Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Are Crying For You Juanita II...What A Mess!

In one of the most strange interviews I've seen in recent times from a supposed leader of God's people, a version of Juanita Bynum calling herself (Juanita Bynum II) has emerged to to proclaim the resurgence of her ministry life and gospel music career with a production that she has deemed "The Diary Of Juanita Bynum, Soul Cry". The title of which she gained from her "leading" to tell about her journey over the last three years as her soul began to cry out to the Lord while on break in a recording studio.

The interview is filled with so much apostasy that it is almost unbelievable. It's very difficult for me to adhere to what some may consider to be "Christian Civility" as we have been discussing earlier. You'll see after watching the video in it's entirety at the bottom of the page, but for now, let me take the time to point out a few highlights:

Juanita's Death & Resurrection

Evidently Juanita considered that she died when here relationship with Bishop Thomas Weeks III fell apart.  This we do not criticize, but it is a sad shame to play with God. She recites her experience as follows:
"I really had a death experience in the transition that I walked through. It was the most devastating experience of my entire life, and the first Juanita Bynum in that sense did not survive, and all I had left, I said this to somebody earlier...You know when you are in pain when, there are no words, and the pain take you to letters...and my pain took me to the letter "O". I, I had nothing else to say, I, I din't know what to pray, I didn't know who to turn to, I didn't know where to hide, because my face and all of the issues were everywhere. And one day I was in a radio studio, getting ready to do some drops...and the lady had to step out for 30 minutes, and I just, laid my head down on the side of the counter, and I,I,I, grabbed myself like this, trying to hug myself. I was so numb 'till I couldn't feel my own skin and out of my mouth, while my face was layin' to the side, I just started singin'..."
As stated there will be judgement dispensed on behalf of Juanita. There is no excuse for spousal abuse. However, what we've already seen the judgement upon Juanita also for seeking to rise to the top, self exaltation and unrighteous living. God will always display his judgment upon individuals for taking advantage of the people of God. Juanita did that, made money off of the people and continues to do so today with shoddy prophecies.

"I Know What God Is Doing Now In The Earth Realm"

The second version of Juanita continues the first version's assumption and assertion that she is not an ordinary prophetess, but she is a prophetess that has a special insight from God:
"My prophetic anointing is dimensional. It is for the elements, it's for the times, it's like the scripture calls it, the spirit of Issachar. It's a, discerning the times and being able to speak in reference to what time God is  in at this particular moment. What is God doing now in the Earth realm as a whole."
A dimension prophetic anointing? What God is doing "now in the earth realm as a whole?"...Thius is called self-exaltation. She further states that she is not into prosperity prophesying: 
"I'm not into bikes, houses and cars..."
Is that so? That's good but from previous statements she is into $5,000 Pens!

The Message

Flattered by her new association with Beyonce's father, also known as  Matthew "The Baby Is Yours" Knowles, Juanita II claims that the Lord has raised her up to spread "the message" at the direction of a man supposedly full of wisdom:

"...when you join wisdom, with gift and talent and the anointing you have power. And I was honored that he immediately recognized the anointing on my life and the God on my life and his press is, "the world has got to hear this" and he didn't come trying to make me anything but who I already was..."
In fact it is this $20,750 per month child support paying man of wisdom that Juanita II has claimed will be the catalyst and progenitor of spreading "the message" around the world.
"his wisdom recognizes the anointing and the gift that I have, so now the two of us joined together will be messengers around the world."
Look at this picture...a man destroys his family, has a baby with an illicit lover, makes a confused "cash cow" out of his daughter and he is "a man full of wisdom"? He then further "teams up" with "the anointing" (whatever that can possibly be in this situation) and spreads "the message" around the earth??? What Message??? The message of sin, shame, adultery and bondage???

The Messengers Clothes Stay On At Least For Now

Well at least we're glad that she isn't slated to do too much of a stage show like Matthew's daughter and Juanita's predecessor Beyonce:

"I am training though to fly from cables, y'u-know all of that, but I'm not gettin' ready to drop it like it's hot and put strip my clothes off  or none of that."  
Please see the complete interview below:

What a COMPLETE mess!



  1. She is trying to talk over peoples heads, and she don't even know what the role of a prophet/prophetess is OMGoodness. But then she mentions Prince...as a prophet. Even Prince would tell her, Ma'am I am not a prophet...at least not of God, do you remember my videos?

  2. LaPreghiera,

    Did you see that??? I didn't even mention that she used Prince, Michael Jackson and DMX and some type of "anoited" figures or figurines...I absolutely couldn't believe that...

    As I said there were so many apostasies that she presented, It would take about 10 posts on this interview to adequately deal with them all...but I could believe that garbage. This woman has lost her MIND and eveything else.

    Thanks for the reminder...so much junk thrown at you all at once in this interview.

  3. Lord have mercy! In deed we are in the last days where there are false prophets/prophetess bringing forth LIES. Sad she has a lot of people following her and actually believing this mess. Its no longer about saving souls its all about money. It really saddens me to see how she has drastically changed no longer bringing forth the word of God but gimmicks to get money.

  4. The spirit that she speaks of that "opened up to me" on her 21 day fast was not the Spirit of God, it is evident by those she named as a part of the prophetic.
    And many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many.[Matthew 24]

  5. the only word that comes to me is delusional.

    I have been looking up to see if the bible talks about the spirit of Issachar and I have found it.

    Michael Jackson, DMX, Prince were before there time? So I guess being on drugs, using filthy language, making sexually suggestive songs and videos,going to jail, looking like a lady, being a fornicator, having twisted childish thinking, etc are all characteristics of the anointing and calling she is talking.

    What on earth?

  6. Good Morning Pastor Burnett:

    Ummm Profitess Juanita is definitely on another Dimension alright. My eldest daughter is really into this writer online named Vigilant Citizen and he is all into the whole hip hop, Illuminatee (spelling) Mason occult world and speaking against it and making young people aware of what they are listening to and what evil spirits are behind this whole culture that is getting bigger and bigger. As soon as I started reading this to her she turned around and said, "not her too mom?" I said , " In the last days he (Satan) will seek to deceive the very elect." I was telling her about the birthday party Juanita had where she did the whole wedding ceremony and some type of ritual was performed and how weird it seemed. My daughter shook her head and said that was not weird at all it's the whole purity and crossing over to the darkness ceremony they all do it in order to become a "Star". She started showing me different videos w/ Rhiana, Brittany Spears, Christina Aguillara and yes Beyonce and their rites to passage from innocence (white) to the occult (black/darkness). I was like WOW!!!! It is really blatant right in your face they aren't even really hiding what they are doing anymore.

    I sent this to a few of my co-workers and one of them was trying to figure out how Matthew Knowles was connected in all this than he started to think about Beyonce and how she evolved from Beyonce to Sasha under the tutledge of her father. He said to me wow the catalyst for Beyonce is now the catalyst for Juanita. Beyonce to Sasha and Juanita to Juanita II.

    This is something else I am definitely watching as well as praying!!!

    Yours In Christ,

  7. I cant! I just cant!
    Please dont make me watch this!

    Lord, please have mercy on this woman and the utter madness she has fell into.

    Im going to let Jesus speak for me on this one.

    Luke 11...

    23“He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters.

    24“When an evilh spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 25When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. 26Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that man is worse than the first.”

  8. Gcmwatch,


    I couldn't and still can't believe this one either...I mean we sing "Ooh" as a part of the "Yes Lord" chant but listen to this:



    Prince, DMX and MJ...before their time? Anointed to do something great???
    All I can say is



  9. Bless you Pastor Burnett!

    Jezebel seducing the "church"...my my my...Very informative comment by Alicia, it explains a whole lot.

    As a "FORMER AVID" follower of Juanita's ministry, I can only say may the Lord have mercy on her soul and that she repents and turns back to the True Living God of the Bible. For she has definitely gone in the way of Balaam and after "strange flesh!"
    (Matthew Knowles!) What does light have to do with darkness...well, I guess she is now "officially" in the dark as well!

    She's obviously in hot pursuit of what she said at the last conference she held before her "beatdown" and divorce...she said that she was destined to be as big as Oprah and become a billionaire, and that she was no longer just "confined" to the "church." Woe to her, and all those that still blindly follow her...there awaits a certain "ditch" that's VERY HOT AND FULL OF FLAMES!

    Sister Pat

  10. Prince! Michael Jackson! DMX! Prophets before their time?! Juanita Bind-Em is throoowwwed off! Way off!

  11. Six months ago, after fasting for three days & nights, I dreamed a flash dream--it's so short, it seems like a vision that you see in your sleep...I saw juanita bynum standing in the heavens--like in the stars--where there were planets and I woke up thinking, "That's not possible, people can't do that--only God can be that high..."
    From the recent turn in events, and from your blog, she's definitely into something here--I don't know if its craft that she's doing--I hear a different spirit in her voice--I had to turn the headphones off; because it's not God's spirit...I'm shocked, but give glory to God in that he can foretell a thing before it happens

    I agree, supertindent, we are crying for Juanita...somebody, anybody, her momma, whoever go get that girl and help her...she needs some help!!

  12. Rogers,

    I agree...something, if not just mental illness, has set in.

    Her pastor (former) in Waycross, is my 2nd cousin. She doens't know it, but Dr. Swinson is related to me.

    I've thought about going down, in fact some years ago I had a standing invitation but not since this mess has broken. Somebody should grab her though.

  13. This chick is schizophrenic. Jesus help! LOL

  14. Pastor Harvey,
    I just received this message from "Prophetess" Week II (Juanita Jr.). How I became connected to her is beyond me but I thought it was interesting to read that she is referred to "as one of the most accurate Prophetess in ministry today". Can you explain this too me? What exactly does that mean? I sure hope people are really seeing what is happening and are reading their Word for themselves and asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them into "ALL" Truths!!!! It's a bunch of lying Profits and Profitess popping up, being reborn for the 3rd time and all kinds of crazy non biblical stuff going on in the name of Who???? Not Jesus that's for sure and yes as people like to stay "The devil is a liar!!! Always has been and always will be, and those that choose to speak is lies are called his sons and daughters I don't care what title the choose to give themselves!!!"

    Ok I feel better now. LOL!!! Have a blessed weekend!
    Your Sis In Christ,
    Alicia (Surokoda)

  15. Okay, I know I am late to this but here I go: Juanita Bynum is mentally ill. She has battled depression seriously, been hospitalized for it also. She is progressively grandiose in her thoughts. Because she couches what she says in pentecostal extremism, it alludes most people. I have noticed this for years now. Her demeanor, how often she claims the LORD speaks audibly to her, her prophecies, her extreme emotionalism in her preaching, her deusional speech, the amount of money she has spent foolishly on her wedding, a pen, cars, clothes, etc., she is diagnosible. Her so called spiritual fathers and mothers (sorry to say) have either ignored this or were as duped as her followers. She is cunning, beautiful, charming, persuasive, gifted, etc. I do not see the anointing. The anointing and cunning craftiness cannot co-exist. She had a gimmick (sheets) it made an impact and Jakes the wise market master helped her sell herself to the masses. You don't end up in heresy and disgrace by way of the anointing of GOD.
    As a "prophet" she married a divorced man with a bad reputation without a lawful divorce. Prophetic insight? jUANITA NEEDS 2 TYPES OF HELP, MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES AND SPIRITUAL DISCIPLESHIP.

  16. hello, all you people leave Juanita alone and try to pray for her but if not don,t forget that Jesus also in his day was called mad, a servant of Beelzebub,demon possessed, etc but that didn't stop him from doing what he was doing. if Juanita is false Jesus who called her will deal with her accordingly, your job is to pray for her not to judge her because you your selves are not perfect.yes the bible says we shall see them by their fruit but have you checked what kind of fruit your giving out here i don't think Jesus will approve. try and be graceful least you fall under your own judgement.

    1. Olisero,

      Thank you for your commentary and you are certainly entitled as this is a free country, but let me just show you how much you simply don;t know what you are taking about from a biblical point of view:

      If the bible is our guide for life living and all things and Paul is an example of what Christ wants us to be, and I am almost sure that you will agree on both of those counts, then how do you explain Paul OPENLY rebuking Saints who had erred? Such as

      1- Cephas (Peter) in Gal. 2:11~ When Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned

      He went on to say about the APOSTLE: 14-15~ 14 When I saw that they were not acting in line with the truth of the gospel, I said to Cephas in front of them all,“You are a Jew, yet you live like a Gentile and not like a Jew. How is it, then, that you force Gentiles to follow Jewish customs?

      2- Then how about Paul's admonition to Timothy in 1 Tim. 5:20: "Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear."?

      3 How about Paul turning folk over to satan who had openly spoken against God and pretended to be Christians, as in 1 Tim.1:19-20: 19-Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck: 20-Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme"

      I mean I could go on and on on people who Paul openly rebukes and commands the church not to have anything to do with.

      Then for you to defend Juanita's actions while condemning others of us who see this sort of fiasco and speak on it openly and directly goes against what even she, Juanita Bynum writes in her book, "My Spiritual Inheritance" [Charisma House] In it she says:

      "We expect God to minister love to us the same way another person would--because we don't have a true concept of His divine nature. But God doesn't just express His love to us through presents, houses, cars or goose bumps. He confirms His love when He corrects and rebukes us: "'As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent'" (Rev. 3:19).

      She also says: "If the leadership believes that it is the right timing to rebuke an individual openly, then he must be prepared to be a skilled surgeon--cutting away the cancer, but saving the life. In other words, a proper rebuke should not be characterized by innuendo, hinting about subject matter or beating around the bush. Throwing out an innuendo may ignite the spirit of gossip in the church. People will leave the services after you preach saying: "Who is he talking about?"

      She also says: " We must be submissive to the power of correction because it sends our spirits into training to learn how to recognize and renounce all ungodliness. This recognition of ungodliness is found through discernment, which can only be brought to maturity when rebuke is in operation."

      So it would seem that even the one you are defending woudl agree that God rebukes and he does so out of love and to prove his love. I have placed in this article Juanita's errors and called for her to repent of them. I have rebuked her openly along with millions of others of us, because Juanita said that SHE was the mouth of God on earth. She exalted herself above all of us and Juanita brought not only herself, but all of us to an open shame.

      Now whose, fruit will be approved of God? Yours that says shut-up and let her continue in error, and be in error and draw others into error, or mine that says, this ain't bible, this ain't God and FOLK need to repent?

      Which do you think God will approve?

    2. Jesus wasn't called a "devil" because he was crazy or dressing up in wedding gowns on birthdays or anything of the sort. He was called a devil because those folk who thought they knew God did not know him nor his power. They were strangers and did not know the truth...WE know truth. The TRUTH is that Juanita's association with the world and love for fame condemned her and brought her low. That is the TRUTH. She was NOT the closest thing to God as she wanted all the world to believe. He words were not directly from the mouth of God, but she was and is a human, caught in error needing Jesus like the rest of us.

      There is room for no other God's especially them that people ordain and endorse among men and mankind and folk like you, through silence serve another God and not to true and living one.



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