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Harvey Burnett, an ACA Individual and SHOP certified health insurance agent, offers a wealth of health insurance options for almost every situation imaginable for both Illinois residents, international travelers and those in need of dental and vision care. Our online health insurance store can be found on our website HERE.

Domestic Major Medical ACA Plan

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Illinois Major Medical
ssFirst, for Illinois residents enrolling into an ACA compatible plan, we offer Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Illinois. One of the largest and most respected health insurance companies in the State, Blue Cross offers a wide array of products and services designed to meet your needs. We can help you enroll directly through our online process or help you enroll through Click the "Get started" button to check prices and enroll in a plan today.

International & Travel Major Medical Plans

US Away International Major Medical


Are you planning foreign travel for business or as a student?
Planning that foreign vacation that you deserve?Are you traveling abroad to deliver vital medical services or civic services?Are you or someone in your church preparing for a religiously based missionary journey?Have you applied for a VISA and need medical insurance?
Dunamis now offers USAway International Major Medical Insurance and this may be exactly what you need. Click the link above to get more information or to enroll directly into a plan that suits your budget.

International Major Medical

Do you have family traveling from a foreign country? 
Are you traveling to The United states from a foreign jurisdiction to study, train, or receive additional education? 
Does your church organization have foreign dignitaries coming to The United States for religious purposes?
Does your business have executives or employees from foreign jurisdictions coming to The United States for business purposes?

Dunamis now offers International Major Medical Insurance and this may be exactly what you or your organization needs in order to protect against adverse financial risks of a foreign travel health crisis.

Short Term Major Medical

Are you or a loved one between jobs & without healthcare?
You left your employer and took their health coverage with you, but does the cost of COBRA insurance coverage got you wondering how you're going to make it?
Have you or someone you know, applied for ACA coverage and were declined because of failure to meet special enrollment guidelines?
Are you waiting for coverage at your employer to kick in?

Dunamis now offers Short Term Major Medical Insurance and this may be exactly what you or your organization needs in order to minimize the risk of potential health care costs and expenditures.

IMG International Major Medical Insurance
International Medical Group
IMG is a leader in domestic and international health insurance. With products ranging from individual, group, student, travel, trip cancellation and extended marine health insurance coverage, IMG is bound to have exactly what one coming into the United states or traveling to a foreign country will need. Click HERE to or the banner above to view ALL the available health plans for domestic and international travelers offered through industry leader. Click the banner, quote and apply online. these plans are ideal for churches and church groups on a mission or with missionaries either traveling to or leaving the US.

Health Insurance Answers
Dental & Vision Care Plans

Spirit Dental & Vision
Underwritten by Ameritas Life Of New York , Spirit Dental & Vision could save you anywhere from 10% to 60% off of dental and vision costs. Spirit Dental offers the following benefits:
  • No Waiting Periods
  • Choose Your Own Dentist Option
  • Three Cleanings Per Year
  • Implants and Major Services Covered
  • Lifetime Deductible
  • Up to $5,000 Annual Maximum
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Every day effective dates
  • Optional vision insurance available

The best part of all this, is that we are open 24 hours per day, all day everyday. Shop, compare and choose the plan right for you at your convenience. 

Click the links for either of these fine products to get rates and apply online. Always feel free to email Dunamis with your questions or request assistance at 

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