Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Divination Of Cleveland ~ More Prophe-lying Profits

See the update on the continued apostasy of these people and more at:

In a previous post "The Divination Of Detroit", I spoke regarding Juanita II's encouragements to the Greater Grace City Of David. More recently I featured her again in "Speak It In The Atmosphere" showing that the basic premise of what she was encouraging and teaching was rooted in metaphysical and metaspiritual concepts,  specifically the "Law Of Attraction" rather than in solid biblical or scriptural concepts and encouragements. 

I've also detailed the false teachings and doctrines of master prophet E. Bernard Jordan, in "Prophe-Lying For Profits" in which Jordan supports not only his lust for money, but his association of Astrology with the power and move of God. In addition, I've also featured the false prophecy of Brian Carn that he so eagerly documented, but is more easily used to discredit his prophetic office.  

Not to be outdone while taking apostasy and false doctrine to a completely new LOW level, the Word Network, in conjunction with  false prophet George Bloomer, and his apostate co-host, Pimpoliscious, (and that should say it all) will bring some of the nations leading false prophets together under one roof hosting another False Profit Summit for the program "Rejoice In The Word" at the New Spirit Revival Center of Cleveland Heights, OH. 

In what is bound to be an event filled with everything except a solid biblical understanding of prophecy, the advertisement says that the Summit will also feature a special opportunity to receive a "2012 prophetic word" from either or both Dr. Belinda Scott, co- pastor of New Spirit Revival Ctr., or Juanita Bynum II the false prophetess to the nation herself. 

Can Bloomer Rejoice In The Word?

Ephesians 4:29 ~ "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers."

Bishop George Bloomer
As stated the summit will be taped for the Word Network and a show "Rejoice In The Word". The primary host of the show and the Prophetic Summit is Bishop George Bloomer who admittedly cusses when he gets angry (Rejoice In The Word~ Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Fathers~12/23/2011) Can you imagine going in for prayer and he's having a bad day and displaying it by cussing someone out? 

That's not the half of it however. He also admits to using cocaine before preaching before he was "delivered". (11:27pm EST 1/20/08 on Streaming Faith West Angeles Church of God in Christ) So he used to "fake" being saved claiming that God was still yet using him during this time. (I think NOT! God doesn't need to use the profane when the Holy will do his will!) In addition, he is a gay affirming pastoral leader in his own words. Read about that at GCMwatch.com.  

Remember, this is not only the same bishop Bloomer (less about 150 lbs)  due to cancer and a resultant lap-band surgery, who prophesied miraculous healing to Fantasia in early 2008, BEFORE she had to have surgery on her throat in May 2008 to remove a tumor that almost derailed her singing career, but it is the same person who said that pastors of "small churches" and those who don't have a "national stage" for ministry are "loosers". (Rejoice In The Word~ Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Fathers~12/23/2011) However, according to recent reports at ObnoxiousTV, Bloomer may become an ultimate looser by "loosing" his freedom and everything else if the allegations of a lawsuit recently filed against him proves that he was engaged in a criminal enterprise to defraud some of his church associates out of some $300,000. 

Colossians 3:8 ~ "But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth."

If all of that weren't enough, Bloomer has further revealed his lack of biblical understanding through his concept of spiritual sons and fathers. He believes that the voice of the persons ascribed by individuals as their "spiritual father" within the church is the "preeminent voice of God in your life".(Rejoice In The Word~ Spiritual Sons and Spiritual Fathers~12/23/2011) In other words he believes in the utter control of who he deems to be a "spiritual son" One can readily see that this type of belief and teaching is not only contrary to scripture which is an authority greater than any of us, but that this sort of understanding encourages and gives way to cultism, mind control, manipulation and a whole host of ungodliness. The question is why would a man want to be the "preeminent voice of God" in another man's life to begin with? That seems to be a very strange proposition. By the way, I forgot to mention that Bloomer claims to be a "spiritual son" of bishop Eddie Long. Can you believe that???  

The Valley Of Self Exaltation 

It seems that Bloomer's issues are just a small snippet of the real issues of many of the adherents and participants of the Profits Summit. Not only have I laid out and addresses the flat out false prophecies and fallacious teachings of many of the guests as listed above, but all indications are that they are persisting in the resurrection of the "Touch not mine anointed" motif substituting it with the "I'm great and you're not" routine that the self exalted invariably follow. 

Pastor Belinda Scott
Someone contacted the ministry with details of a recent statement by  Pastor Belinda Scott in which she addressed her participation in this ungodly summit. Obviously upset over being questioned, she responded as follows:
"I have been asked to do Prophetic Summit with people from every prophetic background to debate, discuss, and determine the truth and the light. What is amazing to me, is how people who have never been on any type of major platform can comment on any of these things. Prophets from every time and every arena will be there...I know who called me and why I've been sent, I have to declare God's prophetic Word as He has given it to me! Whoever else is on the panel isn't my call, and some smalled little ppl without purpose have the nerve to speak! The Devil is a liar...SMH! The bible say's let the prophets speak, and the other judge!" (emphasis added) 
In other words, "I'm bigger than you. I'm more important than you, shut up and leave me alone" Believe me, we're Shaking Our Heads too!

Galations 6:3 ~ For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

Not only does a blatant arrogance seethe through clearly from Pastor Scott's statements, but a lack of  understanding is present as well. For example: since when did anyone have to have a "major platform" to address truth claims or any of these issues? What is a "major platform" and how does she know that she has one? Further, did the biblical prophets have a "major platform"? Were they considered to be more than "small little people"? Did God use them because of a platform, or did God create his own platform?  

The historical FACT is that Christianity was considered to be a back water religion for many years and was not a threat to Rome for quite some time. It was born on anything but what could be considered to be a "major platform". Was the platform of Christianity too small to make a change in the world? I think not! 

Further, why can's can't "small little people" have something to say about her actions, claims or the actions of any of these so called prophets and pulpit liars?  What is a "small little person without purpose"? God has a providential purpose for all of his children. While I agree that charlatans will continue their evil ways in a mindless fashion, (such as has been described with evidence to support it) how can a child of God not have purpose if God is the architect of a life given to him and  purpose?   


As we can see it seems that the primary prophe-liars that will be involved in this conference continue to persist in the same sins that have derailed many ministries in recent times. Remember, it was Bloomer's "spiritual father"  Eddie, that claimed he wasn't a preacher where "all we're doing is baptizing babies", (Watch This Pt. 6)  and Juanita II claimed that she wasn't an ordinary preacher and that she was a cut above all ministers and leaders. Remember the man that influenced Long? It was the bishop and apostate Earl Paulk, that felt that he had privilege to claim  what he taught was the "kings meat", that allowed him to have sex outside of marriage and molest young persons within his church. He would eventually die in shame and under the weight of his sins. 

God rejected the actions of Paulk then and God is rejecting this new generation of preachers who want to use God's people to support their ungodly habits and sins now. This is the light that they do not want shone upon their deeds and their ways. The light of TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS from those who are committed to biblical truth with their last breath. 

John 1:5 ~  And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Let the light of TRUTH shine to dispel this darkness so the body of Christ can be blessed and free from the resurgence of lies and apostate doctrines contrived by men giving heed to seducing spirits. On CHRIST the solid Rock I stand! Watch out Cleveland, you will be divined!



  1. One more thing, many of these folk offer some exaggerated and flat out lying testimonials. Some of these folk talking about they were gangsters and on drugs only say this sort of mess because they have tapped into sensationalism and they need attention to sell something. So they are simply trying to make some money and receive some converts to themselves.

    The FACT is that real folk in their sins, have no place, use, or regard for hypocrites. Saved folk buying drugs from gangsters will be treated worse than anyone else because those brothers, rightfully so, have no respect for hypocrites.

    All I say is stop the madness.

    On the other hand, and to his credit, I have never heard about a character problem with E. Bernard Jordan. His theology is highly suspect and desire for money far too apparent, but I haven't heard about him drinking, molesting boys, doing drugs and cussin' like these other so called prophetic hypocrites have been doing for years behind the scenes.

    This is already the third most viewed post for the month and the public counter on my page is about 1000 clicks per day off for some reason.

    2012 we're even doing more to come against charlatans and pulpit whores...watch and see because we've only just begun!

    1. I admonished all that want to call these men and women of God false prophet to be careful.
      The bible says. Judge nothing before it's time. It also says woe to them that say light is dark and dark is light. be very careful of who you judge in your own eyesight. Most importantly be a doer of his word. If a Brother be overtaken in a fault ye which are spiritual restore them ans consider yourself lest ye fall in temptation. Stop devouring them lift them up to be restored. Your not spiritual if you are devouring them. behold the mote in your eye before you pluck out the beam in another. Be still and hear the voice of Holy Spirit it is he that leads us into truth. To discern correctly. See it is individual like yourselves that accused Jesus of casting out devils in the name of beezbulb

    2. Be careful about putting your mouth on things you have not discern and been shown by God. If you are children of God then you know that he takes special issue with you devouring one another. The bible says. If a brethren fellow servant be overtaken in a fault then ye which are spiritual go ans restore them considering yourself lest you be tempted. Many religious people in Jesus day have the nerve to tell him that he was casting out devils in the name beezelbulb. Be very careful, woe unto those who say dark is light and light is dark. your out of order because you in your flesh instead of walking in the spirit praying for the men N women of God. just because you don't think they are don't make it so. behold the beam in your own eyes before you pluck out the mote in theirs. Remember while u pointing the finger 10 more pointing at youMake sure your temple is clean. if you are a Christians then you know better.

    3. Kasiaa, you are right in what you are saying. I don't like discernment blogs anymore. All they do is expose, expose, expose, while showing no love or compassion.

  2. Now I have heard many stupid things in life...but this one is beyond me...

    On his Rejoice In The Word program, Friday 12/30/2011 this bishop Bloomer said that 1- That it was 29 years into ministry before he heard the voice of the Lord. Now that was very ambiguous and he was talking about hearing him audibly, although the suggestion was that "hearing God" meant actually knowing for sure what God was telling you to do.

    2- He said that he learned all of his skills giving him a capability of running the church on the street corner...he said he learned PPPD, Packaging, Promotion, Progress, and Distribution...OK, the aim was to say that God can teach you what you need to know no matter were you are and that he prepares everyone for his service...

    3- This is the Grandaddy of them all...Bloomer admitted that he started his church with $600,000 of DRUG money that he had a young lady hold for him before he got caught and was thrown in jail. During the interim the young lady was thrown in jail also but held the money safely for him until she got out. He said he was praying to God, she got out and gave him the drug money...

    Bloomer started his church with Drug money...What kinda garbage is that? These are not prophets...they are PROFITEERS and lascivious puppets of satan himself!

  3. Of course Bloomer had an interview with Juanita Bynum II and Belinda Scott that they aired on Rejoice In The Word. Here are a few of the "nuggets" that were brought forth:

    Belinda: "The prophetic will get under attack because we are the mind gifts of God"...Ok, that's now the reason and excuse for crazy and inconsistent actions and behaviors...Those who have the "mind gifts" will experience mental and emotional pressures and inconsistencies...OK...only problem is where is it in SCRIPTURE that you'll go crazy and have inconsistent behavior following and serving the Lord???

    Belinda: "why are we trying not to give people credit? They've given their life." Now this was said in effort to allow the veneration of the prophet by the people. The prophet has given their life so they can be exalted along with God, because, after all, it was their effort that made the dream come true....another subjective opinion held out as revelation.

    Belinda: "In 2012 the Lord is getting ready to reward faithful people"...People "faithful" to what and to whom? God and man, or God only, or man only? Later in the same show, Bishop Bloomer confessed that he was crushing and mixing prescription medication and snorting it like he used to do with crack cocaine. Prozac was one of the medications in his cocktail of drugs. He had turned to it because of his marital problems and other issues. Now that was about a year or so ago wasn't it? Was that being "faithful"? how is "faithfulness" defined by these persons? I have no clue.

    Belinda & Juanita II:"When you decree a thing, everything in the atmosphere will pull it into existence"...Now here we go with the metaspiritual and metaphysical power of words as a force to manipulate reality or "the atmosphere". This is more heretical mess, I've covered HERE

    Juanita II: "When we decide and decree that what the enemy did was illegal, favor will come upon you"..."Angels have to go find money because we have decreed it"

    So we can't find "favor with God" until WE decree the illegality of the devil's actions??? This is the most junk! Where is that contained within any scripture? How do you manipulate scripture to confirm this? So our blessing is dependent upon us knowing "spiritual law" so much until we can write some type of spiritual ticket against the devil??? We have to take him to court...OK what did Jesus do then and how does that apply to us? Juanita's assertions are nothing more than subjective, out of the air, opinion.

    I haven't been keeping up doe to a busy schedule, but I can see that nothing has changed if this was representative of the "prophetic conference"...still more self exaltation and excuses and even praise of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is hailed as being "real" among these. How is it "real" to be a hypocrite? To be preaching and crazy and a Bessie Bug? Didn't God say that he can KEEP that which has been delivered unto him and preserve it blameless??? then why are these "profits" happy to say how big of a hypocrite they have been since they've been saved??? Sad condition of what is supposed to be called the church...

  4. I watched the interview Friday night and I was amazed at what I saw and heard. I also heard Dr. Scott say that "the Lord is getting ready to reward faithful people," but the illustrations were nothing more than pure cockiness on her part and I was disturbed to say the least. Then Juanita II gets up and says to Belinda Scott that God was getting ready to "throw her to the world." Wow, all I can say. After at least 30 or 45 minutes of this stuff, I clicked off of the Word Network stream (Watched the interview online).

    1. Johnny,

      Thanks, that was a TOTAL fiasco...You have a Bishop admitting that less than a year ago, he was snorting a cocktail of crushed Rx medications like it was crack, you have a prophet that sees "what God is doing in the earth" that calls this bishop and asks him is he on drugs when another preacher dies, and he DENIES it and admits his lie on TV...this was some garbage 4-real!

      I don't have time to watch the show often and I don't take the time to know what these folk are doing, but when I do, hypocrisy is so at the top of the list of items it's amazing...How can you "brag" about sin if you're ashamed of it? This man shooting up his big toe while he's preaching around the country...he cannot be trusted...nothing he says or that those associated with him can be trusted. not because of having been in sin, it's because of blatant hypocrisy.

      It is the epitome of hypocrisy to get high (and drunk as some of these STILL do)and then go preach and then say God is using you...A person with that disposition and view is a spiritual illiterate and also a reprobate plain and simple.

      And another lie...one doesn't have to experience GARBAGE to be able to help those out of garbage. I don't have to ever be a hypocrite to help someone out of their sin. These folk think that God made them sin so they could help others...STRAIGHT CRAZY!

    2. The bible does says he rewards faithfulness do you read the bible. well done thy good and faithful servant

    3. Further more if you don't like what they are saying stop watching them. now theres a remedy

  5. Kasiaa,

    Thank you for commenting, but I think you missed the whole point. God don't have no PROFI-LIARS...

    Your admonishments are taken well when it comes to those who have a track record of a sound life, and biblical basis for their position and prophetic voices. However LIARS and those that abuse scripture (such as ALL the one's named in this piece) for their own means and ends are already condemned.

    Part of the mission and CALLING of the TRUE believers is to stand against APOSTASY and unrighteousness. To follow astrological signs or to believe that God's gits and anointing bypass a holy and righteous lifestyle especially under a New Testament paradigm is simply plain ole IGNORANCE.

    Jude said that the believer was to "earnestly contend" for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. (Jude 3) That's our NT calling card.

    These folk that prophe-LIE calling sinners saved and condemning the righteous (sound familiar???) don't have it like the BIBLE says.

    So thanks for your admonition, but I think WE got this!


  6. Contend for the faith does not mean tearing down others. I'm going to end this blog with this, please don't arrogantly assume that you you have anything. Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. God is the one that got all things. you be blessed and your in my prayers.

  7. Kasiaa,

    Like I said thanks for coming her to comment, but let me show you how seriously confused you are.

    You said:"Contend for the faith does not mean tearing down others."

    Now do you mean that? Do you know what "contend" means? Then how ins the same writing (aka: breath) can you justify the very next statement?

    You said:"please don't arrogantly assume that you you have anything.

    What does it mean to "arrogantly assume" and that I "don;t have anything"? Now, am I EXCLUDED from your beliefs about not tearing down?

    This is called a logical contradiction. You espouse two DIFFERENT truths and claim both to be truth. This is the CONFUSION of your path.

    Now, you come to this blog, and I am being rather nice, (as APOSTATES and HYPOCRITS, like I am beginning to believe that you are, get blasted here)...But you come here with "BABBLE" and incoherent ramblings defending the utter APOSTASY and God CURSED actions of these apostates and don't address a single argument and then, condemn me while telling me I shouldn't be condemning...

    Do you see the rank STUPIDITY of that? Not to mention the biblical ignorance?

    What you can do is deal with the arguments. Deal with the self-exaltation of these so called "prophets" who spew venom deceiving folk by the droves. To which you say, "stop listening to them"

    Are you CRAZY??? It sure sounds like it. Why not tell them to STOP DECEIVING folk with their ignorance. See the public is the VICTIM of their charlatanism. Don't blame the VICTIM for the garbage, manipulation and deceit that these people hurl.

    now if you're sincere and know anything about God, you'd JOIN the cause and stand against them and their deceit and self-exalted ways. These folk are hardly even saved IF they are, as they don;t espouse or believe in a biblical standard or truth. They recreate truth to suit their own needs. If you would deal with that instead of psychoanalyzing me, you may be able to make a point worthy of the world. Right now, I KNOW God isn't pleased with any of your advocacy of this apostate mess.

    So as I said, thank you, but you need to be shook and take another look at truth, because you obviously espouse and endorse error and ignorance.

    That is said.

  8. You remind me of Paul contending for the faith in error He thought he was right too. I pronounced no one guilty you did. You don't like being condemn but you do it. My comment to you was pray, restore with meekness considering yourself. I am well diversed in the word my brother. I psychoanalyze no one. You did that. I discern that you are in for just judging. you have no Desire to pray. I called arrogance out because you make statements such as I got this and you need to be shooked. God is the one that does the shaking my brother not you. Remember that. I'm not confused by any means I know exactly what I'm saying and why I'm saying it. You want to contend, contend for those you deemed in error. Defend them against the enemy that you perceive that beguiled. I'm not ignorant nor unlearned believe that.

  9. Kasiaa,

    You said:"You remind me of Paul contending for the faith in error He thought he was right too.

    First Paul NEVER contended for the faith in error. So what is the little "proof text" that you offer for this gem of understanding? I really would like you to expound as I see people that follow these heretics come up with new heresy everyday.

    You said: "I pronounced no one guilty you did."

    Get off the high horse of confusion and deal with the issues please! All you've done is condemn and not addressed the LIES of these lying prophets one bit.

    Will the self-exalted, such as those specified in this article stand before God justified? Or will they need to repent of both their false prophecies 9and it is a FALSE prophecy) to claim that GOd healed only to be followed by a surgery to heal what God supposedly healed)

    You said:"You don't like being condemn but you do it."

    The BIBLE is the only standard and unlike you, I am in it. These people condemn THEMSELVES similar to you with ungodly, unbiblical and unsupportable assertions. The judgment is made out of the Books which were opened,(Rev. 20:12) which is the WORD of GOd. That is the basis for the judgement that we are to make. It's called a righteous judgment discerning good from evil and wheat from chaff...I see the wind has caught you up. That is usually what happens when substance is lacking.

    You said:"My comment to you was pray, restore with meekness considering yourself."

    Is that right? Well how do you get that from this:

    "please don't arrogantly assume that you have anything"

    Were you "considering yourself" when you wrote that? Your's is a total misapplication and lack of understanding of the issue in general and certainly no understanding of how to address it.

    see pt. 2

  10. Kasiaa 2:

    You claim: I am well diversed in the word my brother.

    OK, then is that is the case, you know these verses:

    Isa. 58:1 ~ "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins."

    And how about this one in regards to the TRUE prophetic voice he sets in the land:

    Jer. 1:10 ~ See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

    Now was the prophet ungodly for setting forth truth? If I am lying, you and I are in agreement...but I AIN'T LYING!

    How about this one since you know the bible as you claim:

    2 Pet. 3:3 ~Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts

    Maybe that is in reference to the crew you desire to support and maybe even you yourself as "birds of a feather"...Nonetheless, Jesus got you as well when he said this:

    Matthew 24:24 ~ For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    All these folk do is TALK and display their ignorance of the word and their abuse of scripture.

    Your christ perpetuates false teaching, and tells people to be quite. Your christ says pray about hereitics that are using the people of God for their own lusts and false prophecies and claims that "you better be careful you may be judged"...Your faith IS NOT the biblical faith that martyrs gave their life for. Yet the "claim by you is that those in opposition to this garbage 'may" be condemned...
    You my friend DO NOT know the scriptures and YOU are certainly in error plainly and clearly.

    You said:"I'm not ignorant nor unlearned believe that."

    I can't possibly believe that because you have left no evidence from your commentary that suggests anything to the contrary.

  11. OK, so I get it now, you're talking about Paul BEFORE he was converted on the road to Damascus?

    Only problem is that I AM converted and I kill noone. these liars that you support are doing the killing. They are slaying people with misinformation, false prophecies and all the trappings of a predator. Yet YOU claim that others aren't converted...

    Go figure:

    John 3:19 ~ And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil

    Those are the FACTS that need to be checked and the root of the real problem.

  12. BTW: His name wasn't PAUL when he was doing the killing and fighting for Judaism...it was SAUL. PAUL never contended for Judaism and never killed anyone.

    Is that how it goes in your bible too? Or do you need a "prophecy" for that as well???

  13. I actually said Saul but nevertheless. You be blessed. I pray Gods peace and wisdom upon your life. As I said before I will pray for them and you. Prayer changes everything!!

  14. Only what you do for Christ will last. let everything be done with purity of heart.
    One thing I don't have to do is prove myself to no man. if I have any misspelled errors or broken words it probably due me being on cell phone. God said study to show thy approved unto God a workman need not be ashamed but rightly divide the one of truth. The Holy Spirit himself will lead into all truth. Christians that have the heart God don't become offend or defensive when they are told to pray for others. pray without ceasing. Paul say that the saints should pray for one another. I still have not heard you say youre praying for them. The heart of God is restoration and reconciliation. Now find a scripture that dispute that. Iron sharpens iron. one can disagree without becoming disagreeable. again be blessed

  15. Well one thing is clear, evidence doesn't lie especially literary evidence and you wrote PAUL even if you were thinking Saul. Just take a look and you'll see it for yourself.

    Now, that serves to prove a point. You believe what you believe IN SPITE OF the evidence. You believe these propheliars are due a pass on their apostasy and bankrolling the people of God and the church IN SPITE OF the evidence that what they are saying cannot be supported by any biblical text.

    They are abusers, bilking the people of God and doing so gladly. The problem is that your endorsement of them is the same as YOU committing the evil yourself. The scripture is clear:

    1 Tim. 5:22 ~ Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men's sins: keep thyself pure.

    Your endorsement makes you just as guilty and somehow, out of all this, I don't believe you want to be guilty, but you are...All you have offered is platitudes and the status quo which will not stand in the day of judgement. I don't know everything, but I what I do know, I'll stand on with all diligence as GOd has given me the charge to do so.

    The CHURCH is to put charlatans such as this out of their midst and reveal their works as ungodly:

    Ephes. 5:6-13 ~6-Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. 7-Be not ye therefore partakers with them. 8-For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: 9-(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) 10-Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. 11-And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. 12-For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. 13-But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

    These people want to do what they do and justify their actions among themselves. They don't care about reproof or payer...

    Scriptures provide a FIRM biblical and New Testament basis for placing their sins on blast. They say and do these things publicly and the TRUTH can stand public scrutiny especially of the WORD.

    Neither the church, leaders of the church, nor people in the church are to dumb down and silently pray as you suggest. That is mind control and is not godly or biblical.

    In fact Paul TOLD us to JUDGE as in reconcile the TRUTH of situation between believers in the church based on God's ethical and morals standards as revealed by scripture and relationship with him.

    Then there is

    1 Cor. 5:11-13 ~ 11-But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. 12-For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? 13-But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

    The principle is the same for the sins to which there people I've featured in these articles are involved in. Your approach is commendable, but unbiblical.

    I advise you to seek God and sever ties with these charlatans. There are good and God sent Prophets that do not follow this shoddy manner of service and manipulation that these practice. We that are saved are to seek out good and godly men and women and uphold virtues, not sins.

    Now make the claim, if you would, that Paul is somehow ungodly for encouraging what he encouraged so plainly...I'd like to hear that as a biblical defense for your position.

    You claimed to honor the word. Please begin to do so with these idols.

  16. God bless you my brother. I pray that the eyes of your unsestanding be enlighten by the Holy Spirit. You still refuse to recognize The heart of God and you have not paid any attn to what I said I neither confirm if they were right or wrong. I said reoncilation and restoral.I said pray for those you deemed out of order. you say I'm confused. I believe you are, I understand everything you brought to the table. But you understood nothing.I said. you refuse to pray for those you say are error.

    Again you miss the whole premise of my statement. you are so busy trying to quote scriptures and prove your point. That you missed the message. You say you have not killed any one, you just did! you slandering people that is murder. I'm aware of who I am anf what needs to be corrected in my life. Can you be honest about you, are you aware of what needs to be corrected in your life. Stop being so argumentative. Why are you angry. I never attacked you I said to you I admonish you to be careful about what you say and how and who you saying it about. Pray more talk less. Listen to the Holy Spirit, quiet yourself. None of us is above reproof. I advise you to get into the present of God. I advise you to pray. you be blessed and may the Lord continue to shine his light of glory on you. Be a man of God that prays and rightly divide Gods word. Let agree to pray and let Gods will be done. Be blessed and at peace. if you feel all of what you are saying and doing is right and true then it matters not what I say or next person. Dust your feet off and jeep it moving. Let God defend you. Let go and let God. He is the bearer if truth. if you are right and The Holy Spirit confirm these things then allow him to open the eyes of the people. Thats his job, you plant see. He waters it and causes it grow. He knows his business better than we do. Be a witness with your life. your job is to say Father I done my part not you do the rest. Have a great and blessed weekend

  17. I didn;t miss the message. I believe in restoration, certainly we all do that are sincere.

    The problem is that these folk are confirmed in their sins and unrighteousness and silence is golden to them.

    Think of all the thousands bilked and led astray because you and others like you remain silent and try for your life to get "something" that you claim that God is doing in their lives.

    This is tragic! What we have is a wholesale dedication to manipulation by these and God is simply allowing their own words to be reveled so that the people can be blessed and warned.

    Just like you found this, thousands have done the same. Mission accomplished. If they repent, I'll be the FIRST to post that and endorse them, but until then...I won't partake in ungodliness.

  18. One more thing...TRUTH isn't slander...

    I quote IN CONTEXT their own words and meanings of what THEY present...That has nothing to do with slander...

    If that is the case, you are condemning about half the bible...

  19. You also said this: Can you be honest about you, are you aware of what needs to be corrected in your life.

    That is not the problem. My faults aren't telling lies to the masses, stealing money and subjecting the spirits of people to abuse. All sin is not equivalent. I don't need to be corrected in any of the areas in which these people are displaying their sins and seducing the world. This argument is called a Red Herring...it has NOTHING to do with the argument.

    You said:"Stop being so argumentative. Why are you angry."

    I'm mad at people who make statements, pretending that they are questions...I could also be an English teacher, where's the QUESTION MARK???

    Anyway, Was Jesus "angry" when he beat them out of the temple on at least 2 occasions that scripture records? Was Jesus angry when he called the scribes and pharisees, vipers, wolves in sheep's clothing, and devils? Was Jesus "angry" when he called them a "wicked and perverse generation" that would see the judgement of GOd???

    The problem is that you have a low view of scripture and the holiness of GOd. Prayer doesn't facilitate silence on issues. Not when the stakes are so high. In addition, YOU are not the one who calls and commissions...so for you to impose yourself ans some type of "spiritual restraint" means that you too are self exalted...

    I haven't tried to correct what you think may be your ministry, but you surely stand corrected in everything that you've said here...The best remedy is repentance and realignment with the mission and word of Christ as it pertains to these liars.

  20. @District Supt. Harvey Burnett ..

    The arguments this young lady brings up is why so many people are being sexually assaulted, bilked of money, and in bondage to clergy who lord over the people (nicolaitans). People like her refuse to see Christ as well as Apostles admonishments to "Test the spirit" and "Test the fruit". Why would they say that if we are only to pray and not "judge". Yes, the word "judge". Aw, the forbidden word in today's black church. For my people and their lack of knowledge and study. Study is frowned upon by the church for laity. According to clery, only they are worthy to filter God's word to the people. Looks and sounds like the black church has turned into the pre-reformation catholic church to me, or is it the same spirit that entered the catholic church has entered the black church as well? Pedophilia?

  21. What the young lady in essence is saying for you to do is the "Shhhh... " and don't tell nobody the sins of the church. That is the problem and issue she is really disguising with her own philosophy on scripture. Was Paul in error when he "Judge" the fornicator? And for that matter, was the corinthians who ratted out the fornicator and sent word to Paul that that was taking place in error? Prayer yes for those who seek repentance and truth. Did we forget the words "I pray not for the world"? Is the world the people or the sinful ways of the world? Is covering up heresy and blasphemy holy or sinful? Are christians admonished to remove from their presence blasphemy, heresy, and nicolaitanism? YES!

  22. Hi Chris
    please don't assume what I'm saying. you dont know anything about me. a wise person never assume but asks questions to gain wisdom. so if you want to know what I mean ask me. I can assume some things about you.But I will not walk as an unwise person. Good day

  23. Interesting Chris are you God, do you know all things No you are not and know you. Assumption makes everyone who does it look like a fool. The devil is a liar you will not link me as person that says shhh be quiet dont tell about perversion going on in the church. You are allowing the accuser of the brethren to use you right now. you don't know my story, you don't know me at all and if you were walking in the spirit and had discernment, then you would have never spoke such ignorance out of your mouth. Check yourself. you want gain wisdom then learn to ask Questions and then wait for the answer.

  24. It is apparent from reading her comments that Kasiaa is deceived and no amount of reasoning with her will change her mind. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to her that she is in total error concerning her line of thinking when it comes to exposing these false prophets.

  25. Clarinda,

    THANKS and totally agreed!

    Unless these charlatans are exposed by revealing their own false words and immoral positions, they will continue to make mockery of the people of God. Sad but true.


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