Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spreading Mega Ministry Holiday Cheer

Saints, I had hoped to run through Christmas on an easy, less intense note. However I was stirred because I received some information on one of our posts that I thought certainly needed to be discussed going into 2009. You may shelve this for future review as to not "mess up" your holiday, but I believe that you will find the contents of this post a terrible reminder of the fallen condition of the church, and hopefully a motivator to lend your prayers and gifts to help solve this problem.

It all begins with a deleted post that I received from a commenter on this site. The post was deleted by the poster but was received by me before it could be deleted. I am also asking the original poster, (who will remain anonymous) to comment further either by email or directly on this site IF they (he/she) deems it necessary. I feel that the contents are especially important for us that are praying that god change the nature of the church for end times ministry. If we do nothing else, I believe this will be a stark reminder of why we must fall on our faces and continue to serve the Lord in righteousness. Hold on to your seats, here we go:

"Hello there!

I used to work for a "show biz" bishop who was on television every day in different countries.

I saw that there was always a team that protected the image of the "show biz" pulpit celeb. We were berated if we spoke out against sins of other preachers. We were told "YOU aren't without sin yourself so what are you talking about?"

There was a situation where a prominent person came for private prayer and counsel and did not know that his session was tape recorded! This happened more than once in "deliverance" meetings. They say that they tape the sessions in order to protect themselves. Well...one minister started blackmailing a prominent person with the information that was shared in a PRIVATE meeting where this person came for counsel. This minister is now behind bars. These are the things you don't see in the papers.

There are people being paid cash because they have duties to the Bishop but they are not listed on the staff.There is a lack of accountability.The bishop I worked for would tell the masses that NO ONE could criticize him when he has accomplished more than they have for the kingdom. Yessss...he has said this publicly. If anyone told the truth about whatever was being hidden, they were banished by everyone near the Bishop, and their private business was "leaked" to others. Often, the bishop would make comments publicly from the pulpit alluding to the person who had wronged him in a way that people knew who he was mentioning without saying the person's name. This was a way of warning all others who had dirt on him that he would do the same with them.I would like to say this is SO RARE but it isn't.

I believe the church CAN be the salt and the light...but first...we must become repentant, reconciled, cleansed and whole.Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!"

(NAME WITHHELD by Pastor Burnett)

I would like to say that this is a terrible indictment of the condition of church leadership. I would also like to extend that anyone who has suffered in the church because of a ministers misfeasance or malfeasance is certainly welcome here at the Dunamis Word or at any of the New Bethel Ministry sites, locations or associated ministries, or any of the other fine churches and ministries that we network with. If you are tired of "fluff" and need assistance in finding a good ministry in your area, please email me personally at Dunamis1@netzero.com You may also call me or email me with your prayer requests or to discuss your situation.
I would also like to say that if you have been the victim or witness of this or any other type of ungodliness in any pulpit, run, NOT WALK to the nearest exit. God has much better for you than what you are experiencing at the Ichabod Memorial Church that you are attending. I know that there are some of you who don't fellowship at any church simply because of garbage like this. This is the day of your deliverance and healing and I personally believe that God wants you to LIVE because he is LIFE.

Ps. 118:17~ "I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord."

John 1:4 ~ "In him was the life; and the life was the light of men"

John 8:12~ "Then spake Jesus again unto them saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

John 10:10 ~ "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

Now, the critic will undoubtedly criticize me for exposing church failures; saying how can we be an effective witness when we're talking negatively? First of all these individuals and the pertinent, guilty parties expose themselves and their sins. Secondly, I pose to you that there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed. (Mt. 9:26, Mk. 4:22, Lk. 12:2) I believe that service to Christ is the highest possible call in the land. I also believe that God's people are to be handled with care, the utmost regard and the highest integrity especially within the context of the church. The modern church has become so "business like" and modern ministers so akin to business persons and politicians, until we have forgotten that ministry is all about service to God and HIM only and that unto the safeguard and keeping of the flock of God.
I am ashamed to hear that we are living in a time when charlatanism is acceptable within the body of Christ and discernment is held to be an oddity or non essential element of Christian service. A commenter recently challenged the notion of spiritual discernment, reducing hearing and serving God to political and social posturing by claiming that I was merely trying to "influence" individuals to agree with my views and that I was simply pandering for an "amen crowd". You'll find that HERE.
This Christmas and New Year season, let us not only celebrate with our families, but let us commit to being a part of the change that the church so desperately needs. I am extremely blessed by those of you who have called and emailed me saying that this blog has helped encourage you to enter the next stage and dimension of ministry. Now however, we must move forward together at the speed that god has given us grace to travel supporting and praying for one another as we honor the TRUTH that is the only thing that will stem this tide of apostasy. We have the strength, the Lord is on our side and there is NO WEAPON formed against us that shall prosper.
May the Lord Bless each and every one of you, may he make HIS face to shine upon you, may he bless and keep you in the Power of the Holy Ghost is my prayer.


  1. I read all that was posted below and began to get a picture in my mind of the last day of Jezebel. I see her standing tall in her castle tower window looking down at Elijah. Thinking that she got this one, but God!!!!

    You know what was unique about this story that I hadn't really thought about until just now, as I was reading your blog, the very men that were suppose to be guarding her were the ones that ultimately threw her to her death. That to me spoke volumes and I was reading how this man/woman (who wrote to you) was saying that the "Bishop" is surrounded by all these "guards" (shall we say for lack of better description) for his protection (of his physical and /or personal characater assasination). Just as with Jezebel, when God says his(the "Bishop" and whoever else exalts themselves higher than they ought) time is up, God will use the very ones that are suppose to be protecting him to throw him to his death. As Elijah stood down underneath the window of the castle tower for Jehovah Nissi (the God who is our banner) he told the guards to do what God has already told him would be done that day. I believe God is calling for us (the Elijah's of today) to call to the window of the Mega Churches where Jezebel looks down thinking He and in some cases She got this one, but God!!!!

    When He says their time is up He will move those very guards that were suppose to be protecting him/ her to push them right to their ultimate death (demise or whatever God allows). Why??? Because Jehovah Nissi "Reigns Forever!!!!" Praise God!!!!!

    I am so excited about what God has in store for those are are called by His name, who have humbled themselves and prayed, have sought his face, have turned from their wicked ways. He promised to hear from heaven ( he promised that when we pray he would not only hear but also answer our prayers), forgive our sin(judgement must begin at the house of God) and heal our land(then the"true church" can move forward in the power and authority that Christ meant for us to have).

    Be Blessed My Pastor!!!
    Your Sister in Christ,

  2. Thank you Sister Alicia,

    Your comments were certainly ON POINT ind very insightful. That's what I see happening. I hope those that are around charlatan leaders will see that they will also fall into the judgement of God if they keep their eilence because silence is a vicarious endorsement of the devil details...



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