction. Pornography creates and unrealistic expectation based on flesh, not committed or submitted love. That's the deception behind it all.

    God certainly doesn't restrict the enjoyment of marital sexual activity, but when a person is controlled by a hedonistic desire, there needs to be a reevaluation of how the bed is being used against the standards of God's boundaries of love, and respect within the relationship.

    So nothing here either tells an individual or couple what practices they can engage in the bed or what they shouldn't do in the bed. The only thing I hope that is clear is that the Saints SHOULD NOT develop their sense of what is permissible from the world or anything that has to do with what the world think marriage should be. One thing is for sure, following the standards of the world will sidetrack a marriage and sex within marriage quickly.

  10. Here's a recent couple of articles that relates to this:

    1- Mr. Marcus spreads Syphilis

    2- Pastor Arrested For Spreading HIV

    Hook up on Facebook if you want to...are you ready for the potential results? WOW!


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