Sunday, May 14, 2017

Darrell Scott AKA: "Pimpoliscious" Strikes Again

I want to begin this by saying that anyone falling on hard times is NOT an issue or amusement. That is NOT the focus of this blog entry. I pray for other individuals who may be suffering from similar or like kind financial struggles and circumstances. We believe God WITH you that HE will deliver and be present to comfort you to your next blessing because we KNOW that God will bless HIS people. Yes, we may suffer, but we have not been left alone or left to die. Our God WILL deliver!

To The Point Of This Article

Quite some time ago, I met and along with many others, had a very negative experience online with a preacher, so called Bishop, who was just about as immature as they come. I have documented that incident and the results both HERE and HERE After a rather brief interaction with him, and seeing that he was only going to worsen the already horrible impressions of himself not only to me, but to others, I simply asked that he correct some issues and we would both move on. Of course his pride and arrogance stopped that and any positive that could come from that in its tracks. I wrote 2 articles generally addressing some of his online behavior.

Although some believe that they can act and cut a complete fool online, behind the guise of a computer screen, those of us who value our salvation and how we are perceived are mindful that our words on the internet are just as important as words and actions in person.

Darrell Scott didn't care about any of that then, and he doesn't care about any of that now, and he has simply continued to make an even larger fool of himself as a result. This is why I continue to name him "Pimpoliscious" as he has displayed that he continues to feel that the church, church people, the Black community and anyone whom he doesn't approve of is beneath him.

The Excess & Opulence of Pimpoliscious Has Been Proven

Somehow, and I have no idea o how, Pimpoliscious seduced his church, New Spirit Revival Center, into paying for a $10,000 per month lease for his family payable in weekly installments.It seems that Scott, along with his wife Belinda, entered into an agreement with one Munna Argarwal, on a property said to be valued at over $2 Million, and lived in the palatial residence for over 6 years.

Well, it seems that church giving slowed down and Scott could not afford to continue the rental agreement and this has led to a legal action of over $500,000 in which Argarwal alleges that he has been defrauded by Scott. As I said, the financial issues are not at issue here for me, the opulent lifestyle is.

Maybe that is the way its done today, but I could not find precedence to ask the church to pay a note over $10,000 per month of someone's rent or mortgage. Especially, for this clear charlatan.

Here is Cleveland News 5 Report:

Scott's Lust For Relevance: The White House Connection

Most people who came to this blog looking for information on Scott, did so because supported Trump the candidate so vehemently that President Trump made this man a part of his transition team, which I warned at the time was bad judgement and a move that would forever associate any political candidate (in this case Trump) with complete lunacy...Well, I was right!

Too bad that there is not a lot on the internet regarding what this man believes, or how he carries himself, other than a cherrypicking of some his greatest hits of sermons that he has delivered from time to time. Well, as far as we are concerned, even a BROKE CLOCK is right twice a day and a sermon unlived is certainly worthless for the one delivering the message. Perfection??? No, noone, including this writer, is perfect, however, there is a difference between living a life of hypocrisy and living a life of grace full of repentance at the cross of Christ. It is the latter that I and all believers endeavor to do, but something that continues to seemingly escape Scott at every turn.

Chicago "gang thugs"

For some reason, it seems that Scott, once again, chose to lie in front of CNN cameras, similar to his lie about the gathering of pastors for Trump during the campaign, contending that certain, unnamed "top gang thugs in Chicago" had called him suggesting that they were looking to a Trump Presidency to reach out to the gang community to help make the community better.

Well, look, hear it for yourself:

The problem is with this, is that NONE OF IT IS TRUE! Scott later goes on to say that he "meant" that he had met with someone who was once part of a Chicago gang and that he (Scott) was "tired" and had "misspoke" when he made his original comments. That article can be found HERE

However, according to the man, Torrence Cooks, whom Scott supposedly spoke with, even Scott's correction wasn't true! Here is the Chicago Tribune interview with the man regarding the issue. CHICAGO TRIBUNE ONLINE

It seems that Scott only knows about showmanship and does not care about truth. If he can so easily and readily lie about things like this, he cannot be trusted for anything that has to do with spirituality. 

This was something that was said in effort to be relevant. Like most folk in Chicago know, NOBODY even cares or knows about Scott. I believe that in order to be relevant, Scott was willing to place himself in such a light that he could be seen at any cost...Well, the light is on and I am quite sure that like a roach, he's runnin'!!!!



It seems that NONE of these folks can get their stories straight.

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