A Christmas Message To All NBA Players

Use Your Money 


Start Your Own League
 Put David Stern


The Current League Out Of Business


Ooh, I almost forgot: 


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  1. If they continue under the misdirection of the current league leadership they are in more trouble than I thought.

  2. Shutting out the middle man huh?

    Now you know that that wouldn't happen because they can trust management way better than they can trust anyone that they give a pen and authority unto!!

  3. Look at this...if you get 50 platers and former players to contribute $5 M, that would create $250,000,000.00 in capitalization...That would secure any and all financing they would need for a new league and all the advertisers would buy in in large numbers including the players and retirees current sponsors.

    Step 2- Create a profit sharing league core. Tie all players to the league by having some of their contracts and earning go to fund the league. In other words every player and potential player becomes part owner and their income success is directly tied to the profit sharing revenue of the league. This also guarantees player ownership even if there is a third party watchdog, arbitration or policing body.

    3- Create your own farm system and teams similar to the MLB. Stop riding the coat-tail of the NCAA. Develop talent from within the league. Shelf-life and injury is an issue so details would have to be clearly defined.

    4- Since all players would be owners, collective bargaining would be a thing of the past. Players with the inability to participate more because of minimum salaries or earning would still be equally represented through a system that represents owners with certain salary grades so that decisions would be fair to all salary grades and classes of ownership. This would eliminate disparity and create parity in the league.

    Those are just a few ideas, grandfather the initial owners with some special benefit and open up ownership for a season or period of time so that all players can participate. Make a minimum limit of $1M...You would probably have over 100 players and former players and in reality come close to raising over $1 Billion in capital. ELIMINATE any type of corporate ownership possibility even of venues. Allow them to buy sponsorship but eliminate the corporate ownership of venues and potential control of league activities...

    How about those things for consideration. Does anyone have any nerve or guts?

    I wonder

  4. Now, they say, "what about the collective bargaining agreement?"

    I say, "What about it"?

    What in the collective bargaining agreement prevents players from owning and participating in another league?

    What in the collective bargaining agreement prevents players from coming out from under it and pursuing their careers?

    Are they under collective bargaining agreement when they go to Spain and Argentina? Does the agreement prohibit players who can't find placement in the NBA from going to other venues and becoming successful? I don't think so.

    I say new league, established by player/retirees with revenue sharing. A quarter of a billion dollars will fund the start-up adequately and there shouldn't be a problem gaining the sponsors necessary.

  5. David Stern..."I didn't stop the trade, I was acting on behalf of the owners" 2/25/12 All Star Weekend Press Conference...

    Are you serious??? He was doing what the owners wanted him to do and he doesn't take the blame for it??? Here is Stern..."Ooh no, it wasn't me, don't be angry, it was the owners"...So I'll tell you that WE KNOW the owners of the Lakers and Hornets didn't disagree...so the owners of the "other teams" were the one's who hindered everything and he just HAD to comply...OK...Right!!!

    Secondly Stern made the ridiculous comparison that injuries this year were the same as injuries last year at All Star Break and that he didn't see a problem. OK, here's the problem Mr. Stern...Last year was a full season, more games played by the All Star break. This year, your players are playing a 3 game in 4 day schedule and a 6 game in 7 day schedule with little practice time and hardly no break...You mean you expect us to believe that injury results being the same is a equal comparison??? You "think" we got off the turnip truck last night Mr. Stern...sorry, you're a few days late. This is ridiculous!!!

    Get rid of this shoddy version of human sports trafficking! Please!!!!


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