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Darrell "Pimpoliscious" Scott...The Apostasy Of Unrepentant Church Leadership Pt. 2

1 Tim. 3: 1-7 ~ "1-This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. 2-A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; 3- Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; 4-One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; 5-(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) 6 -Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil. 7-Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil."

[Please see the update on this at the end of the post]
Pride Leads To Inconsistency

Pastor Darrell Scott
Pimpoliscious 2 Da Core!
In my last post I introduced Pastor/Bishop Darrell "Pimpoliscious" Scott. In that post I outlined the facts, witnessed by many, that he had not only displayed an absurd level of pride and arrogance in dealing with those who were previously supposed to be his friends or at least associates, on Facebook, but had also failed to respond to anyone calling his actions into question.

So far as I'm concerned, I must state that this pimp's depiction and name calling of me is not an issue. I have systematically built my case for my assessment of him and his actions, Whereas neither he nor his associates have even attempted to do any such thing. At least not in a cogent manner. When dealing with  carnal minded individuals all one has to do is let them talk. Like an intoxicated drunk man, they'll tell you all you need to know.(Mt. 12:34, Lk. 6:45) The more that is spoken the more that is revealed. Unfortunately, what I have presented in these two blogs, is nothing that I had to search or seek to find. Neither did I have to purchase private information. This is all public information, and is only a representation and a slither of greater issues.

The issues that are of importance and concern, are outlined as follows:

1- Darrell Scott lacks Christlike character and has consistently displayed such, through direct insult and mishandling of those, who may not be a part of his church, but that are a part of the the body of Christ.

The following is what he admitted on Facebook, before he deleted both he and his son-in-law, Tim's messages:
  • "And, you saying you don't like my abrasiveness; well, I dont play those fake spiritual charades, where we take turns rebuking each other in Jesus name; I just tell you to shut up." ~ Darrell Scott, Facebook 12/8/2010 12:02AM
Here, Scott displays that he has an underlying low view of scripture and its purpose, reducing the interaction of Saints in correcting or addressing issues to "rebuking each other in Jesus name"...Now this is from a "Bishop" who according to scripture is charged to defend the faith and certainly uphold the integrity of the word at all times. (2 Tim. 4:2) So how is it that this leader has established a better way to handle conflict that does not depend upon the bible? In fact his method is summed up by just telling people to "shut up"? Why is the biblical manner and ethic belittled and criticized while his method exalted (at least by him)?

PIMP RULE 4: The pulpit pimp establishes his own rules and if you don't like them you can hit the door. There is no authority but his authority and the bible is used to reinforce what he has established. It does not matter if the argument is not biblical. Truth is what he says it is. Whatever he decides to do, you should like it and feel blessed. Just deal with it and certainly don't talk about it. Talking violates the rule.

Scott admits that his first interaction with me was an insult, but yet holds that he is upset and offended because I insulted him by calling him Pimpoliscious. In fact he has declared to "Call Bishop Blake" on me, but I would suppose that he would have to tell Bishop Blake that he was the first one to hurl an insult.

Here's his admission of his insulting behavior not only against me (which is not the issue) but against other Christians and women in particular who were also commenting in an open thread on Facebook:
  • "Burnett; the reason I called you an ignoramus was because you called tim(who is my son in law) an ignoramus. I dont have to apologize to any of the sisters, because, as I stated, they jumped into a conversation between 2 men, not knowing what they were talking about, and took sides, criticizing me and calling my son in law my boyfriend, so I told them to shut up, and man down. Im not getting into those fake spiritual catfights where we hurl scriptures at each other. I simply tell you to mind your own business." ~ Darrell Scott Facebook 12/8/2010 1:23AM 
Now, I never said anything to this pimp. However his FIRST comment to me was an insult. Look at this slick move on the radio though:
"Burnett calls hisself a man of God, but the first thing out of his mouth is names. And see Burnett think that because somebody is saved, they forgot how to cuss. (chuckling) Y'u-know, amen, and they done forgot how to...If he was standin' in my face and said that you'd get chyo' nose broke...see they done forgot that people still have that in them.So it's easy to be in another city and call somebody a name over Facebook...any WHIMP can do that...You understand what I'm sayin'? And so aaa, they don't understand y'u-know...that people are humans, they're men and women out here and you just don't insult people and then think you're above insult. It's crazy!"~ Darrell Scott radio missive 12/10/2010 
Now wait a minute...Pimpoliscious FIRST called me a name. I was interacting with his son in law, which I had no idea was his son in law. Both of them had already and consistently called both men and women out of their name and insulted others well before I first commented, which was not an insult to anyone...Further he did these things over Facebook...Now, is pimpoliscious calling HIMSELF a wimp, or is it just them who call him names in response to his name calling? Are not I and other readers "human"? Based on his logic, he should not have been offended when he was insulted. At least that's what he says in his own words.

PIMP RULE 5: The feelings, needs and desires of everyone else is subject and secondary to the pimps needs, feelings and desires. He demands that all scramble to meet his needs while he serves the needs of noone except those whom he has chosen.

Remember, we are discussing this about a spiritual leader, not an ordinary church member or church goer. This is not simply a debate over scripture or scriptural interpretation. This is a concern over how leaders (especially them that are self-exalted) interact with members of the body of Christ. Question: Is this how Bishop Darrell Scott deals with members of his church face to face? Does he simply tell the women to "man down" and "shut up"? Does he threaten to cuss and break noses? Do his church members allow this? If so, we may have a greater issue at hand. I am inclined to believe that he does not do this, at least publicly, but he certainly admits to doing such over the internet and on Facebook to other Christians that he does not know.  

2- Darrell Scott continues to deliver an inconsistent and manipulative rendering of how and under what conditions someone should stand against sin.

As I indicated in the initial post, this is one of the most confused, muddled and logically incoherent parts of his speech. In fact, it seems that this confusion began when a ministerial friend, chose to teach against the carnality that Pastor Dewey Smith had allowed in his church on a Sunday Morning as indicated in this video. Nothing in that video is the point of this or the previous post however. What is in question here, is that  in church Scott seems to support those who stand against sin and evil while outside of church makes definitive statements to the contrary. This is from a recent message "Weak Though Anointed":
  • "How many of you know that every person that's been, anointed, called and chosen by God, has waxed faint, during the course of battle? That's why Paul said, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against dark rulers and wicked spirits? And how many of you know, that the only believers that don't wax faint, and don't get weary, are the one's that are not on the battlefield, fighting the enemies of God. The one's who don't fight...the one's who aren't anointed, are the ones who don't wax faint."~ Darrell Scott "Weak Though Anointed" (This is in church) 
In this message, it is clear that Pimpoliscious applauds those who stand against the "enemies of God" and acknowledges that standing can make one "wax faint". But who are the enemies of God? Evidently those who identify sin are the enemies of God, because, according to him, to speak out against sin is something that God does not inspire one to do. Here's what he states about these "sin seekers":
  • "They represent everything that's in diametrical opposition to the grace of God...They said their job, is to defend the church...against, against, "sin" in the if anything I see that I think is sin, I'm gonna "cry loud and spare not"...They do need to get a life, and a ministry, and a word, and a relationship with God,  because the Holy Ghost will never inspire you to seek out sin in individual believers and expose it." ~ Darrell Scott (radio missive) 12/7/2010 
Now, be careful because the standard is changing...we're going from one who simply stands against sin to a person that "seeks sin". This is a slick trick and slight of hand, but one that doesn't escape me. Here's what he says in yet another radio missive on the topic:
  • "They [referring to those he calls "sin seekers"] don't get the validation that they desire, that the flesh desires and it causes behave in certain ways, and it causes them to become overly critical of of other people, and nonsympathetic because they want to make themselves, of value by devaluing others. These guys got some major psychological issues, understand what I'm sayin? They crazy! They're nuts! And if it's a bunch of mess in the church, it's 'cause of you." [those who seek out sin] ~ Darrel Scott (radio missive) The Zone 12/10/2010 {brackets added}
From this confusion it is impossible to ascertain which position that he actually believes because he seems to change depending upon which crowd he is catering to. But in the later position Pimpoliscious clearly asserts, that the mess in the church is caused by those who see it and calls it out...NOT by those who do it or those who cause the "mess". The witnesses of sin are the guilty party. Now, that's a PIMP move. That also leads to pimp rule 6.

PIMP RULE 6: The pulpit pimp asserts that whatever condition you're in, it's because of you. If the church is bad it's because you're making it bad. If you're not healed, it's because you lack faith. If you're not rich, it's because you are deficient in some manner. This is diversionary tactic to constantly move the goal post making individuals dependent upon the pimp for the interpretation of fact. This leads to "you feel good because I say you feel good" or "you feel bad because I say you feel bad" ie: CONTROL!

3- Darrell Scott refuses to apologize, repent or humble himself to those whom he offends and is unaccountable to anyone concerning his actions and ungodly behavior.  

The misconception is that I simply rushed and did a blog post on this fella. Nothing is and was further from the truth. I gave Scott an opportunity and the benefit of the doubt that he was simply excited and trying to promote his radio show. I was holding out that he may recover and do right by the people he had offended and was continuing to offend. The scripture is clear:

Matthew 18:15-17 ~ 15-Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. 16-But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. 17-And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican

The following email was sent to Pimpoliscious in effort to stop the matter from going any further as those who were witnessing the comments and insults coming from this person were highly discouraged neither was his interaction representative of the kingdom of Christ.

The Appeal To Repentance:
Pastor Harvey Burnett December 8 at 5:51pm to Pastor Scott,
These were the three things that I requested that you do:
  1. 1st apologize to those young ladies and have your boy Tim do so also, I'll apologize to Tim for being brash and direct, which unfortunately was my intent...
  2. 2nd, respect me by giving me a topic of discussion and we'll hook up Friday when my schedule is conducive to a conversation,
  3. 3rd, handle what you have to handle with Warren privately. Remember he is entitled to his opinion and assessment just like you. I think this is fair.
To which you responded:
1- “I dont have to apologize to any of the sisters, because, as I stated, they jumped into a conversation between 2 men, not knowing they were talking about, and took sides, criticizing me and calling my son in law my boyfriend, so I told them to shut up, and man down. Im not getting into those fake spiritual catfights where we hurl scriptures at each other. I simply tell you to mind your own business.”
So far as your conflict with Dr. Warren you stated:
2- “I even inboxed him privately, inviting him and my son in law to discuss this live on the air, and let the saints call in, like we did with eddie long. My son in law introduced dr. warren to me. Theyve been friends for 20 years. Notice, with all this being said back and forth, dr. warren is silent. I thought carnality in the church would be a great topic of discussion, the all the people felt they had to "protect" dr. warren. He's a man with balls enough to protect himself! But I'm not backing down from anybody, and I dont fear any man, and I have not probllem discussing whatever, whenever,whoever,\. I dont mince words, and have no problem naming names.”
And after a long tyrade regarding your relationship with certain Gospel personalities you said:
3- You’ve got the number to the station. You can also stream it live, 24 hours, at {station Deleted}. Call me.
Now, you refuse to apologize to anyone, you refuse to respect my request for a specific topic and agenda for your radio program and you show no intent to deal with the issues, if there are any, with Dr. Warren.

You show all the signs of a person who 1- Does not walk in humility, 2- is filled with both pride and arrogance and 3- who does not represent the character of Christ in leadership either before the world or privately.

Your actions and refusal to display Christ character and resolve this issue is an egregious one. I do not believe that you are aware of the gravity of your actions and response unto this point. Now, one thing that is curious is that fact that you are in an entertainment business. It could be that you act as you do simply to prepare your audience for the next show and or topic. However, I find it hard to believe that you would basically slap your membership, God and HIS people in the face as your manner is without either being discouraged or having experienced some life’s event which may have impacted your approach to the church and ministry in general.

Therefore, before I go further, I will extend to you one last time, the opportunity to comply either in part or in full with my requests so that any breach resulting from this affair may be reconciled in full among the brethren and so that any resultant conversation or chatter regarding these events may be adequately and factually dispensed.

I in turn, so that every word may be established by witness according to scripture, I shall send a copy of this email to Greg O. Scott, Fred Allen, Dr. Bobby Warren, Gary J. Anderson, (name withheld) and (name withheld). They shall receive the full text of this request, without additional explanation. I will also request that they not disclose this email or its contents to anyone until you have made a response to me. It is my preference that you respond by return email although you may wish to respond on the site. After such response is received, I will forward it in full without additional explanation to all parties to whom this has been sent.

Upon receipt of adequate response, further actions and determinations will be made.

According to 1 Cor. 13 it is my hope that this email will not only be received well but also responded to well.

Thank you
Supt. Harvey Burnett
The Response:
From: Darrell ScottDecember 8, 2010 at 11:17pm
Who do you think you are, to give me ultimatums to comply with. I could care less what you think. Skip you, and the horse you rode in on. I was extending you a courtesy that bI didn't have to extend. Who are you? I never even heard of you. I not one of your denominational underlings, nor are you a superintendent to me. You can send this e mail to whoever you want. I DONT CARE. Youve got a lot of nerve giving me a liist of demands. I'm not in an entertaiment business any more than the ownerrs of any other gospel media is. I told you before; you dont know me, or anything about me, so leave it right there, and dont contact me anymore."
Conclusion Of The Matter:

Upon having received an answer from a spiritual leader that in no way displayed the character of Christ, I have found (without "seeking" such) that this leader is fit for the title that I have given him until he at least repents, stops distorting scripture and making fun of the bible and biblical ethics. The office of Bishop  has been conferred upon him by whatever means, and as the 1 Tim. 3:1-7 has stated, is to walk worthy of his call. 

This interaction negatively affected hundreds of Facebook readers, most of whom were and remain highly discouraged that a Christian leader would act in such a manner. This is not simply about a personal preference, it is about honoring scripture and being faithful to the word of the Lord and displaying humility. Just because one is not a member of an individuals church does not mean they are not a part of the Church of God.

One should note, that although there have been some vehement argumentative disagreements on this blog, such as those with Rev. Gerald Palmer (whom I have admittedly been hard on) and Ausfhrt, there is only a very short list of individuals that have ever been banned from this blog because of their behavior. Sharp commentary and emotionally charged intellectual exchange is not the issue or the problem. Ungodliness, scriptural manipulation, concealment and diversionary tactics are the issue in this case.

From insulting women, even going so far as to call some of them "men", to calling fellow Christians "bum's" and whatever he could think to call them at the time, Darrell Scott's attitude in this matter, in no way indicates his level or position within the body of Christ. Mind you, we have a person who has built a respectable ministry, done what would be considered honorable works, owns and operates a radio station within his community. One would think that the last person to hurl insults and disrespect the children of God would be this person.

1 Timothy 5:19-21 ~ 19-Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses. 20-Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 21-I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality.

Certainly the "fear" indicated in this scripture has nothing to do with fearing a person. It does have to do with reverencing God and his ways. Darrell "Pimpolicious" Scott has earned his name and it is my call to him that he repent of his actions and that his associates discourage him from continuing to engage in sin. My call has been made and will not need to be made again. Darrel Scott, REPENT!


It would seem that as of today, 12/13/2010, that a healthy discussion is underway between Bishop Scott and Dr. Robbi Warren regarding resolving the issues that led to much of what happened during this event. This is one of the things  requested in the above referenced email sent to Bishop Scott. This is highly encouraging news. We only hope for the best possible outcome regarding that situation.

Update: 11/2013Pimpoliscious did't do a thing to correct any of his actions or ways. Same ole, same ole. 


  1. Well done sir. You cannot have a rational, spiritual conversation with unspiritu, irrational people. The carnal Christian is in full bloom today thanks to the low standard of "gospel music" and self-exalted and self-appointed leaders that rise to power without the Holy Ghost. Keep standing sir, as I will, against sin in the pulpit & pews.

  2. This correspondence was sent to me for Bisop Scott's son-in-law, tim Clinton:

    Tim Clinton December 13 at 10:41am
    "If I respond to your incorrect information it could possibly validate who you are. You are not a REAL man of God, you are a frustrated never heard of guy that looks on t.v, YouTube, go to COGIC conventions and say to yourself I wish I was preaching to the nations, I wish I had a voice to proclaim the madness that's in me. I've talked to all the some of the COGIC Bishops, Superintendents or whoever runs in that organization, DONT KNOWBODY KNOW YOU! and your not in the books (self appointed) The things you erased That you said about me I have them too! So what you doing is a waste of time and energy but let me take that back, you have no life so you have time... I know you listen to my show daily acting like you don't and I know you feel honored for getting your name called you and the rest of the girls. Your acknowledgements and existence to the airways is over because it's not worth the time or energy... I hope before you die you get what you trying to get in this life, because it's almost over for you on this side and when the years past more and more frustration arise... Gameover! Signing off!"

    To which I responded in the following manner:

    Pastor Harvey Burnett December 13 at 10:59am
    "Thanks Tim, for your well wishes. The thing that amazes me about both you and your pastor is that neither of you are humble or show any display of Christian humility. I have no clue who either of you are and you act as if I should.
    All I know is what I've seen of your pastor and experienced for myself. I wish you no ill, I only wish that your pastor does what I asked him to do...REPENT. I asked him to the best way that I knew how. All he has to do is say he's sorry for insulting the people of God and disgracing his office. Everyone makes mistakes as he readily admits.
    So far as you, I apologize for calling you a "low life ignoramus" after you told me that I didn't know what I was talking were terrorizing the board, so i took the opportunity to get your attention and I see I did.
    One thing I commend you for, is that you didn't fight or respond back, at least on the site. Although you chose to do that on the broadcast, which I do not listen to because I am busy at that time everyday except Friday. I set a recorder and have listened to the rebroadcast about 2 times to make sure I have my facts together, which I do as it pertains to this.
    The fact is that I am willing to not only remove what I've said but also advocate for your father-in law if he repents. I believe he's done some great things, BUT he falls in line with the modern day pimp minister and sorry bru, those are destroying the church.
    Like I said, thanks and hopefully we can come to an agreement on some rather significant issues.
    BTW: the counter on my blog is way off. Blogger has one internally and between this and my radio I reach nations. well over 50 with multiple hits each day to read my articles. The article on your father in law is read at about 500 readers per day right now and the Bishops, they know me although some may not want to..they do.
    I'll place this corespondence in the comments also."

    Hopefully Scott will honor God and repent.

  3. I'd also like to know since when is it required that someone is "known by somebody" before we act like Christ and extend biblical and Christian courtesy? What does that even mean?

    It's totally irrational and doesn't make any sense. In other words even if nobody knows you, I am yet OBLIGATED according to scripture to treat you right and do the right thing according to the word.

    What statements like that say is that persons have smelled their own selves and pride and arrogance STINKS in God's nostrils.

    Get mad at me for pointing out what scripture says and taking it seriously and actually attempting to live by what a novel idea???

  4. I feel Tim Clinton, who are you? you are a sad case of ignorance. I am COGIC and we don't represent the organization in this manner. You have serious problems man and i'm glad i got a face to match the name.

    Pastor Williams

  5. Lick your wounds, and move on. This is looking like a man out for revenge using The Word of God as an excuse to get even with someone.

    This is not looking good for you sir.

    Minister Gerald Palmer.

  6. Pastor Williams,

    But do you represent Christ Pastor Williams?

    That is the question. If so what does the scripture say about spiritual discipline?

    Please answer this.

  7. Palmer,

    I would expect as much, You have no or very little understanding of holiness and a different concept of the ministry of I won't complain.

  8. By the way, Pastor Williams, what have you done for those who have been victimized and sexually abused by our fellow COGIC pastors and leaders???

    I mean you'll fight for a PIMP, and talk about "representing our organization" but have you fought for justice for those who have been victimized...anyplace in this Grand Ole Church?

    Secondly how about for those congregations that have been uprooted by unrighteous Bishops that sue the churches? What have you done?

    It doesn't matter who you are, I would like to know what you've done?

    I mean since you want to "represent" God in COGIC and all.

  9. No need from me to argue with you about this mess and abuse of God's word to prove or make a point. I hope Pastor Scott don't sue you for libel because he can! As a Supt. in the COGIC this conduct does not become you. Noel Jones and T.D Jakes was just at our convention, to put them down puts the entire of COGIC down. Although I haven't read anything that this Pastor said was wrong. You need to examine your heart as to weather or not you are truly being lead by the spirit in this manner..

    Pastor Williams

  10. Pastor williams,

    Anone can sue anyone, however, you obviously don't know the conditions under which anyone could be successful.

    Nevertheless, your nonanswer to my questions is answer enough for me.

    Good day sir.

  11. Please see the update within the post. It seems that there are talks to resolve any rift between Bishop Scott and Dr. Warren and that is good news.

  12. I would consider myself an outside observer with very limited insight on what has/is transpiring. It appears that angry, unnecessary words were invoked on all sides and probably pushed testosterone to the brink. Again, this is from an a limited view perspective. Therefore I will say that I pray for resolution, peace and humility for and to all parties involved.

  13. Supt. Burnett, I admittedly do not know what the issue is in this post. I do not know Bishop Darrell Scott. I researched him after reading your posts, but only found an incomplete website. As a radio person, I have yet to find what station he owns or anything about his programming. That said, my personal opinion of this (and yes, I have no knowledge of the origin of your beef), I just do not think you should dinigrate your esteemed online ministry to diss this person. Whatever the issue, it just looks like you have too much class and intellect to engage in such verbal battles. I don't know who is right or wrong, it just seems wrong that you waste your cyber space to battle this man. The same goes for him and Tim Clinton, they seem to waste cyber time and cyber space to argue with you about whatever it is you guys are arguing about... In the end, we need to seek unity in the Body of Christ so we can do war with these spirits that are overtaking our communities....

  14. Harvey,while i do understand your concern regaurding what this man preaches, You have no grounds to demand anything of him personly, if God does not take are will then you can't demand that he does anything.For what credit is there if, when you sin and are harshly treated, you endure it with patience? But if when you do what is right and suffer for it you patiently endure it, this finds favor with God.i peter 2:20

  15. If I may speak regarding my stand in this instance and case.

    First, I sincerely appreciate the advisors and individuals chiming in friend or foe. The only one's who don't get through are the cursers (who are not saved in my opinion) and the truly ignorant.

    Let it be known, I have no problem with this man's doctrine or what he teaches. He has some valid biblical insights and sets them forth in his own manner.

    I have no problem with this man's works. He seems to have done some great things in his community and that is good. He is an employer and at least attempts to reach the world and community.

    What do I have a problem with and what led to this?

    I have tried to outline it, but let me be specific:

    I have a high view of both scripture and ministry. This man is a "Bishop" of the church...Personally I believe if you've been called and occupy the position that you're a bishop not only in your church, but mine also.

    What I witnessed along with countless others was this bishop become a predator and attack individuals. Yes, he was also attacked, but when he was attacked he responded as a gangsta, threatening and belittling individuals and a pimp blaming everyone else for what they were experiencing at his hand. What is that???

    There was one young lady that both he and his son-in-law insulted, calling her "nothing" and "nobody" that had experienced horrendous pain in her life some years ago when she was kidnapped, brutalized, sexually molested and abused. The perpetrator of the crime told her during this horrendous event, that she was "nothing" it took her years to overcome that but in one fell swoop, this "bishop" representing the Lord's church, reinforced everything that the devil told her when he tried to destroy her. What do we as ministers of the gospel do with someone who does that? Do we remain silent and say, 'well, we can't make he do anything...leave that up to GOd?"

    I mean that was only one...there were men whom threatened him because of his frowardness, whom the "bishop" threatened even stating that he was going to come to the church and the bishop responded by saying, "come on"...Now doesn't he know that people are killing preachers and members in churches???

    Where is the protection of the people and the value for ministry?
    This behavior was in no way commensurate with the scope of the ministry and certainly not conducive the health and blessing of God's people in any way.

    see 2

  16. Pt. 2

    Some things are worth standing up for even if it means that our "reputation" whatever that is, is at stake.

    The response indicated the level of seriousness, humility and sincerity and as I said it was disappointing...not because "I'm large and in charge"...but because God's word was not honored, nether God's people respected in any way.

    I don't speak for a church...neither do I speak for the readers of this blog who may like or dislike my actions. I speak as a servant of God placing myself in teh way requesting that the CHURCH...Baptist, COGIC, Methodist, Presb, Evangelical, etc...come back to the respect, honor and reverence for both God and his word that it will take to change this generation...

    I know no more of this man, than what I have seen in his ungodly commentary and heard on his very confused (at times) radio program.

    Unfortunately, bitter things and deceit proceed from his mouth and the bible yet says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks...(Mt. 12:34, Lk. 6:45)

    All that was necessary to prove to me that he valued his ministry and was sincere was a simple..."Listen people, I have said some things out of term and I'm sorry. Please forgive me if any of you have been hurt by my commentary."

    Simple...instead we get stuff like, "I'll break yo nose", "you ain't nobody", "I ain't no punk, I'm a man" etc...WHAT IS THAT???

    Does DOING what the bible says do, mean that a person is a punk??? or that they are less than a man??? What kind of perception of following SCRIPTURE is that??? A very weak one for sure.

    So, yes, I'll take the heat for holding someone accountable and standing to address what is OBVIOUSLY presented as not only a SIN, but an egregious and potentially devastating action from someone who displays that he does not regard the word when it comes to his actions, only the actions of others.

    Any other issue is bunk...I don't care about videos, Dewey Smith etc...But I do care about how Christ is represented and the DAMAGE that the PULPIT does to the people of God....That's why this blog was originally created over 2 years ago and that's the mission that we hold true to today.

    Thank you.

  17. Supt. Barnett-it seems this issue has brought out an even bigger issue with regard to COGIC's complete ignorance to such so called "men of God" like Bishop Noel and Bishop Jakes.

    This "you don't talk about the men of God, no matter what" mentality is what is dragging the church down today.

    Readers and commenter's have repeatedly ignored your well written and thought out articles, and have chosen to support heretics and false teachers like jakes and jones. This is a clear indication of the knowledge (or lack thereof) of God's word by leaders in our church.

    Pastor Williams has shown us that defending the COGIC reputation is more important then defending the word of God.

    I urge you to continue to shine the light for Christ and not for our denomination. We are (and I quote you) to be preachers who point to the truth both plainly and clearly. I intend Lord willing to do just that!

  18. Darryl Scott quickly resorted to bravado, hostility and intimidation when faced with criticism from another pastor.

    I don't know what behavior passes as "normal" in some churches, but I can tell you in MANY non-black circles this would be a dead giveaway that Darryl Scott is a common street man.

    He would not be welcomed; he would be marginalized and left to "minister" to the other street people. HIS OWN KIND.

    I'm wondering if Darryl would have spoken in the same manner to a white, suburban pastor. Would he vow to break his nose? Would he tell him he's a nobody?

    Or would he jump up smiling to fetch coffee?


  19. Minister Davison,

    That was encouraging.

    @ JJ,

    On point!

  20. FOR THE RECORD i'm a firm believer in reconciliation but when one is determine to use street and worldly tactics to show their true colors they must be dealt with accordingly.I experience this man refusal to repent and his behavior which was totally out of control.Then i watch his way of spinning whatever was said about him to the point of him using his bully radio station to lie and attempt to destroy others by out right lies.Now you have every right to disagree with Pastor Burnett but all he is reporting is the facts.But it's quite clear that doesn't mean anything.

  21. See the new edition of information on this charlatan. Sad case:


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