Monday, November 30, 2015

Pimpoliscious Strikes Again...Endorsement Or LUST For Relevance?

I am truly sorry. I have been so busy that this one almost got by me. It it hadn't been for the multiple inquiries that I have received, it would have slipped because these evil conspirators are so beyond belief it is pitiful...
What does Darrell "Pimpoliscious" ScottBishop "hide the drug money" Bloomer, and Donald "rough 'em up and build walls" Trump have in common?

 A serious LUST for wealth, fame, and popularity!

No, this has NOTHING to do with conservatism. This has nothing to do with the restoration of conservative values. This has nothing to do with the building up of the Black community. This has NOTHING to do with the help of the Black church, which will be "never forgotten" under a Trump Presidency. (YEA RIGHT!)

This has to do with MONEY plain and simple. Here we have real estate moguls (Trump & Scott) working together (Scott probably hoping for Trump's next real estate development deal in Ohio) with willing (can't say nothing nice say nothing at all) "persons" or better yet, FALSE PROPHETS like Bloomer to confuse, confound and DECEIVE the masses...

Leave It Up To The Confused To Not Know If They Are Endorsing Someone Or Not

I am certainly not aligned with the Democratic party or any platform that purposefully excludes God. However, I am not a bit deceived by empty rhetoric, insults and just plain old stupidity either. I wish Trump well with his "Black agenda", but when folk like these line up with him and endorse him as a "candidate", believe me, his chances of success have exponentially decreased. Look at the show and window dressing:

Is Bishop Bloomer Endorsing Donald Trump?
Bishop George Bloomer released a press release "Regarding Misinformation About MyAlleged Support of Donald Trump." If this video doesn't show him endorsing Trump, who he says has been "tried in the fire," etc. please help me understand what he's doing.
Posted by Bishop Talbert Swan on Sunday, November 29, 2015



  1. Well it seems that pimpoliscious failed to heed the words of his former friend and mayor, E J Brewer regarding the issues. Could Scott have placed his non-profit status in jeopardy by endorsing Trump as a "Pastor" and leader of a "501(c)3" organization? Only time will tell, but in a recent post on facebook, Brewer says this:

    "Here's my final spin on your recent endorsement. I think a lot of people were pissed because you were being used by Trump as a “black leader” when there's nothing in your background to suggest you've led any cause to benefit people other than leading your church.
    I can't find a single news clip of any advocacy you've taken up on anything that “affects the black community” as you said in describing your meeting with Trump. Your name isn't connected to Tamir Rice, Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams, Tanesha Anderson or the foreclosure crisis.
    I did see on PR Newswire that you got an honorary doctorate from a bible college that's been accused of being a diploma mill. No problem. Titles are good.
    But the title of “leader” must have work and self-sacrifice behind it in order for people to follow. All you did was piss off a lot of black people across the USA. You claimed to be looking out for them. Their perception is you were only looking out for yourself.
    Tell Omarosa I said hello. It was a pleasure serving her and her mom when they visited my restaurant in Warren for her Urban League speech."


    yeah... this one stinks


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